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HSBT announces listing on Cryptocurrency Exchange LATOKEN

Last updated Monday, January 11, 2021 12:20 ET , Source: HSBT

HSBT listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange LATOKEN On December 16th, 2020. The ticker symbol is "HSBT" as the trading pair USDT/HSBT.

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HSBT listing on LATOKEN

HSBT listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange LATOKEN On December 16th, 2020. The ticker symbol is "HSBT" as the trading pair USDT/HSBT.

Announcement on TWITTER by [LATOKEN EXCHANGE] official account

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HSBT is a token which is earned by mining. All tokens are mined. Mined tokens can be used by staking, and users can also get BTC as yield.

Regarding halving and price increase

Halving is a mechanism that literally halves the amount of newly issued crypto assets by mining. By setting a halving, it can help prevent inflation and increase currency rarity by tightening issuance volumes. The market's supply and demand determine the value of assets, but the halving will change the existing supply until then, but the demand will not change. Hence, in theory, the value of the assets will increase after the halving.

In fact, Bitcoin's value has increased after its two halvings.

・ First time (2012/11/28): Approximately 1300 JPY, new issue amount: 50 BTC → 25BTC

・ Second time (2016/07/09): Approximately 70,000 JPY, new issue amount: 25 BTC → 12.5 BTC

・ Third time (2020/05/12): This time, new issue amount: 12.5 BTC → 6.25 BTC

Regarding HSBT Mining and HSBT Staking

HSBT Mining has a different halving from BTC and reaches once every six months.

Therefore, theoretically, it is expected to grow 8 times faster than BTC. Once you participate in HSBT Mining, you can continually mine for 5 years and receive daily mining rewards. With each halving, the amount of HSBT being mined decreases. When you participate in mining, you may be granted BTC in addition to the HSBT token. In order to receive BTC, the HSBT token must be staked for a period of time. By staking the mined HSBT token, BTC will be assigned besides. The staking period is until halving. When the halving reached, it will be reset once, and you can choose whether to stake again.

■ Contact

URL: https://hsbt-mining.com/

Email address: [email protected]

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