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Make Your Bed - How it Can Change Your Life?

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Make Your bed inspires you to achieve your ambitions and develop your life by showing that achievement is a combination of willpower and mutual motivation.

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Make Your Bed
Make Your Bed Book

It is a mixture of the small things that people do to make others flourish.

Start your day with a finished task:

Start by making your bed if you want to change the world. Billy’s first assignment, as a seal, was making his bed. Right, making the bed was no chance for praise. This showed his diligence, attention to detail, and by the end of the day, he recalled that he had done something well and something to be proud of, regardless of what happened that day. You can never get the big things right if you can’t do the little stuff correctly.

You can’t do it alone:

Get someone to help you paddle if you decide to change the world. The importance of teamwork is strongly emphasized in SEAL training and the military in general. It means life or death in war if you need to trust someone. Billy and his classmates had to hold a rubber raft of 10 meters, low slung, and paddle in the water for SEAL training. Everyone must carry it and paddle the boat to reach the destination. The other participants took up the slack on days when Billy was tired or sick. Nobody will do things by themselves. You need people to support you in tough times in your life. You can’t paddle the boat alone.

Only the size of your heart is important:

Measure a human by the heart size. Three SEAL trainees of diverse qualifications are present. Mark is the largest, most powerful, and fastest by far. Tim is educated and from the richest household, but Billy is the only one to have been educated as a SEAL. Because dedication and grit often matter more than talent. Seal training was a great equalizer. Nothing but ‘your will’ to succeed was significant.

Life is not fair; move forward:

You should turn the world into a sugar cookie. Billy messed up in the SEAL training, he was punished by jumping into the surf field, rolling around the sand, and being a sugar cookie. It was absolutely indiscriminate to become a sugar cookie. It is easy to blame your struggle in life, only not to bother when you consider the destiny is against you. Common people are decided by how they cope with the cruelty of life. Even if you try hard, you will still end up as a sugar cookie. Don’t complain. Stand high, look to your goal, and move forward.

Making Your Bed is a book inspiring us to dream big and look after the little things. You should reach 10,000 people in your life. If you influence just ten people, and they do the same with others. Within many generations, the world will be a better place.

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