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Wei Art Collections Unveils New Multi-Million Dollar Contemporary Digital Assets Art Collection

Last updated Thursday, July 23, 2020 17:57 ET

WEI Art Collections is contemporary art commemorating blockchain technology in the form of art. WEI Art designed and produced unique works to epitomize this bourgeoniong genre.

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Wei Art Collections Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Contemporary Art Collection Commemorating Bitcoin and Ethereum for $271+ Billion Blockchain Space

WEI Art Collections has stayed true to the meaning of their name with a new art collection. WEI means extraordinary and WEI Art Collections is again set to excite the creative industry with their latest multi-million-dollar contemporary private art collection to celebrate blockchain technology. The new series is an unprecedented fusion of digital assets and art.

WEI Art Collections has carved a niche for creating the finest, most extraordinary abstract, contemporary, and digital asset art. With a team of talented and well-respected artists from different parts of the world, representing numerous cultural, ethnic, and racially diverse creative talent, the platform has provided art collectors as well as corporate and technology leaders with an opportunity to acquire exclusive works of art from the WEI Art Collections series.

The WEI Art Collections Innovation Series is specifically put together for blockchain digital-currency whales, art buyers, and advocates of the blockchain technology. The series also has its obvious appeal to professionals in the financial sector. The latest collection is coming at the most ideal time, with the world rapidly embracing the features and benefits of digital assets and blockchain technology.

In the fall of 2018, billionaire and abstract contemporary art collector Adam Lindemann, amongst the world’s leading art collectors, stated in an article in Bloomberg news by Katya Kazakina on November 29 as follows: “Everyone is talking about blockchain, but no one really understands it,” said Lindemann, 57, referring to the technology that supports Bitcoin and other digital currencies. “This is the right time to think about art and tech.”

As the mp3 file undeniably influenced and redefined how the world listens to music, blockchain technology is destined to be applied in numerous industries. The use of digital-currency has become increasingly popular in recent times, with experts predicting growth to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars in the near future. The International Monetary Fund has also substantiated the claim, commenting on the advantages and stability digital-currency values will enjoy as world economies and fiat currencies continue to falter. However, the creative industry has been seemingly silent on the subject of digital-currency and this is where WEI Art Collections is looking to change the narrative with the WEI Art Collections Innovation Series.

WEI Art Collections initially features the top three of the most prominent digital assets destined for global dominance in the blockchain, global banking, and financial industries. There is also the Innovation Series 21 featuring 21 unique works, developed exclusively featuring Bitcoin. The series is developed in commemoration of Bitcoin's issuance of 21 million coins. WEI Art Collections exemplifies the pinnacle of the digital-asset art medium, engaging and employing emerging artists directly.

The mission of WEI Art Collections is to be amongst the premier contemporary abstract and digital-currency art designers/producers/collectors, featuring works that celebrate the bourgeoning field of digital-currency through the new world technology of blockchain. Owning an exclusive work from the WEI Art Collections Series will also serve as an investment that will go down in history and appreciate over time. For more information about the WEI Art Collections and how to be a part of this art world innovation please visit https:/weiartcollections.art/


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