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Free Steam Wallet Codes: How To Get Free Steam Codes, Gift Card & Money Generator [2021]

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This is a guide on how to get free Steam Wallet Codes & gift cards & Money Generator 2021.

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Every gamer knows how expensive Steam games can be. But that still hasn’t discouraged anyone from saving up cash to spend on the latest video game download.

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And because there are very few things better than playing your favorite video games for free, no one can be faulted for wanting to get their hands on free Steam codes.

Steam is a foremost digital video game distributor for consoles, PCs, and mobile gadgets, and if you are accustomed to buying games on this platform, then you shouldn’t miss reading this article.

About Steam Wallet Codes, Gift Cards, & Generators

With more than 30,000 digital games and software resources on offer, Steam currently ranks among the most popular virtual marketplaces.

Steam codes can best be described as recognized money coupons that can be put to different uses on the gaming platform.

Of course, the Steam Wallet Codes and Steam Gift Cards are exclusive and don’t go for free. The company wouldn’t make any profit that way. You’ll have to pay real cash to obtain them.

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Every new user gets to play 100 Steam games for free out of the extensive collection available but this can get boring pretty quickly, especially for avid gamers.

However, there are various workaround methods players can apply to obtain free Steam codes and gift cards.

  1. Free Steam Wallet Codes List & Generators

This first method is ideal for folks who prefer not to go through too much effort to acquire free Steam codes.

Genuine Steam Wallet Codes lists can be found or even generated online.

These are usually sourced from official Steam pages on social media or online forums and hosted on third-party websites during giveaways in a bid to attract more visitors.

All you have to do is copy & paste these redeemable codes to claim your Steam Wallet top-up.

There are also server-based Steam code generator tools being hosted by licensed partners that anyone can use to spawn free Steam codes. That’s right; you too can produce unused Steam Wallet codes free of charge.

You must however be wary of spam websites that fail to deliver on their promise to deliver working codes. As a rule, you must avoid giving out sensitive details in return for in-game freebies.

  1. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes offers a secure and legitimate method you can use to earn free Steam Wallet Codes.

All you have to do is create an account on this popular rewards website and you can start earning virtual reward points after answering survey questions or signing up via email for certain company newsletters.

The reward processes here are uncomplicated and you can accumulate enough virtual points to then be able to redeem your free codes and gift cards after a few hours of regular use. Note, however, that the response time and amount of reward points that PointsPrizes users can earn depends largely on their location. You can expect to find things easier in popular locations like the US.

  1. Swagbucks

You too can make your opinion matter while getting paid for doing so by using Swagbucks.

This popular online reward company offers its new members a 10 USD sign-up bonus and provides several methods for earning reward points which include answering survey questions, earning cashback for shopping online, watching video clips, exploring online content, and web searches among other tasks.

You get to rack up reward points after completing these tasks. The points accumulated here can then be converted into popular retailer gift cards from Steam, Amazon, and other online shops.

  1. PrizeRebel

With PrizeRebel, you have yet another reliable option for earning Steam codes free of charge. This popular rewards site is known for offering straightforward reward earning solutions. Once you complete the signup process you can then proceed to access the money-making options available on the website.

Apart from free Steam codes, PrizeRebel also provides users with the opportunity to earn other exclusive rewards such as Free PSN Codes, free gift cards for Amazon, and free Netflix gift cards among others.

  1. Rakuten

On Rakuten, you get to earn cashback rewards by connecting with more than 2,000 online stores using their affiliate links. After signing up, you can complete the online purchasing tasks assigned to your profile and then use the search bar to browse for your preferred redeem brand.

And although free Steam codes and gift cards are not redeemable options on Rakuten, you can always choose to withdraw your reward earnings in form of PayPal transfers and then use the cash to redeem Steam codes without paying a dime.

  1. Participating In Legit Giveaways For Free Steam Codes & Gift Cards

Aside from free Steam codes and gift cards, you’ll discover that free Xbox Live codes, Amazon gift cards, and Google Play credits are also up for grabs after participating in giveaways hosted on legit websites.

If you’re feeling lucky, these free giveaway sites can provide you with the perfect opportunity to score some free Steam codes for use on the platform.

A quick Google search will reveal which websites are offering giveaways for free Steam codes. We recommend you look out for gamer giveaways hosted on YouTube and Twitch.

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