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19 Post-Shelter-in-Place Cleaning Tips

Last updated Thursday, June 11, 2020 22:01 ET

While we are already into the summer months, many of us have put off spring cleaning as we sheltered-in-place. Here are 19 post shelter-in place tips to get you inspired for a fresh, clean summer!

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While we are already into the summer months, many of us have put off spring cleaning as we sheltered-in-place. Now, with windows open and the sun shining, it’s time to get to cleaning! Here are 19 tips to get you inspired for a fresh, clean summer!


Doormats – Vacuum or hose off outdoor mats and let them air dry. Add a mat inside the doorway to catch even more dirt.

Patio furniture – Soapy water followed by a rinse from the hose is a quick and easy way to clean outdoor furniture for warm days and nights.

Windows and siding – Power spray the outside of your home. While doing so, check for peeling paint and any problematic critters or insects so they can be addressed.


Disposal - Freshen your garbage disposal by grinding some citrus peels and ice. Turn off the disposal and pull out anything that doesn’t grind after about 30 seconds.

Under the sink – Remove everything out from under the sink and check for moisture as a sign of a leak. Wipe down the space and throw out or recycle anything unneeded (like all those plastic grocery bags).

Microwave – Boil a cup of water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar in the microwave, then let it sit for 10 minutes. Easily wipe away previously stuck on foods!

Fridge – Take time to empty the fridge and clean all the shelving and drawers. Dust/wipe the top as well as the coils on the back that could be dusty. While it’s pulled out, sweep behind and under the fridge too.

Cutting boards – Use a freshly cut lemon and a pinch of salt to safely scour and freshen your cutting boards.

Although you don’t need to depend on a cleaning company to complete these tasks, cleaning services are great for keeping your cooking space clean and safe.

Around the House

Windows – Vacuum or dust window sills, even the tracks, and clean the glass.

Window coverings – Dust blinds and/or dust or wash valances and curtains according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Tackle the junk drawer – Go through and sort the junk drawer, throwing away what needs to go and organizing the rest using small containers, clips, or plastic ties.

Up high – Dust or vacuum ceiling fans, decorative shelves, windowsills, rafters, or anything else up high that can collect dust and cobwebs.

Electronics – Cell phones, keyboards, remotes, and game controllers are high touch. Some studies show they are dirtier than toilet seats. Spray a rag or paper towel and wipe these electronics down.

Closet – Sometimes easier said than done, take some time to go through closets, separating out what isn’t worn or no longer fits for donation. Vacuum and dust as needed.

Dryer – Vacuum the lint screen area with a crevice tool. Dust, sweep, or vacuum around and behind the dryer, including the vent, to reduce the chance of fires.


Shower curtain – Wash or replace vinyl and cloth curtains. Allow them to hang dry.

Cosmetics – Go through toiletries and cosmetics and throw out things that haven’t been used or that are old or expired. Clean makeup brushes.

Medicine cabinet – Throw away expired products like first aid supplies and prescription medication (follow local guidelines about appropriate disposal).

Bathroom rugs – Read cleaning instructions and vacuum, beat, or throw these rugs into the washing machine, then air dry to revive these heavily-used mats.

If you’re looking for a deep-clean in your bathroom, a cleaning service is always a smart bet.


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