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Modern women inspire Your Soul Store in post-COVID world

Last updated Sunday, July 5, 2020 14:05 ET

Your Soul Store launched a unique brand for modern women to help meet their needs for remarkable products, in line with their sensibilities and aspirations.

Portland, 07/05/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Portland, July 4, 2020—Your Soul Store, an exclusive, digital-first brand, announced their launch today, declaring their aim to become a foremost name appealing to the needs, tastes and sensibilities of modern women.

The story of Your Soul Store started with the realisation that a gap existed in the marketplace, of a brand which worked on identifying the strongest needs and deepest aspirations women had, and fulfilling them. Your Soul Store has started their journey with a platform which wants to become the go-to-place for remarkable products for modern women as well as for their homes and families.

As per the CEO, they expect to see “women again at the forefront rebuilding society, post this once-in-a-lifetime COVID-19 crisis” and “they want to stand hand-in-hand with the modern woman through this”.

You can visit Your Soul Store at https://www.yoursoulstore.com

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