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Craig Campbell Ranks #1 on POP's 'The Most Influential SEOs Of 2020' Listing

Last updated Wednesday, December 30, 2020 19:15 ET

Craig Campbell is ranked the top most influential SEO of 2020, followed closely by Kyle Roof in the 2nd spot and Ted Kubaitis ranking no. 3.

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Page Optimizer Pro's listing of 'The Most Influential SEOs of 2020' places SEO guru and prolific SEO blogger Craig Campbell in the no. 1 spot. Despite the pandemic, Craig Campbell has been an influential force in the industry via his podcast, blog, and virtual seminars like the SEO Mastery Summit. Craig is also a guest on many other SEO-related podcasts and YouTube channels, which have, over the course of 2020, helped many people do their own SEO or discover what they were doing wrong.

Page Optimizer Pro's (POP) listing of the top SEO's worthy of acknowledgment is based on the value each SEO influencer or expert has offered the community. The community consists of over 3300 SEO professionals referred to as Internet Marketing Gold (IMG). IMG asks its community of members to share their take on the top 3 influencers in 2020, who, in the community's opinion, created the most content, tools, groups, etc., that was of the most help.

POP received over 318 votes from members, with the names of their favorite SEOs and the reason for the choice. The shortlist consist of 20 top influencers, each one ranked by the number of votes they received. The complete list can be found on POP's official website: https://pageoptimizer.pro/the-best-seos-of-2020-as-voted-by-the-people/

Craig Campbell SEO Top SEO 2020

Craig Campbell SEO

Much of what Campbell talks about can be put to practical use, allowing businesses and individuals to understand SEO better. Ryan Darani, one of the group's members who voted for Campbell, stated: "The guy has helped accelerate my career and my business this year without a doubt."

Another Member, Craig Mullins, said, "Dude puts out a crazy amount of content every day, super approachable and works exactly like I do. This guy gives away so many secrets."

Campbell has also helped many businesses like Deepak Shukla's Pearl Lemon, who said, "Man is the real deal. He's helped oversee the growth of Pearl Lemon (my agency) from 120 leads a month to 200 leads a month in just a couple of weeks."

Craig Campbell has continued to work with many people who are part of POP's community for years. He has a working relationship with many businesses who openly vouch for Craig's expertise as an SEO.

However, his ability to put out loads of relevant and actional information has helped him earn a sizable reputation and one of the reasons he is IMG's no. 1 pick. Furthermore, many people first find out about Craig Campbell through his YouTube videos or blog posts.

About Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is one of the leading SEO experts, bloggers, and podcasters with over 18 years of experience working as an SEO professional. Based in the UK, he is one of the few SEO experts who continue to train people and help businesses rank their websites. Craig Campbell puts out a lot of quality, free information via his YouTube channel, blog, and podcast. He also continues to be a regular speaker at many seminars and conferences across the world, sharing nuggets of information and actionable tips that have continued to help both professionals and amateurs alike.


Craig Campbell SEO

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