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CouncilofEliteAdvisors.com Announces Top Performers for the week of October 4, 2020

Last updated Thursday, October 15, 2020 20:59 ET , Source: Council of Elite Advisors

CouncilofEliteAdvisors.com a website that accepts nominees from the top business and personal advisors worldwide is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of October 4, 2020.

New Jersey, United States, 10/15/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

COEA recognizes Kendra Jarrell as a top professional in Finance - Fruitland Park, FL.

Kendra Jarrell, named as “one to watch” by financial professionals, commented on the trend of inadequate life insurance coverage among millennials, "With only 10% of millennials having life insurance policies in place this leaves a large gap that is imperative to remedy especially in light of changing world conditions.”

For more information or to contact Kendra at Kendrajarrell.com

COEA recognizes Will Moran as a top professional in the Financial Planning - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We have been taught that when we spend $1, we get ONE use out of it. It buys food. It pays a bill. But once it leaves your hands, it’s gone. It can do nothing else for you.

What you are not taught is a simple strategy that can be used by anyone where your $1 could still earn for you – even after you’ve used it – simply by moving it through an asset you own and control.

One group of consumers understands this better than most – the ultra-wealthy. Now, you can too.

For more information or to contact Will  at www.moranfinancial.ca 

COEA recognizes Phil Lyons as a top professional in the Insurance/Financial Services Industry - Miami, Fl.

Phil Lyons is known to advocate on behalf of his clients. He once lobbied Florida’s State Legislators and got a rate reversal for windstorm premiums in the Florida Keys. He did so by analyzing the data, discovering that it was flawed, and then confronting the Legislators. It was eventually discovered that the head of the Senate was pressuring them to put the rate hike there, instead of on his constituents where it rightly belonged. Phil has fought and always will fight for his clients!

For more information or to contact Phil  at www.lyonssharefinancial.com

COEA recognizes Mark Laughton, CPFA, C(k)P®, AIF® as a top professional in Financial Services - Salinas, CA.

Mark Laughton, Vice President of Quintes, currently recognized as a Top Financial Advisor by Financial Times as well as a Top Young Retirement Plan Advisor by the National Association of Plan Advisors. He commented on the focus of Quintes “Trusted Retirement Plan Advisors Guiding Employers to Manage Their Fiduciary Risk and Design Engaging Employee Education Programs!”

For more information or to contact Mark at www.quintes.com

COEA recognizes John P. Laurendi, CAIB, CLU as a top professional in Insurance, Financial Services - Toronto, ON.

With over 18 years of business experience, John has helped hundreds of small business owners protect their assets, secure lucrative tax benefits, and ensure their corporate dollars work harder for them. J.P. LAUREN & ASSOCIATES is growing quickly and has expanded across Ontario.

For more information or to contact John at www.jplauren.com

COEA recognizes Larry Saffer as a top professional in Investment - Plantation, FL

Larry Saffer, Owner of Saffer Financial Group Inc., has been endorsed from his client Lesley G.:“Recognizing our goal to build sufficient and secure funds for the years when we would be dependent

upon our savings to supplement social security payments, Larry advocated diversification of our financial assets between IRAs, investments, and annuities. At all times Larry was mindful of minimizing financial risk while assuring an adequate return on our investments.”

For more information or to contact Larry at www.safferfinancialgroup.com  

COEA recognizes Mark Kuhne as a top professional in the Financial Investment Industry  - Hudson, WI

Mark Kuhne, Investment Consultant-Advisor from Croix River Wealth Management commented on the ticking tax time bomb: “A customized tax-efficient distribution strategy could save you much more money and help your retirement assets last longer. Your strategy must include 1) which accounts to take funds from, 2) in what order, and 3) will conversion opportunities work for you? Strategic planning must acknowledge volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Protect tomorrow…today!"

For more information or to contact Mark at www.croixriverwm.com  

COEA recognizes Bisi Ogunwale as a top professional in Financial Services - Insurance & Retirement Planning  - Ontario, Canada

Bisi Ogunwale, a licensed financial professional, provides financial knowledge and empowerment that help people save, protect, invest, and retire right. He has worked with hundreds of clients across the country to put in place workable plans to help people achieve a lifetime of financial independence and security.

For more information or to contact Bisi at www.bisiogunwale.com  

COEA recognizes Mark Wade as a top professional in the Virtual Family Office/Wealth Management Industry  - Brentwood, TN

Mark Wade, President, Echelon Wealth Strategies has been endorsed by Best Selling Author David McKnight: "As a member of The Elite POZ Advisor Group, Mark is one of the top tax-free retirement experts in the nation. He has developed a mastery of all the tax-free planning strategies you'll need to shield your hard-earned retirement savings from the impact of higher taxes."

For more information or to contact Mark at www.echelonwealth.com

COEA recognizes Anthony Latella as a top professional in Finance  - Montreal, QC

Anthony Latella, President of Latella & Bastone Financial Group commented on the importance of leaving a proper legacy "Over the next decade we will live through an unprecedented generational wealth transfer. For this reason, my team and I work diligently with our clients to implement appropriate wealth and estate planning. It is our obligation to ensure that the next generation receives the wealth their parents have worked so hard for and continue to be properly advised."

For more information or to contact Anthony at   www.lbfinancialgroup.ca

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