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Canada Utility Solutions, Offering Comprehensive Utility Expense Management and Billing Services

Last updated Friday, October 23, 2020 11:13 ET , Source: Canada Utility Solutions

Vancouver Submetering Company also Offers Resident Payment Processing, In-House Collections, Automated Invoice Payments, and More

Vancouver, Canada, 10/23/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

VANCOUVER, CANADA - 23rd October 2020 – Canada Utility Solutions is one of the most reputed submetering companies in Ontario. They help owners of a multi-family property with 20 or more units increase their net operating income through utility recovery. The Vancouver submetering company offers customized programs that can be used for saving on water, gas, sewer, and electricity bills; also contributing towards a reduced carbon footprint. Canada Utility Solutions also works with most submeter brands thereby giving the clients the liberty to choose from high-quality, reliable submeters. 

Canada Utility Solutions additionally recommends products that are not just great in performance but also help in the effective utilization of energy. The team designs and coordinates both installation and maintenance for all types of new constructions and properties that are being retrofitted. As one of the best submetering companies in Canada, Canada Utility Solutions implements code-compliant submetering and billing for gas, water, and electricity. “I am very impressed with the level of attention given to us as we transitioned to their platform. They addressed all our questions, thoroughly validated the data we supplied and made certain our account was set up exactly as intended. One of the best implementations I’ve been through. Kudos!” says a happy client. 

“We have calculated the increase in property value that comes along with submetering. For instance, on a property with 285 apartment homes with an average water bill of $7000 per month, we can add up to $6000 or more per month to the bottom line. At a 9 percent capitalization rate, that equates to a property value increase of $800,000”, says a client from Tampa, FL. The idea behind submetering is to accurately divide a master utility bill among the residents that utilize the service. Residents are also empowered to reduce consumption, which over time can save a multifamily community up to 25% on overall utility spend.

As one of the fastest-growing companies in this industry, their regulatory experts help the property owners comply with the local and state regulations and conservation programs.

To learn more about the Vancouver Submetering company visit https://canadautility.ca

About Canada Utility Solutions 

Canada Utility Solutions offers customized utility solutions for communities that want to increase their net operating income and conserve energy along the way. As one of the most respected submetering companies, this company offers full-scale utility expense management and billing services including resident payment processing, automated invoice processing and payments, in-house collections, regulatory support, and vacant cost recovery. 



Canada Utility Solutions 

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