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Turkey Shortage For Thanksgiving & Christmas Caused By High Demand For Smaller Birds

Last updated Tuesday, November 17, 2020 10:06 ET , Source: Waseda Farms

Because Thanksgiving gatherings will generally be smaller this year, the demand for smaller birds is very high.

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November 17, 2020 -- The National Turkey Farmers Association (NTFA) claims that while turkey production numbers are down slightly from 2019, lower numbers aren’t directly because of COVID-19. There is a concern from several resources like the NTFA, EatTurkey.org, and The New York Times that the size of the turkey people are searching for may be hard to come by resulting in a shortage of smaller birds.

Organic farm CEO Matt Lutsey of Waseda Farms in Wisconsin has stated that the supply of organic turkeys this year is under pressure due to people switching to organic turkey, not only because families are turning to organic products in greater numbers, but also simply because their usual stores and supermarkets are already seeing turkey shortages.

Whole Organic Turkey
Whole Organic Turkey

And like most of America, farmers did not anticipate a pandemic in 2020, and no one can tell just how long the crisis will continue.   But quarantines and social distancing have driven the switch to smaller gatherings and smaller birds for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Waseda Farms, there was a shortage of smaller birds.   And because other suppliers are experiencing this shortage, the farm is selling larger birds simply because time is running out and demand is high. 

It is clear that Thanksgiving gatherings nationwide will be smaller this year, the demand for smaller birds is very high.  Farmers cannot just conjure up smaller birds, and the sizes available are governed by the age of the turkey. The demand for birds traditionally at Thanksgiving and Christmas has been for larger birds.

Currently, the Waseda Farms organic meat online store is sold out of all sizes of whole organic turkeys.  It is unlikely that additional supplies of birds will be available in time for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Alternatives

The farm has reacted to the demand for smaller birds for Thanksgiving and Christmas by adding a range of whole organic turkey breast, available in 6-8 LB and 8-12 LB sizes to help to meet the demand for smaller turkey portions to those who would like to substitute a whole bird. 

Waseda Farms is now a major US brand supplying certified organic grass-fed Black Angus beef, premium Berkshire pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Having recently ramped up its online presence to accommodate the increased demand to order organic meat online, the farm continues to receive rave reviews for its products from customers across the nation who enjoy fresh organic meat delivered to their door.

The farm supplies organic meat online with overnight nationwide shipping to all states in the USA. Lutsey tells us that "I am both surprised and delighted with the response to our online organic meat website, we have regular customers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indianapolis and even Austin Texas where they are well known for their own organic beef"

Waseda Farms has two retail locations in Baileys Harbor,  in Door County, and Green Bay (De Pere) in Brown County, Wisconsin. Both locations have remained open, including curbside pickup, for customers through the pandemic with stringent health and safety practices in place. 

The business reports a growth in curbside pickup services at both locations, and farm visits are also still very popular, where people can get out of the house and walk the famous Waseda Farms trails.

All orders will ship quickly depending on when the order is placed. They ship FedEx overnight, Monday – Wednesday, and arrive the following day with enough time for Thanksgiving preparation. The ship date will be confirmed with the shopper before the turkey ships out. 

While the number of turkeys projected to sell this year may be lower, turkey planning happened long before anyone knew that a pandemic would hit the United States or that COVID-19 would last as long as it has, demand has stayed high.  Even though get-togethers may be smaller this year than in the past, Turkey will continue to be the centerpiece on most Thanksgiving tables.

Waseda Farms Wisconsin Tom Lutsey, Matt Lutsey and Jeff Lutsy
Waseda Farms Wisconsin Tom Lutsey, Matt Lutsey and Jeff Lutsy

About Waseda Farms

Waseda Farms is a family-run certified organic farm in Door County, Wisconsin. The farm produces certified organic meat and eggs, including organic grass-fed Black Angus beef, Berkshire pork, and tri-colored organic eggs. You can order organic meat online or visit the Waseda Farms Market stores in Baileys Harbor and De Pere, Wisconsin. Nation-wide overnight delivery is available when ordering organic meat online.

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