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7 Home Hacks from a Professional Cleaning Company

Last updated Friday, October 30, 2020 13:56 ET , Source: A Cleaning Service Inc.

Hacks are meant to be special tricks you likely never knew that save you time, money, or sanity. Today, we're sharing the best cleaning hacks from an award-winning professional cleaning company.

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Hacks are meant to be special tricks you likely never knew that save you time, money, or sanity. Professional cleaning companies have seen just about everything when it comes to tidying your home or office, and are chock full of cleaning hacks for you. Let us know what you’ve tried, what's worked, and what’s failed — we'd love to hear from you.

1.     Nuke Your Sponges

Your dishwashing sponges can become disgusting with bacteria and germs. Running them through the washing machine can take a ton of time, so put them in the microwave instead. Be sure to wet it and watch it as you microwave it for 30 seconds. Let it sit for a minute before removing it because it will be hot!

    Clean Slotted Vents

You likely don’t have the same tools as a professional cleaning company and you’ve lost the vacuum attachment for the blinds years ago. No worries – use a wet rag wrapped around a butter knife to clean slotted vents or blinds. That was easy and no new tools were required!

    Safely Remove Water Stains and Soap Scum

Use vinegar to remove water stains from around faucets. Combine vinegar and dish soap in equal parts to eliminate hard to remove soap scum. A cleaning company will typically use cleaners, and those aren’t always effective on long-standing water stains. Take some time to really let the water stains soak and then scrub them away with a toothbrush or sponge.

    Spot Clean Grease

Cleaning greasy stains from the carpet or fabric furniture is as easy as mixing rubbing alcohol and salt. Mix one-part salt to four parts alcohol and rub it into the stain. Let it dry then vacuum! You’ll find a cleaning service has tricks for a variety of stains, so let them know if you have a tough spot and they will likely have a tried and true remedy.

    Sop up Glass

It’s awful when a glass shatters all over the floor. While you may see the bigger pieces, those little chards show up for days after! Grab a piece of soft bread and use it to pick up small slivers of glass without cutting yourself or dragging them across the floor with a mop or broom.

    Roll up Glitter

Using a similar concept to pick up glass with bread, use playdoh, or a lint roller to pick up glitter or sand. We know you are doing a lot of crafty projects these days, and this hack is sure to save your sanity.

    Steam Clean the Microwave

Place a toothpick and equal amounts of water and vinegar in a glass or bowl and heat the water to boiling (the time will depend on your microwave, but it is usually 4-6 minutes). Carefully open the microwave door to let out the steam and then easily wipe down the inside of the microwave. The steam will have loosened all the stuck-on food, and you didn’t need to use any harsh chemical cleaners!

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