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How Can Business Owners Sell More Using Sales Funnels

Last updated Tuesday, October 6, 2020 11:02 ET , Source: Five Star Funnel

Making the BEST use of Free Sales Funnel Templates for Business Owners

London, United Kingdom, 10/06/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

6th October 2020Five Star Funnel is pleased to present extensive information on Sales Funnels and how business owners can sell more using the sales funnels. The site also offers information on how to access free sales funnel templates for business owners. It is important to understand the importance and basics of sales funnels before choosing one. A typical sales funnel is a process where a visitor is converted into a paying customer. Every business needs a funnel. But the components of the funnel might change from business to business. Sam Nelson, the creator of this page prefers a sales funnel with opt-in forms; email automation sequences; sales page/ shopping carts; upsells, downsells & order bumps. However, depending on the business there may be other templates that are suited best.

There are various free sales funnel templates that business owners can use, while Sam prefers the List Builder Campaign template. The stages of a regular sales funnel are awareness, interest, decision, and action. These are the four stages of the funnel template starting with creating awareness of the brand or product, creating an interest in the customer to buy the products, decision making, and then action to buy. The site also offers more information on how to create traffic for a particular sales funnel through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Organic Social Media, etc. For any sales funnel to work, it needs to be tested thoroughly to get the highest possible conversions. 

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