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Chicago Personal Trainer & Physio Therapist Provides Covid Safe Personal Training

Last updated Monday, December 7, 2020 11:52 ET

Chicago based physical therapist and personal trainer Dr. Lauren Schnidman of In Motion Physical Therapy Chicago Provides a Covid safe one-on-one program at her Lincoln Park physical therapy studio.

Chicago, United States, 12/07/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

December 7, 2020 - Chicago, IL -- With many people reluctant to use gymnasiums now with the spread of coronavirus, Dr Schnidman, DPT has hit upon an idea to use her physical therapy studio for one-on-one personal training. As a certified personal trainer and doctor of physical therapy, she is now incorporating personal training and the program has been a big hit with her clients.

Lauren told us “The studio gym has long been a big hit with many of our physical therapy patients. I came up with the idea of offering my personal training skills in the clinically clean fitness studio during the recent restrictions.” Word of mouth has spread quickly and people across Chicago are now filling up the slots fast. I never thought that I would see such demand and I am both shocked and delighted with the response from existing and new clients”.

Dr. Lauren Schnidman of In Motion Physical Therapy Chicago
Dr. Lauren Schnidman of In Motion Physical Therapy Chicago

The Chicago fitness studio is an integral part of the physical therapy practice, is hygienically cleaned between sessions and is equipped with apparatus that people would find at their local gym, but the difference is the motivation, encouragement and expertise of a personal trainer who happens to be a physical therapist.

Any goal that a client sets out to achieve is reached with the motivation of In Motion Physical Therapy.

In Motion Physical Therapy of Chicago, Illinois helps recreational athletes and active adults get back to their training, even in the pandemic.

With how COVID-19 spreads so quickly, going to the gym may not fit into the safe bubble that the CDC and state regulations mandate. Dr. Lauren Schnidman, DPT a physio-training doctor, came up with positive ways to help the public continue with their personal or professional training.

Dr. Schnidman, DPT has been successful in helping athletes train inside and outside their homes. With a personal trainer and her methods, she has continued to develop individual training programs for each professional and amateur athlete that sought out her help.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides a safe environment with an ultra-clean setting to give athletes of any stage the comfort of knowing they can safely work out while being trained by someone who knows what athletes are looking for.  

Physical Therapy Chicago - In Motion Physical Therapy, Chicago, IL

Dr. Schnidman is Lincoln Park’s premium personal training service. She helps recreational athletes return to an active lifestyle to help clients engage in any activities they desire. 

If going out of the home to work out, or to exercise with a trainer is not a comfortable fit for the client, In Motion Physical Therapy provides in-home service. The practice understands that convenience for the client is everything. While life may not have the hustle and bustle due to the pandemic as it used to, that doesn’t mean that people’s lives still aren’t filled with busy schedules.

If a young or adult athlete is looking to resume CrossFit, tennis, running, or other activities, Dr. Schnidman creates quality physical programs for individualized use. These programs will help propel clients into motion and help them hit goals with a steady stream of avocation and propulsion, giving each client the tools to help them exceed objectives.

Dr. Schnidman uses empathy, synergy, and quality to build a relationship with the athletes who come to use her individualized programs. There is one-on-one care, and the focus is on the athlete to provide positive outcomes.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides comprehensive treatments with an evaluation of orthopedic injuries or improvements. The therapy also provides tools that decrease the chances of new or recurrent injuries.

The evaluations will include functional movement screens, video motion analysis, range of motion testing, strength testing, manual therapy techniques, sport-specific mobility training and strengthening, and practical training for sport-specific movement patterns.

In Motion Physical Therapy also provides running analyses and transitional programs for personal training.

Dr. Schnidman, DPT has found that her ability to work as a physical therapist and as a personal trainer allows her to help show useful movement patterns that will prevent further or future sports injuries. She trains clients to get stronger/leaner while using the appropriate muscle groups.

In Motion Personal Training Chicago, IL
The In Motion Personal Training specialties include corrective exercise, weight loss, stability and strength training, core training, functional training, sports-specific performance, conditioning, and senior wellness.

A client’s first session will include fitness safety evaluations, preliminary goal discussions, cardio and flexibility testing, movement and squat analytics, endurance, and range-of-motion testing.

These tests measure the client’s progress level and help to understand where they need to start the client’s training. The results will be part of the individualized program developed for each person.

Training sessions last an hour in duration and are offered as single sessions, 8, 12, or 16 session packages, depending on their individual goals.

Clients can book a personal training session online or visit the website for more information, clients may also call the practice at 773-236-2256 where they can talk with Dr Lauren directly, as the practice is busy at peak times clients can leave a message and Dr Lauren will call them back to assess and make an appointment.

About Dr. Lauren Schnidman

Dr. Lauren Schnidman is passionate about helping patients engage in the activities they love without limitations. She treats a variety of different patient populations, including recreational athletes and individuals focused on weight loss. She believes in a holistic approach to care.


BA in Psychology and Biology (Washington University in Saint Louis)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Wheeling Jesuit University)

Personal Training Credentials

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Senior Fitness Specialist

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified Tennis Performance Specialist