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Sugar Balance: Review PureHealth Research Diabetes Supplement

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Sugar Balance is a 2-in-1 natural supplement that uses selected herbs and other natural ingredients to regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and fight obesity and excess weight.

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There is a press release, dated October 23, 2020, concerning the formula. According to the press release, “Sugar Balance is a 2-in-1 natural supplement that uses precisely selected herbs and other natural ingredients to simultaneously regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and fight obesity and excess weight. High levels of sugar in the blood can cause more damages, and therefore there is a need for you to consider the various ways in which you can balance sugar levels and avoid diabetes. This supplement is loaded with natural ingredients, and this ensures that you consume a very healthy product. The composition of Sugar Balance has been approved to be chemical-free. There is no preservative added and therefore enhances more growth and stimulates the levels needed to prevent all the diabetic related issues. If you are looking for a quality product that will work more effectively, you should consider it.”

Sugar Balance is a supplement that could help users control their blood sugar levels in a short period of time, according to the official website, the formula uses no insulin or any prescription medication only the natural benefits the ingredients provide.

What is Sugar Balance?

Diabetes can affect almost anybody. While there are two different types of the disease, the basic concept comes down to one simple problem - the body isn't controlling the amount of sugar (or glucose) in the blood properly. Without context, this means nothing. However, when somebody's blood sugar spikes, they can be at risk for nerve damage, organ failure, and problems in their blood vessels. In the same respect, a drastic drop in blood sugar can lead to tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, and more.

Supplements across the industry have sought to find a solution that will naturally manage blood sugar levels. Individuals that still struggle to produce the right amount of insulin received a prescription from their doctor, while others are instructed to make changes in their diet. These changes can sometimes be brutal for somebody with a sweet tooth, requiring them to adhere to a certain balance of meat and vegetables strictly.

With Sugar Balance, the creators aim to eliminate the guesswork, making it easier for consumers to eat more of that they want. The whole concept behind this product is that users will not have to restrict their diet to keep blood sugar levels where they should be. However, for overall health is best to use the supplement as an aid to eating less sugar and still keep a level of self-control.

Read on to learn more about the formula and how it can provide an alternative solution to eating less sugar.

How Sugar Balance Helps

sugar balance ingredients
sugar balance ingredients

The creator of this formula – “David Person” – says that this product is effective because of a blend of “miracle ingredients” that can balance out the user's blood sugar levels. The ingredients included in this product are:

  • Mulberry leaf
  • Licorice root extract
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Schisandra
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Balloon flower root

Mulberry leaf is commonly found in supplements that treat cholesterol levels, inflammation, and blood sugar. It is one of the best natural ingredients to fight against diabetes and heart disease, but there is not enough evidence to determine if it can cure these conditions. A study in 2016, which is found in Medical News Today, indicates that the use of these berries can help with obesity, thanks to promoting a healthier metabolism.

The licorice root extract helps individuals who suffer from indigestion and chronic digestive issues, like heartburn and acid reflux. It is sometimes included as its own supplement for the impressive changes it can make in the stomach. In earlier studies, some holistic doctors would use the root to treat ulcers and to help the body heal from respiratory infections. Most supplements that include a licorice root should only be taken for a short time since there can be detrimental (and potentially deadly) side effects for use that lasts more than just a few weeks.

Chromium picolinate often ends up in weight loss supplements to reduce hunger cravings and discourage appetite. However, it is most likely included in this formula to improve how the body responds to insulin. It may also lower blood sugar for individuals that already have a diabetes diagnosis. It is unclear if this ingredient should be used if the consumer already takes a medication.

Schisandra is considered an adaptogen, which means that it may help the body deal with stress.

Gymnema sylvestre helps reduce the user's desire for sugar, essentially destroying the satisfaction that users get from tasting these foods. Without this extra sugar, the blood sugar levels are much easier to manage. This ingredient is even helpful for users trying to lose weight since they are consuming less sugar and will create fewer fat stores.

Balloon flower root is commonly associated with the benefits it provides in terms of inflammation enemy unity. It is used in Traditional Chinese medicine, though it does not seem to have any connection to blood sugar levels. Instead, it helps to clear the lungs of phlegm.

Purchasing Sugar Balance

When buying on the official website, users should first be aware that supplies are limited. Individuals that want to keep taking this formula might lean towards ordering a larger quantity at once, which would also get them a better price per bottle. With free shipping on every order, users can currently choose from:

If the user doesn't get the relief, they were hoping for or does not work with their current regimen with their doctor, and they have up to 180 days to get a refund on their order.

Purchasing Sugar Balance
Purchasing Sugar Balance

Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar Balance

What is the best way to take the supplement?

In total, the user will take 3 capsules every single day - one is taken with breakfast, one is taken with lunch, and one is taken with supper. This dosage may change if directed by a doctor. The creators also recommend continuing to drink plenty of water while on a regimen involving Sugar Balance.

Is Sugar Balance safe to take with prescription medication?

The decision to combine Sugar Balance with an existing prescription regimen should be between the user and their doctor.

Where is the formula made?

Every remedy is made within the United States, using a facility that has already met the FDA's guidelines. However, users should be aware that the FDA does not currently approve any supplements for medicinal use.

Are any side effects associated with Sugar Balance?

Of the thousands of people who have already taken this formula, no serious side effect has been experienced. Users that experience any severe reaction should stop taking the formula immediately and seek out medical attention.

How long does it take the package to arrive?

Most orders take no more than seven business days to arrive. Once the order is placed, it is shipped within 24 hours.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

There are no restrictions. With 180 days to see what this product can do, users can email the company to inform them of the return, and the customer will receive a refund.

Users who still have questions, and want to learn more, reach out to the customer service team by calling 1-866-460-6008 or sending an email to [email protected].


Sugar Balance relies on a handful of ingredients to help the symptoms of diabetes. Since the formula uses a proprietary blend there is no exact dosage information of each ingredient.

Sugar Balance is not a replacement for medication, users will need to continue with any current regimen they have and consult with a professional physician.  Be sure to visit https://getsugarbalance.com/ for more information.

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