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What to Do When You Have to Move Last-Minute

Last updated Thursday, October 29, 2020 16:54 ET , Source: Road Scholars Moving and Storage

Moving at the last-minute is anxiety-inducing and a lot of work. Here are some steps and time-saving tips to help get you through the process from the moving experts at Road Scholars Moving & Storage.

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A fresh start, a clean break, a new beginning. Moving is very exciting, nothing can take that away, but it’s also pretty anxiety-inducing. And if you have to move at the last minute, stress can take over really quickly. 

Road Scholars would like to give you and your last-minute move some time-saving tips so you can be more excited than stressed out.


Tip 1: Organize what stays and what goes ASAP

Getting rid of unwanted items is going to play a big part in your moving experience. Who wants to box things up, load them, and pay for them to be moved when those items are just going to be shoved back in the attic or thrown away? No one. Make some piles in each room of what you’re keeping, tossing, and donating.

As for those items you plan to throw out or donate, go ahead and do it. Removing clutter before you start packing will not only be beneficial to time-management but seeing less stuff around the house will help with your anxiety too.


Tip 2: Get your packing materials 

Now that you know what you’re moving, do some quality deducing and then grab the supplies you’ll need. Keep in mind some supplies may not be on your radar so put some thought into what you need to safely transport your belongings. It’s important to note that not all boxes are created equal. Be sure you don’t overload them and use the proper packing techniques for a damage-free arrival. 

Road Scholars Moving & Storage offers an assortment of affordable and high-quality moving supplies for your convenience. 

If you have the resources, investing in some plastic storage bins is a great and safe way to move your valuables. The bins are durable, stackable, reusable, and recyclable. Not too shabby. 

Bonus packing tip: don’t bring empty suitcases to your new home. Fill those guys up. You’ll save money on supplies and you’ll have more space in the moving van or your vehicle.


Tip 3: Start fresh and early 

The earlier in the day you start packing, the better. Believe us when we tell you, the packing days will get away from you and you’ll have no time for unexpected challenges. When you’re not feeling as rushed, you can make better decisions, work smarter and safer, pack and organize more securely, and have a better overall attitude. 

Even if you hate mornings, you’ll want to suffer through these few days of getting an early rise. It’ll be way better than forgetting things, not meeting deadlines, or packing irresponsibly.


Tip 4: Take it one room at a time

When you think of packing and moving your entire home it can be overwhelming, especially in a time-crunch. Instead, think of it as a room-by-room project. After you’ve gotten the items you’re not taking with you out of the way, start in one part of one room and pack it up, labeling appropriately, keeping like items together, packing smartly. 

For instance, if you have a bookshelf with books and trinkets and you’ll be using those items together at your new place, those items should be boxed together (without too much weight, so it may take well over one box). Or, if you can stack your dresser drawers without unloading them and needing to put the clothes in boxes, great! Make it easy on you, but make sure it’s done properly. 

The better you pack, the better for you when you arrive at your new location. It may take a couple seconds longer to do it right, but that time will pay off upon arrival and settling in, and knowing that will help with those stress levels. 

Bonus packing tip: keep hanging clothes on hangers and lay them flat in your vehicle. It’ll be a smooth transition when you get to their final destination.


Tip 5: Hire packing and moving professionals 

If it’s all too much for you, packing and moving professionals can help. Not only are moving companies well versed at efficient packing, but they know all the ways to stay safe while doing it. At Road Scholars, we’re happy to help with as much (or as little) packing as you need. Maybe you just want us to pack up your kitchen, we’ll do it. Perhaps you only need our help in the basement, cool with us. Whatever it takes to support you through the chaos of your last-minute move, we’ll be there.


The takeaway 

Don’t let the stress of your move take away from the excitement. Even if you have an unnerving moving deadline, if you stick to some organization, focus, and good packing techniques, you’ll be through it before you know it. 

If you don’t want to go it alone, you don’t have to. Contact us today and let’s see how we can get you through your last-minute moving project. 



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