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Google Knowledge Panel Book By Qamar Zaman - Learn Google Knowledge Graph Utilizing Press Release Distribution This Holiday Season

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American SEO and Technology Entrepreneur Qamar Zaman Educates How Digital Releases Will Help Aspiring Music Artists Get Easily Found in Google While Boosting Their Brand.

Dallas, TX , United States, 12/20/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Qamar Zaman Book Launch - Google Knowledge Panel Utilizing Press Release Distribution

American SEO and Technology Entrepreneur Qamar Zaman Educates How Digital Releases Will Help Aspiring Music Artists Get Easily Found in Google While Boosting Their Brand.

"Qamar Zaman is a top SEO professional and digital PR consultant who teaches other SEO professionals the benefits of digital PR to achieve brand visibility." Randy Rohde

    Just in time for the holidays; Zaman’s new book instructs entrepreneurs, business owners, music artists, book authors, and instagram influencers interested in learning how to build a Google Knowledge Panel by using digital press releases.

    More than ever online visibility is critical when building your reputation. Qamar Zaman, a leading search engine optimization consultant from Dallas, releases a book titled, "Build Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Releases (Step by Step Guide)." It features a guide which leverages press releases to build a Google Knowledge Panel. This Google search feature distinguishes and highlights trusted brands and personalities when someone searches for them in Google.

    The Google Knowledge Panel is essential for new artists or brands who want to establish a credible and verified brand profile on Google, the world's most popular search engine.

    “Digital PR is today the great equalizer, no longer are big corporations in their marble towers and expansive boardrooms in control of media distribution. The music and film industry have witnessed dynamic entrepreneurs with vision who have become influencers, bypassing the old and obsolete channels of distribution. Traditional PR is one of those mediums that have gone away like most of their print publications. The new Digital PR web based approach  focuses on building brand trust. We refer to this as expertise, authority and trust (EAT). Google has become the preferred search engine and if you follow it’s best practices you will achieve the designation that Google reserves for trusted brands, the Google Knowledge Panel or sometimes referred to as the Knowledge Graph. Google My Business is another form of Google Knowledge Graph for professionals, doctors, lawyers and small business at the very least this should be your starting point.” states Rene Perras Digital PR expert. 


    Big Finny
    Big Finny Musical artist

    When asked about the background story behind his latest eBook, Zaman revealed how his PR Distribution company, KISS PR Brand Story PressWire, launched a digital PR service called “Brand Story by KISS PR ”to help businesses of all sizes. Since the start of the pandemic, he has received inquiries from producers and artists, like Big Finny and other emerging music talents.

    "I got a call from a young man, Big Finny, a 16-year old music creator. He needed help getting his story out and building his brand. Aided by my press release distribution strategy and a sprinkling of digital dust we were able to utilize the story his mom wrote, helping Big Finny gain better online visibility. This allowed him to move towards reaching a larger listing audience. It was important that Big Finny follow the complete plan in order to realize his ultimate objective, which resulted in securing pick ups in media like GlobeNewswire, Yahoo News, the Associated Press, Fox, ABC, and Yahoo Lifestyle and Forbes just to name a few, enabling Big Finny to secure his Google knowledge Panel," shared Zaman.

    Since Big Finny, Zaman started helping other up and coming artists get the publicity they needed. Young artists like, Joane$ an underground melodic style artist, from the Cambridge, Massachusetts area. Zaman’s experience and expertise has helped many other professionals make a difference while achieving improved online visibility and branding. 


    Zaman's book is straightforward in it’s approach and it is written with an open eye on what is possible and practical when the evolution of the Internet is understood. Zaman explains his own personal evolution achieving a direct pathway to expertise, while making no promises this booklet will get you started towards the Google Knowledge Graph. 

    “The booklet was written as a labor of love for the receptive, candid, and positive minds. In my research and development, it has become clear, "brand trust" is the future of search engine optimization. True SEO is not what most marketing companies are using to promote and brand, but rather the word SEO is being used unethically to take hard-earned money away from business owners," Zaman explains.

    Build Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Releases (Step by Step Guide) is now available for download from various websites including Google play store 

    Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Release Distribution - SPECIAL OFFER FROM the book author Qamar Zaman 

    Everyone who purchases the Book, Google Knowledge Panel Guide (step by Step) using this link, will benefit from an additional offer valued at $497 worth of press release distribution in YAHOO News, AP News, and 100 news websites for the one time offer of $197.

    Send a copy of your book purchase receipt to [email protected] to qualify for the large media distribution offer. (See notes below) 

    1) Buy the book 

    2) Follow Qamar Zaman on Instagram  

    3) Send your receipt 

    4) Write a press release reading the book guidelines. 

    5) Have the release evaluated by sending  the release to our editors for review. 

    6) Get you press release approved as per our guidelines 

    **  Purchase of the book and submitting a press release does not constitute a guaranteed knowledge panel.

    About Qamar Zaman Author of Google Knowledge Panel Using Press Release Distribution

    Qamar Zaman is an American marketing and technology entrepreneur. He is the founder of the KISS PR Web Story News Platform, a storytelling platform built to help small, medium and large businesses tell their brand stories. During COVID-19, Zaman transformed his platform to start offering free storytelling and press releases to help businesses who needed to survive during these unprecedented tough times.   

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    Qamar Zaman Google Knowledge Panel Book Author

    About Rene Perras Editor 

    Rene Perras born in Canada, now a Florida resident is a legal authority pr expert. He met and married his wife in Montreal, a first generation American born Indian whose family emigrated from Hyderabad over fifty years ago to the US. He’s always been interested in finding inventive ways utilizing the power of the narrative, storytelling and Digital PR, to help law firms acquire new clients, making legal professionals more profitable and efficient. 


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