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Keravita Pro Reviews - Consumer Report on Where to Buy Keravita Pro For Nail Fungus by InDepth Reviews

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Keravita Pro reviews update. Detailed information on where to buy Keravita Pro for toenail fungus supplement, ingredients, pricing, working, side effects, & much about Keravita Pro.

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Keravita Pro is a dietary supplement that targets nail fungus and tries to eliminate it through a combination of precisely selected herbs and other natural ingredients that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is an all-natural formula made with many ingredients that are too many to count in our hands. This dietary supplement can allegedly cure your whole internal fungus poisoning problems – a rather sophisticated and daring challenge for something that is clearly designated to cure foot and toenail fungus only. Specifically, the Keravita Pro supplement has a collection of 25 all-natural herbal and vitamin-based ingredients that are known to be useful to the human body's inner workings in general.

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Keravita Pro sure sets some high standards on its own, but who knows, it might actually do the trick. It is one of the more researched dietary supplements that I have come across, and it has the possibility of working more than what is intended of the whole product.

Keravita Pro pros and cons, as well as it's inside-out nature as to how it became this successful dietary supplement that currently caters to more than 40,000 Americans, will be analyzed in t his review. We’ll get to know how Keravita Pro solves the problem of fungal infections and outbreaks in our body and dive into the scientific viability of the reasoning involved in this product – as well as the “conspiracies” that surround the reason behind it.

Let’s jump right into the latest Keravita Pro supplement review.

What Does Keravita Pro Do?

Keravita Pro aims to solve the problem of rapid fungal proliferation and outbreak inside our bodies to prevent infections that may seem minor at first but have significant consequences in the long run.

According to its description, it renders the body immune to all sorts of fungal intrusions that may cause harm to our internal organs. Fungal infections usually start out small. Typically, this is manifested in foot and toenail infections that make the latter turn yellow and brittle over time. This is where Keravita Pro comes in. Keravita Pro, which basically means professional Keratin revitalization, can allegedly save your toenail from further damage to prevent further fungal outbreaks into your body.

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How does Keravita Pro live up to its stated claim that it can rejuvenate the whole body? Well, the supplement acts as a booster of sorts. The combination of 25 ingredients in one single capsule is no easy feat. This particular quantity of ingredients also means that everything is covered from the simplest to conveniently complex problems.

Still, it is easy to forget that what we are dealing with here is a dietary supplement. Caution is advised at best. Do not treat this supplement as something of medicine itself – it is not. It is always important to remember that drugs and dietary supplements are different, with one being used to properly cure ailments while the other being used to supplement our daily meals. Do not confuse self-medication with real medication.

Keravita Pro Supplement Description

Keravita Pro is a dietary supplement that helps people ease up their dry skin and fungal toenail problems. It contains 60 capsules in each bottle and has a daily serving size of two (2) capsules. Thus, each bottle is a 30-day supply of its own.

It is a dietary supplement. Thus it should be taken with meals, preferably breakfast and dinner. Minors should refrain from taking this product, as it is specifically designed for adult bodies.

As a precaution, do not take Keravita Pro when taking any form of medication that a licensed healthcare professional has given you. If you want to use the product, contact your physician first before trying out Keravita Pro.

As usual, do not exceed the recommended dosage. Again, you are only advised to take two capsules a day; nothing more. If you overdose on Keravita Pro, specific side effects may take hold. Otherwise, if you take it usually and within the recommended dosage, you would not experience any side effects, thanks to its all-natural proprietary blend.

Keravita Pro has a whole list of 25 ingredients, all in combination to combat fungal intrusion in our body’s organ systems. It is also essential to store this product in a cool, dry place below 30 degrees Celsius to maintain its potency.

Keravita Pro is distributed by the same company name from Englewood, Colorado, USA.

Again, Keravita Pro is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, no matter how hard they claim things to be true. Thankfully, we have this review to see whether they’re telling the truth or not. The Keravita Pro official website is linked here.

How Does Keravita Pro Help?

Keravita Pro can immensely help one’s quality of life. Fungal infections are a very tricky and sensitive topic. Being almost equal to bacterial and viral infections in the nuisance factor can wreck our bodies when not properly managed from the onset of problems.

Keravita Pro can help you retake your life, so to speak. By eliminating the unpleasant, yellow appearance of your toenail, you can once again be free of other people’s criticism towards your beautiful looking toenail. It can potentially boost your self-esteem and help you regain your confidence, so to speak. Also, it can help you live better, naturally. The culmination of herbal ingredients on the list is so many that it can potentially give our body the much-needed nutrients and vitamins to keep our organs working to full capacity. This means that Keravita Pro can essentially reset our body to optimal performance, just like in our youthful years.

With that much said about the help that Keravita Pro brings to our body, let us take a closer look at the supplement’s manufacturer and the reason why it was rolled out in the first place.

Who is the Manufacturer of Keravita Pro?

Keravita Pro was made by certain medical researchers named Richard Parker & Benjamin Jones. Benjamin Jones at a certain laboratory affiliated with an undisclosed international space agency. However, upon checking this information's credibility, it was later known that this was a pen name at best. This means that we cannot truly verify this information since we don’t have a solid proof.

While the name of the person who started is shady at best, we can confirm that the company's name is also Keravita Pro. This was confirmed at the supplement’s label, whereas it was stated that it is explicitly distributed by Keravita Pro from 37 Inverness Drive, East Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, USA. It is said that Keravita Pro is manufactured in a sterile, accredited manufacturing facility, so we can be assured of the production quality imposed upon the product.

While the manufacturer's credibility is in shambles at best, it is comforting that we know where the product is coming from, at least. Keravita Pro has many perks on its own, and it would be a shame if it’s the manufacturer that would give it a bad reputation.

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With that said, why is there Keravita Pro in the first place?

Why is Keravita Pro Made?

Keravita Pro was made due to a son’s heart-wrenching story about his father. As you may have guessed, the son in question was Richard Parker. His dad, as he described it, is as strong as an ox. Then one day, he saw something on his dad – a yellow toenail. They didn’t take heed of this and shrugged it off. Little did they know that this is a fungal infection that is slowly intruding his bloodstream.

Soon after, his dad became sick, and as time went by, he became worse. He then suffered liver failure, multiple sores, and infections all over his body, and ultimately, he got his initially infected leg amputated due to a significant fungal infection outbreak.

Within all this fuss, he went on to find a solution. A friend of his told him about something, about why astronauts don’t get fungal infections at all. He also brought up how Vietnamese rice farmers keep themselves safe from fungal infections when they’re soaked in the water for a ridiculous amount of time.

The thing is, this friend of his was from a highly-secretive group that apparently knew the cure to fungal infections. They also stipulated that fungus is everywhere and it is airborne. This is how the fungal infections happened on his dad – he breathed the fungus in, eventually collecting in so much that it overpowered his body’s defense system.

Upon hearing this, he started on the formula that his friend leaked to him. When he completed the manufacture of the first capsules, he let his dad drink them. Soon after, his dad regained his strength and can do things again like he wasn’t amputated at all.

Thus, he started a crusade against fungal infections to spread all over the body like his father’s own case. Sounds great, right? We won’t know for sure, though, if everything that is written here is real. For one, this is just like one of those stories that supplements actually roll out to appease the public. Still, it might be right. It’s always important to take a grain of salt with these types of stories and matters.

How Does Keravita Pro Work?

Keravita Pro works in nine steps. With many ingredients come many actions that can help our body in the long run in its fight against fungal infections. Here is the step-by-step guide on how Keravita Pro works according to their official website:

  • The Fast Penetration Stage means that the ingredients will naturally seep into our body since it’s made of natural ingredients commonly found in nature. It is not artificially created.
  • Massive Fungus Build-Up Extermination – Keravita Pro will clean your arteries and your veins of any fungal build-up over the past 50 or 60 years.
  • Blood Purification Stage – the ingredients found in Keravita Pro will dissolve fungal matter flowing freely in your blood for years.
  • Dry Skin Reconstruction – some ingredients in Keravita Pro are there to repair your skin to its former elasticity and firmness.
  • Hands, Feet, and Nails Rejuvenation – Keravita Pro will then strengthen your nails and target visible infection that has been plaguing your body for years.
  • Anti-Fungal Defense Army – here comes the fun part. Your body will begin to create antibodies that will attack any remaining fungal spores thanks to some ingredients' properties.
  • Anti-Fungal Lung Shield Activator – your lungs, especially the places where the air is exchanged with blood, will be fortified.
  • Double-Up the Anti-Fungal Defense – your body will then be boosted even more. Thus it will have a more robust immune system like never before.
  • Ultimate Toxic Fungus Cleanse-Up – the ingredients circulating your body will now cleanse your body, even more, flushing out the toxins through sweat or urine.

These nine steps show that Keravita Pro wants to deliver the promise of overall fungal clean-up. This supplement does not only aim to take on fungal infections in the toenail, but it also seeks to kill all fungal spores that circulate the body on a daily basis.

How Long Does It Take for Keravita Pro to Work?

The duration of how long it takes for Keravita Pro to work varies from person to person. Keravita Pro can show its effect in one month or four months, depending on the tenacity of a person to absorb nutrients into his or her body. In general, it is recommended that one person take at least six bottles of Keravita Pro to work to the fullest. This will enable the supplement to fulfill all of the nine steps to ensure a better life ahead for the user.

Keravita Pro Ingredients

As mentioned, Keravita Pro has at least 25 ingredients that comprise its proprietary blend. These are all-natural, organic ingredients that are available from different parts of the world. Let us take on them one by one to check out what they bring to the table. Please note that these are scientifically-backed data about each ingredient, and as such, it can be different from what the company is saying about their product’s ingredients.

Keravita Pro ingredients list

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Keravita Pro ingredients are:

  • Soursop Leaves
  • Red Raspberry
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Beta-Glucan
  • Curcumin
  • Chinese Red Pine
  • Rhubarb
  • Burdock
  • Sheep Sorrel
  • Slippery Elm
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Maitake Mushroom
  • Quercetin
  • Pomegranate
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Garlic
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Lycopene
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium

Keravita ingredients effects on the human body are:

Soursop Leaves

These are used to treat parasitic infections, hypertension, rheumatism, and stomach ailments. It is rich in antioxidants and can be used to eliminate free radicals in our body.

Red Raspberry

This fruit can relieve gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea. It can also treat infections in the airway, and in some ways, it can also be used against cardiovascular problems. It can also strengthen a woman’s reproductive health.

Green Tea Leaf

The traditional Green Tea Leaf has been used as a herbal medicine for ages. It is a highly beneficial form of antioxidant that can cater to a better quality of life. It can help in many areas, including brain function, blood sugar control, cardiovascular functionality, and others. Overall, it is a very helpful ingredient on the list.


This is a sugar substance found in walls of different microorganisms and plants such as oats or barley. It is commonly used to lower bad cholesterol levels.


Curcumin is a yellow-colored natural compound commonly used to treat inflammation, depression, bad cholesterol, and liver diseases. It also helps your body fight off foreign invaders.

Chinese Red Pine

The bark of this tree is used as a form of antioxidant. It can also balance blood sugar, boost brain function, reduce inflammation, and boost one’s immunity.


This plant is commonly used against digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea. It can also be used for heartburn. Overall, Rhubarb helps the functionality and efficiency of the digestive system.


This herb can help with your urinary health as well as boost your immune system. It can also purify your blood. It is also used as a treatment for various infections and disorders, including digestive and skin conditions.

Sheep Sorrel

It is used to treat inflammation, scurvy, diarrhea.

Slippery Elm

It is used for various common problems within the body, such as coughs, sore throat, diarrhea, and constipation. It can also be used to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Urinary Tract Infections. Sometimes, it is also used to expel tapeworms.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds contain a considerable amount of antioxidant-packed with different kinds of benefits. This includes cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits in general. It is also used to prevent various types of bodily issues, such as dental cavities, macular degeneration, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Shiitake Mushroom

This mushroom can boost the immune system. It can also allegedly treat HIV/AIDS, but that remains to be seen in future laboratory research.

Reishi Mushroom

This mushroom can also enhance the immune system, but it can also reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. It can also be taken when a person has a case of hypertension.

Maitake Mushroom

Maitakes are different from their Shiitake and Reishi brothers. These mushrooms are used for the treatment of cancer and can also reduce the side effect of chemotherapy.


This ingredient is commonly used to treat cardiovascular conditions. It can also be used for bladder infections, diabetes, and arthritis. It can lower blood pressure, help against prostate infections, prevent upper respiratory illnesses, and stop degenerative brain diseases in their tracks.


It is a widely known fruit designed to fight inflammation, cancer cells, and high blood pressure. It can also help in digestion, improve brain function, and protect your brain from further degeneration.

Olive Leaf Extract

This ingredient can help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar at the same time. It can also support weight loss, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation as well. It is an antioxidant, and as such, it can remove toxins from your body and prevent your cells from aging quickly due to external factors.


More commonly known as Larch Arabinogalactan, it is used to treat a wide variety of viral and fungal bacterial infections.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is a more common sight among ingredients in a supplement, can treat viral infections, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer. It can also be used against certain bone disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


This common kitchen ingredient can actually help your cardiovascular wellbeing. It can reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and keep the level of fats in your bloodstream in check.

Asian Ginseng

This popular root can improve physical stamina, concentration, and memory. It’s often used to bulk up a person, so to speak. It also boosts immune function, slow the aging process, and help in various respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. Sometimes, it is also used to treat depression.


It is a powerful antioxidant commonly found in tomatoes, can help improve your heart's health and protect yourself from cancer. It can also be used to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Lastly, it can help reduce asthma attacks.

Vitamin C

By now, everybody knows what Vitamin C is. Its primary function is to boost our immune system to decrease the chances of us getting sick.

Vitamin E

Yet another vitamin on the list, Vitamin E, may eradicate nail fungus and is often used to repair our body’s cells, giving us a glowing, outward appearance.


The last ingredient on the list, Selenium, can increase your metabolism and protect your body from stress. It can also boost our immune system, slow age-related mental decline, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Keravita Pro ingredients are made out of natural components that are ensured to be easily absorbed by the body as a whole; this combination can bring better health and lifestyle to a person in easily swallowed capsules.

Keravita Pro Benefits

Keravita Pro benefits include a wide variety of things. For one, this supplement is jam-packed with anti-infection ingredients that can indeed wipe out most if not all of the infections that are currently threatening your body. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal medicine. This natural form of intake can help our body reset to its former self, giving it more energy to heal itself in the process.

In terms of health, expect better cardiovascular, skeletal, urinary, and digestive health. The ingredients found in Keravita Pro are numerous, and they all work together to get to the common good. Overall, Keravita Pro does not only deal with fungal infections, but it also tries to take on other body issues as well. It’s a jack of all trades while being master of none, to be honest.

Keravita Pro Ingredient Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, Keravita Pro ingredient side effects won’t come out unless you go above the recommended dosage. It is advised that you only take two capsules a day for maximum effect. Going below that limit is fine, but going above can pose a threat. If you experience any unusual symptoms while taking Keravita Pro, you must stop with the supplement and consult your physician for real medical advice.

As such, even before using Keravita Pro, consult your physician first for possible unseen side effects. Again, do not replace your medicine with this dietary supplement. Always remember to take this with two meals, preferably breakfast and dinner. It is designed to supplement your diet, not the other way around.

How Much Does Keravita Pro Cost?

Before proceeding, Keravita Pro can only be bought from the official Keravita Pro website linked here. Keravita Pro costs $69 per bottle. This includes free shipping inside the United States. Shipping fees apply to international customers. However, if you want to save up, there are the Standard and Premium packages.

The Standard package comes with two bottles. The manufacturer gives them out at $59 per bottle in this package, which means you can save $20 here. It is a total of $118. Still, the best bang for the buck goes to the Premium package. Bottles here only cost $49 each. You can save at least $80 from this package alone! It is a total of $196 overall.

If you like what you read, order now from their official website. There are no legitimate Keravita Pro products outside of their website, so be careful with that.

Keravita Pro Verdict

The Keravita Pro supplement goes beyond what is expected of it. Rather than just going for fungal infections, it actually tries to go for everything so that your body can heal naturally as it is. Its formula is designed to get a person back on track at once, and while it doesn’t really have anything to do with fungal infections, you can be assured that it will do its job as a dietary supplement.

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Pregnant or nursing mothers must not use Keravita Pro, children under 18 years of age (minors), and individuals with known medical conditions without doctors' approval. They should consult a physician first before using this product. There may be unknown complications that may arise when taking this supplement, so it is better to consult your physician first, even if you do not belong to the people groups listed above. As usual, keep it out of children, as the dosage is tailored to adults. Always store the bottle in a cool, dry place.

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