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White House (Barack Obama’s) Approval of Vikki Jones’ VMH Magazine Ignites New Travel/Business Bag

Last updated Friday, October 2, 2020 13:46 ET , Source: VMH Magazine

Vikki Jones Business & Travel Bag Inspired by Former President Barack Obama’s GES for Entrepreneurs - The Defining Email That Mandated a New Business

Atlanta, United States, 10/02/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Barack Obama’s GES (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) included a wide range of workshops, panels, ignite talks, pitch competitions, mentoring, and networking sessions designed to give the more than 700 entrepreneurs joining from around the world an opportunity to build the skills and relationships that will help their business ventures grow.

“It was a very big moment for my company. I had to carry to-and-fro all my various mobile office equipment, my laptop, and personal luggage. I did some last minute research and saw that the press had the opportunity to go out and meet the president when he landed for the event, and there would be a press conference held at a nearby military base. I figured this would be a great opportunity for my independent media department, so I started applying for a spot as they were calling for everyone to board the plane,” said Vikki Jones, President/CEO VMH Magazine.

“So here I am at that moment scrambling haphazardly to unzip my bag to quickly send an email, then quickly put it back. The lack of functionality and streamlined pockets did not allow me to do this very easily. I almost missed my flight in the process.”

Vikki Jones is a successful small business owner and award-winning publisher. Founded in 2008 VMH Publishing was created after rejections from major book publishing companies. Focusing on topics that enhance society, VMH Publishing supports creative and hard-working independent writers. On top of VMH’s success as a publishing company, it has also expanded to include VMH Magazine. Clearly, her work impressed the White House. Which is how/why VMH was selected. 

“Sending a very important last minute email as they called everyone to board the flight to San Francisco, made me very aware of one thing - I needed to build a business bag with better access, stronger hardware, and lots of functionality.”

For the working population that needs to protect devices, while maintaining and growing performance yet have ease of carrying bags, adequate storage space, built in power supply and other functional features while looking stylish, Vikki Jones has used her own challenges to create the solution. The rising adoption of laptops as mainstream for personal and business use is enhancing the need for laptop carry cases drastically.

The bags are designed with the conscious, fashionable professionals in mind, each bag features designated smart-device spaces, ample room for stationery supplies, and plenty of pockets, making transitions from the cafe workday to evenings out seamless.

To learn more about Vikki Jones bags for remote and mobile work visit: www.vikkijones.com

Vikki Jones During a Barack Obama White House Entrepreneurship Summit