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4 Security Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing carries with it several cloud computing security benefits. Here are 4 major advantages to cloud computing.

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Cloud computing carries a lot of benefits like storage and increased processing power. However, it also carries a lot of security benefits.  It guards your data and has security protocols in place in case of a hack. So here are 4 great security benefits of cloud computing. 

1. Data Encryption 

    Data encryption is a massive advantage associated with cloud computing. Your service provider encrypts your data for its own security. This way, even if the data is hacked, it’s useless to the hackers without the decryption keys. Hence, when hackers steal your data, they’ll be left with some meaningless code they can’t understand. With encryption going on simultaneously as you store your data, it will always be secure. 

    2. Data Recovery 

    Data Recovery

      Cloud computing providers have data recovery management by default. In case of an attack, the bulk of your critical data is safeguarded. However, any data that is liable to be lost can be recovered through data recovery programs. Also, cloud services regularly back up your data so that even if you lose onsite data you can recover it.

      3. Security Patch Management 

        The vulnerabilities in a website are often exploited by hackers to breach security. However, with cloud computing security you can be sure that your software and hardware are consistently being updated. This way, you’ll be getting the latest updates and patches that allow you to keep your data safe. 

        4. 24 Hour Tech Support

          Perhaps the best advantage of cloud security is that you’ll have a tech support team on call at all times. This means that you’ll be able to respond or catch a hack or an intrusion at all times. This will also mean that your tech support team will be able to train your employees to quickly respond. 

          This is a specifically important to the survival of a company. Tech support teams that can onboard employees quickly can save thousands of dollars a year. This will allow employees to solve small problems on their own and respond to threats quickly.



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