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To Fly or Drive When Moving Long-Distance

Last updated Thursday, October 1, 2020 23:53 ET , Source: Eden's Moving Services

You have packed up your stuff for a long-distance move, should you hit the road or fly the ‌skies?‌‌ Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding to fly or drive when moving long-distance.

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You’ve packed up your stuff and you’re ready to get on the road for your long-distance move, or should you get in the sky? What mode of transportation will best suit your needs and goals for a successful long-distance move? Eden’s Moving Services is here to help you figure that out.

Below are five questions to ask yourself when deciding to fly or drive when moving long-distance.

Where are you moving to?

Whether you’re moving a few hours away or several hours away can make a big difference in how you get there. If you’re moving states away, you may want to seriously consider flying. Driving for hours on end in areas you’re unfamiliar with isn’t always safe, smart, or convenient. Think about your budget and if you can afford the time and energy that comes along with a cross-country drive. 

Keep in mind when driving to your new location, you may also need to stop somewhere to stay the night and that can get expensive. 

Also, consider where the airport is. If your new location is hours away from the closest airport, that may not be a smart way to travel.

What are you moving and what do you need to bring with you?

If your long-distance move consists solely of items you can pack into your car, driving may be your best bet. However, if you’ve hired long-distance movers to support you in transporting your belongings, and you only need a couple bags of essentials, flying might be the smoothest path for you. You’ll have the availability and the peace of mind knowing that your items will get where they’re going safely with experienced moving professionals. 

Are you taking your car with you on your move? Look into the cost of getting it there if you’d like to fly. The financial burden may not be doable.

What’s your timeframe like?

Time is important to keep in mind. If you need to get to your new location quickly for a job or school, flying is the quickest way to go. However, if time isn’t of the essence and you’d like to do some sightseeing, review your budget and determine what makes the most sense for you financially.

Who’s coming along for your move? 

If you have small kids or pets, flying or driving may be a no-brainer for you. Some pets don’t do well in cars, some kids hate to fly. Consider who needs to come with you on your trip, ask their opinions if you want them to have a say and keep in mind that driving across the country with your family may be a super fun way to enjoy some time together.

What’s your moving budget?

When you start your move you should put together a budget right away and keep track of your expenses. This will help you know where you are financially throughout your moving process. Flying can run you some money, staying in motels can also run you some money. How many plane tickets do you need to buy? How much will it cost to move any cars you need at your new location? Is putting the miles and wear and tear on your vehicle worth the drive? How much money will I spend on food throughout my journey?

These are all questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your budget.

The takeaway 

Your move is going to be full of ups and downs and the process may be a bit stressful at times, having a plan of attack from the start is a smart play. Whether you fly or drive is up to you, but armed with the answers to the questions above, you can make a good decision and stick to it, helping alleviate some of that stress.

If you’d like help with your long-distance move, hiring an experienced Denver long-distance moving company that is licensed and insured is always a safe bet. Contact Eden’s Moving for your free long-distance moving quote.

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