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Smacircle Launches New Website

Last updated Wednesday, June 24, 2020 22:40 ET

Smacircle brings new possibilities to the personal transportation solution.

Guangdong, 06/24/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Carson, California. - 24, June 2020. Smacircle, the innovative brand that creates smart, compact, fun, and practical transportation for everyone, and provides personal transportation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at www.smacircle.com. The new site features an intuitive and modern design, improved functionality, rapid response, enriched product catalog, and easy access to essential information to Smacircle and immersive experience.

The revamped website encompasses all smacircle information. From the main product, Smacircle S1, newly-added enrich accessories, detailed instruction videos, Smacircle newsroom, and product help, users can quickly locate what they are looking for via clear navigation.  Any business request and customer inquiry can smoothly be submitted via the pages accordingly. The checkout section powered by Stripe provides a faster, safer, and streamlined process to users.

What’s more, by one click of the About Smacircle, visitors can get to know the Smacircle branding and milestones in a few seconds, visitors also can stay informed with the latest Smacircle and industry news through the new Smacircle stories section.

Smacircle's new website is compatible with all main browsers and mobile devices and will be updated on a regular basis with product launches, promotion offers, and new events. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up to stay up to date on Smacircle news and offers at www.smacircle.com.

About Smacircle

Smacircle believes that innovation and technology change the way how we move around and make the city a better place. Smacircle is changing how people commute by creating smart, fun, compact, and practical transportation products for everyone. Aside from creating the best last-mile transportation vehicles, we are a lifestyle brand. For more information, please visit https://www.smacircle.com/  and follow @Smacircle on Facebook, YouTube, and @smacircle_tech on Instagram.

Smacircle Media Contact

Smacircle Press: [email protected]

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