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Free Google Play Codes: How To Get Free Google Play Codes [WORKING]

Last updated Wednesday, November 25, 2020 14:50 ET

Any game that you can download and play will require Google Codes when using an Android device. It takes a long time to build up gaming and app accounts so it’s easier to use Free Google Play Codes.

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Click Here To Get Free Google Play Codes

Google play codes are a currency that gamers use to buy everything inside games such as weapons, clothing, avatars, game points, boosted levels. They can also be used on paid apps to unlock special features such as extended usage and more.

But it’s better to grab the free Google Play codes instead so how exactly do you do that?

How to get free Google Play Codes for free

In most cases gamers and app users will use their money to grab the codes but there are other ways to get the codes.  If you can code you could develop your own apps and then make money for your Google play codes through adverts or in-game currency features which were mentioned above.

Click Here To Get Free Google Play Codes

Sign Up To Some Affiliate Programs

There are of course millions of different programs you can sign up to such as:

  • - Hosting
  • - Amazon Associates
  • - Awin
  • - CJ Affiliate
  • - ShareASale

You can select products to promote and earn money in order to use for the Google Play codes. One thing you must understand is you cannot post the links anywhere; you need to share them without breaking any rules. Social media marketing is normally the best way to share affiliate products so consider that.

Here are some examples you can consider:

  • - Face book fan pages
  • - Twitter accounts
  • - YouTube video marketing
  • - Pinterest

Affiliate programs are great if you know how to learn the process. You will be able to earn your own codes instead of having to get the Free Google Play Codes.

Develop Your Own Game Or App

Learning to code is hot right now so if you’re able to work out basic maths and understand code you’re on to a winner as you won’t ever have to look for Free Google Play Codes again. Platforms such as producthunt.com are very good resources if you’re looking for ideas, you can also check out the Google play store for app and game ideas too.

Use App Rewards

There are many reward apps online you can take a look at and use in order to earn Free Google Play Codes, but you must do your research and ensure they are genuine because some are taking advantage of their users and not paying out unfortunately.

The reward apps work like this:

  • - Sign up
  • - Select offers
  • - Earn points
  • - Convert into money
  • - Obtain your selected resources

Warning – Please ensure you spend time researching the reviews both via the reward apps and also online, check out forums and social media platforms to find real people because sometimes the owners will attempt to purchase reviews which makes  their reward apps stand out more so than they should.

Is It Worth Upgrading On Games And Premium Apps?

This of course is a personal preference but let’s be honest having even more bills to deal with at the end of the month sucks doesn’t it. You have to weigh up the outgoings before you make that final decision.

The methods shared above can enable you to earn Google Play Codes instead of having to search for Free Google Play Codes but if you can learn to code or design your own products and sell them to get the codes, well that will be even better for you in the long run so it depends on how much time you have on your hands overall. 

Personally everyone I know likes to get Free Google Play Codes because they are younger and still within the educational system right now so money is tight so they will do anything they can to get things for free.

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