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4 Reasons Coworking Is Ideal for Law Firms Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre

Last updated Saturday, June 20, 2020 22:51 ET , Source: Venture X-Dallas Park Cities at Campbell Centre

Coworking has a lot to offer law firms says Jason Bowers CEO of Dallas based coworking at Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre.

Dallas, United States, 06/20/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Dallas, TX — With the economy and the rest of the world shifting to adapt to the monumental challenges that came along with an unprecedented pandemic, brick and mortar buildings are becoming a fragment of the past for many businesses. Virtual offices and remote work have a number of benefits aside from limiting potential infection: they save the overhead cost of rent, reduce the cost of services to clients, save time and energy on travel, and benefit from a better work-life balance.

But what about law and other professions that require face to face meetings? What does a lawyer do when he or she needs to have a conference with opposing counsel or a client, sign paperwork, or take a deposition?

Virtual offices may not work as well for lawyers, but there’s still a way to enjoy the benefits of physical and virtual offices: executive style coworking offices.

What Is Coworking? 

Coworking spaces are real offices designed to facilitate productivity, creativity, and collaboration, with enough flexibility to fit a variety of professions and business types. In 2017, there were 542,000 members of coworking spaces in the United States; by 2022, this number is expected to be as many as 1.08 million. 

Shared office spaces offer an attractive, accessible, and professional-looking space to business owners and their employees when they need it. By sharing the space with other businesses, members can drastically reduce overhead costs. 

For law firms of all sizes, coworking is especially suitable. Here are four benefits to keep in mind as you consider whether coworking is the right choice for your firm. 

Meeting Space for Law Firm Clients

Because practicing law requires confidentiality and often involves sensitive information, meeting clients in your home or in public places such as coffee shops and libraries is not advisable. Coworking gives you the professional space you need to meet with clients, as well as the ability to come and go as you please and pay only for the time that you actually need. 

Modern Office Amenities for Attorneys

Coworking spaces come equipped with the tools you need to get analogue tasks, such as copying pleadings to sending subpoena via certified mail, done. While many of these things can be done from home, having the amenities set out for you to use whenever you need them will help you streamline your to-do list. 

Law Firms Are Cutting Costs During Covid-19

With reduced activity due to a downturn in the economy, cutting costs is essential to maintain the livelihood of a business. For many businesses, especially those located in large, densely populated cities like Dallas, real estate can be one of the biggest costs. With a coworking space, you eliminate monthly rent. Additionally, the cost of supplies and office equipment maintenance, as well as cleaning, is typically rolled into the cost of the working space.

Networking Opportunities

As any business owner knows, networking and marketing to get your name out there is essential to success. Law firms are no exception. Coworking offers an opportunity to make connections with other business owners and fellow legal professionals. They can become clients or client referrals, or help with other aspects of your business, such as website design, photography, marketing, writing copy, and more. 

Ready to Get to Work?

Coworking has a lot to offer law firms. From private spaces to networking opportunities, it’s an exciting mix of a traditional law office and the growing work-from-home movement. If you’re looking for ways to trim your budget and grow your practice, coworking is an option to consider.


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