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The Best Writing Services Available in 2021: Reviews and Rated by LegitPapers

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This a comprehensive comparison reviews of some of the best writing services available in 2021. Read this review before any of these platforms.

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Do you need to answer essay questions that are due tomorrow, and you have no idea how to answer them? Don't worry! We have got your back. Here is the list of the top 10 best online writing services that you can use to get your essay done in 3-6 hours.

We have all been in that situation when our whole week has been busy. We aren't even able to complete the essential readings. On the other hand, the exam is already due, and the assignment is on an unrelated topic. What's going on! We look for solutions and find so many people telling us that they are the best writing service we'll ever get. But guess what, we get scammed.

Because of this and all other reasons, we decided to prepare a list that rightly tells our readers where to find the best writing services that people can use online available in this year.

The Criteria for the best writing service:

Before diving into the topic, it is crucial to understand the criteria that we use for declaring the best writing services of the year. We tested each service based on these standards.

The quality:

We set a strict quality check. All the essays were checked for their grammar, cohesion, relevance, and quality of arguments. We firmly believe that a high-quality article maintains the reader's interest throughout and convinces him.

On-time delivery:

The biggest problem with any writing service operating throughout the US is the timely completion of orders. Students and teachers alike prefer timely submission of assignments. Schools penalize for delayed submission. Therefore, we have also penalized any delivery past the deadline.


The writing service mustn't get carried away in carrying out writing tasks without properly identifying them. It is a fact that the service's failure to support results in writing the wrong topics.


Plagiarism is a problem. While writing an essay, copying an argument, idea, and words from some great writer can be tempting. It is wrong. When a teacher gives an essay assignment, he expects that the student would draw his arguments.


Prices are material matters. We don't want to recommend a service that is not worth its price. However, we recommend the services that charge less for competitive service.


Based on the above criteria, we rate the companies. We set the rating based on a 0 to 10 scale - ten means the best.

So without further ado, let's dive into the list of best writing services that people can use online available in 2021 and will be at the peak of popularity in the next 5-10 years.

# 1: 99Papers

The 99Papers writing service is the best essay writing service that is in the US in 2021. It has a 100% on-time delivery ratio. The ratio is far greater than other writing service companies.

The essay writers on this website are professionals, appointed by this 99Papers after thorough verification. If you wish, you can also choose the top-rated writer for your essay.

Let's examine in detail what makes this company so extraordinary that it leads our list.


The first quality is plagiarism-free material. The company has a strict plagiarism policy. They claim that any essay that has been written is 100% original, and only the necessary material is taken with proper referencing.

100% money-back guarantee:

The company's claim for plagiarism-free essays is backed by its promise to return any money paid. No further payments are to be made, and no questions will be asked.


The best part of the company's service is the custom order. The company allows its users to make a custom order and give specific directions. The company follows through with each of the requirements quite diligently.

Easy order process:

The best part is the company's order process. It is an easy and quick process. Users place their orders first, then go for the payment methods.

During the process, the website asks you for specific instructions. At this time, you can add any directions that you want for your essay.

Talk to the writer:

Talking to the writer makes this service phenomenal. During your order, you can directly speak with the writer. Ask the writer how things are going and how he can improve them. The experience is 100% more user friendly than any other competitive service. Their services are always helpful and reliable.

24/7 customer support:

This essay writing service provides fast and efficient customer service. They reply pretty fast. The average response time is 10 seconds. It is the fastest out there.


During the comparison, we found that this website offers prices as low as $9.95 per page. It is the cheapest compared to any other writing service providing competitive service. Moreover, this website also gives special discounts of 15% to its members. Hence, this organization is affordable more than any other company providing writing services in the United States.

Fast and reliable:

One of the best parts of this service is that it is fast and reliable. There are around 914+ writers evermore available online on this enormous site. Users of this service consider it one of their best experiences.

The sheer number of users of this site is evidence of the trust that it has developed. This company is no scam. The company has been performing extraordinarily in 2019 and 2020. Experts believe that the company will maintain its lead throughout 2021 and 2022.


Other than on-time delivery, this site is also the fastest. It completes its 3 hours task beforehand. Then rechecks it, reviews it, does the proofreading, and does the editing. All this in a 3 hours time frame is tremendous.

Well, it does not provide a 1-hour service. Too bad. But the more you increase the time frame, the cheap it gets.

Secure payment:

We trust the website. It has a clear SSL certificate. Moreover, this site passes through the McAfee check, which increases its trustworthiness.

# 2: EssayBox

Moving on to number 2 on our list is Essaybox. It is one of the top-notch services that people can use online. It is the best research paper writing service that we recommend working in the United States in 2021.

Most writing services are not able to carry out proper research before writing. The study demands more effort than just putting words into the material that you already know. It is also the reason many students fail. Although they research a lot, they don't do it properly. Like most writing services, students fail to carry out relevant research for their research papers.

Essaybox, however, is a group of experts. These experts are handpicked after extensive tests. All over the internet, there are testimonials in their favor.

Let's examine in detail what makes this service a 5-Star research paper service?

The 100% Original Content Guarantee:

Essaybox writes the research papers from scratch. They double-check for plagiarism. They don't just do that; they go on to ask their writers to rewrite the research paper if there is any plagiarism.

Essaybox also uses premium quality plagiarism checking software. However, if you found any plagiarism, you can directly complain and get your money back.

100% Customer Satisfaction:

This site is incredible. It offers you a 100% customer satisfaction or 100% refund. The idea is pretty simple, if anything in the paper lacks, get a total refund. Wow, this is extraordinary. You have to try it.

Research Experts:

The writers of this website are qualified research persons. Essaybox writing service provides a whole range of writers. These writers can be ESL (English as Secondary Language) and ENL (English as Primary Language). Of course, it is your choice. However, both of the writers are qualified professional writers with exceptional command over the language.

Vast Category of Subjects are Covered:

Essaybox is a unique writing service. It can do research and write almost on any topic. Their writers are very talented people.

Free Add-Ons:

When you are spending your money, it feels great when you are given free stuff with what you ordered. Essaybox does a bunch of great stuff free of charge for its clients. It writes a bibliography page for free, which is essential for any research.

Among other great Add-ons are the following:

Outline of the paper

Research Paper Formatting

Unlimited Revisions

And much more.

# 3 EssayPro

Are you looking for the cheapest writing service that provides comparatively good quality for that price? Presenting EssayPro. This site is the best as well as the cheapest essay and term paper writing service worldwide.

The company has been serving for many years now with exceptional performance. It has been regarded highly for its performance and quality. According to our tests, this service fits in the third-best for our ranking, but other than that, it has outstanding value.

Experience: 20 Years of Experience

Let's examine the details:


With Essaypro, they guarantee to maintain your anonymity. Essaypro undertakes that its customer's identity will not be disclosed to anyone.

This concern alone prevents many customers from availing benefits of writing services. They think that if the university finds out or their boss finds out that they have used a writing service for their assignment, they may get into trouble. However, it is in the company's motto not to collect their clients' personal information. You can even check the cookies set up by this site are for user experience only and nothing more.

Writers working on EssayPro are PRO:

The writers are the most qualified and successful freelancers. The companies pay them per the requirements. These people are the most experienced in their respective fields and can get the right job done.

Free Turnitin Report:

Turnitin guarantees that the material written for the term paper is plagiarism-free. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity and quality of the student's work.

For our purpose, this means that the company is not only claiming that it provides original research material; it makes sure that you are not penalized for plagiarism.

Following are some of the other benefits that come with this service:

Your payments are safe.

You are allowed to select the formatting that is required by your university or college.

They prepare a free outline for your term paper.

You have observed a mistake, use the unlimited revisions option available.

# 4 1Essay

At number 4, we have placed a site that is special for two particularities. It is the best report and speech paper writing service out there.

Most of the services out there can carry out the usual writing tasks. The problem comes in speech writing and reports preparation. 

Speech writing requires some peculiar set of skills.

Good speeches are only written by the writers who themselves are experienced debaters. Speechwriters understand how to excite the public and effectively communicate one's idea to the public.

Many writers on the 1Essay.org are experienced speechwriters. They are also highly talented at preparing reports.

Let's examine what makes this firm so unique in detail:

Low Rates:

You can order this company to write a speech for as low as $9.

This service can be one of the cheapest and affordable websites on the internet.

Fast deliveries:

This website's mechanism ensures that delivery is made before time. It follows its writers and keeps them under check to get the job done.

Quality control:

The website actually has a quality control team that works for one task only, maintaining high-quality.

Thorough research:

These guys make sure that they conduct thorough research for your topic. They do every job as if it is their last.


They have a huge range of writers, both ENL and ESL. What makes this website so extraordinary is that its writers are qualified with Masters and Ph.D. level education. Such a level of authors indicates that they are more qualified than your instructors. Moreover, their editing teams are gifted ones with unmatched skills.

Secure transactions:

This company has gone pillar to post to make its website secure for transactions. They started with HTML but now are using SSL certified services for transactions.

# 5 PaperHelp

If you are looking for the best dissertation and thesis paper writing service in the US and UK, this one's for you. Paperhelp has been a very creditable service for years. It has been considered the only service that gets you an A in your dissertation and thesis papers at the university or college.

Don't believe us, check out the stats. To this day, they have provided 606,784 papers.

This service is famous for its high-quality thesis paper and dissertations. It has been providing this service with exceptional satisfaction. The customers have been coming back more than usual.

Let's examine their peculiarity:

Individualized writing approach:

Paperhelp has been very popular among the users for one reason their individualized approach. They approach each task as a particular one. They follow the client's needs and answer them. Their approach has been much appreciated by college and school students.

Original Content:

The website also makes sure that its content is original and plagiarism free.

Loyalty program:

The more you use, the more you save money. Paperhelp helps you to get the most out of their service.

Intuitive messaging system:

Paperhelp has developed an intuitive messaging system to connect the user with the writer. They have done so that they could maintain the quality of the service.

Proficient writers:

These guys are truly competent. They are PRO. They provide fast writing services for pretty reasonable prices. Their writing style equals that of a newswriter. You can rely on this service.


When it comes to the user experience, these guys leave no stone unturned. All their past customers praise the service. They have a huge list of social reviews that are helpful.

# 6 EssaysFactory.org

Are you applying for admissions at a University that ranks in the top 1000 of the world? You should hire a professional EssayFactory writer for your personal-statement.

Personal statements have been one of the most consequential essays in the student's lifetime. This statement is alone responsible for your placement at your dream university.

The choice for writing it yourself and getting it written by a professional makes a substantial difference. The Essayfactory has credit for a large number of placements made achievable through personal-statements made by them.

Let's check out in details what make them so efficient:

Twice as many writers:

The EssayFactory has more than 1729 active writers. It is twice as much as any other top tier website. Even more surprising is the fact that all academic writers that are working for the Essayfactory are living either in the US or UK.

On-time delivery:

The EssayFactory has a 98.5% on-time delivery rate. The service is appreciated in the UK for its deadline precision.

Low rates:

The EssayFactory essay writing service rates for a page are pretty low.


The Essayfactory, while writing your essay, prepares your essay outline for free. Moreover, it prepares the title page and bibliography for the users.


The Essayfactory understands its customer's worries. It knows that a plagiarised essay may cause the student to leave the university and plagiarised personal statements to make sure he doesn't get admission in the first place. To prevent this, they do plagiarism checks before sending them to the customers.

# 7 Gradesminer.com

Are you looking for an original, top-notch, and high-quality writing service for Book reviews, Movie reviews, Creative, Article, and Business writing, this service is for you.

Not all writing tasks can be done by the same writer. Since every writer has his style and understanding, he cannot efficiently attend to all the tasks.

Writers that have an interest in creative writing can do book reviews. Grademiners was incipiently developed to provide an essay writing service for the pupils. However, the writers became famous for their creative writing skills.

They are currently offering a wide range of writing services for which they possess prominent market authority. They write book and movie reviews. They also render creative, article, and business writing services.

Overall their performance is graded 9.4 stars rating, both by independent evaluators and by our teams. Below are examples of what they do:

25+ Subjects:

Grademiners have an extensive list of subjects that they write on with absolute authority. They write on themes from literature to law.

The Education Level of Writers:

Grademiners' writers are qualified with the degrees of Masters Level and Ph.D. level. They sure are a group of learned writers.


The Grademiners have developed trust noteworthy overtime. They have been serving for over ten years. Being in the writing business and maintaining success seems rather challenging. However, Grademiners have been successful in calling the shots for a considerable period.

Better grades:

The users of the Grademiners have been reporting better grades with a nine out of ten success rate. It is amazing.

# 8 Edu-birdies.com

Edubirdie is a legit website providing the best writing service in Europe. The reason that it got a place in our service is its exceptional market experience and service.

Although many have targeted Edubirdie, it has an exceptional array of writers up its sleeves. They are doctors, medical as well as Ph.D. Honestly, the service that they have rendered is up to the mark. That is evident from its users' review that has been amassed by the independent raters.

Let's examine the details:


Edubirdie has a strict plagiarism policy due to which their writings are 100% original. Edubirdie ensures genuineness by verifying through the independent inspector.

Top-notch writers:

Edubirdie has an extensive list of top-notch and high-rated writers around the globe. These writers have provided work of such a quality that it is much esteemed. Some users have even mentioned the fact of the material being loved by their instructors. Teachers would love the work of good writers.

Writing on other networks:

The EduBirdie writers have also been writing for newspapers. Their work is published in CNBC, Elite Daily, Mic, and COSMOPOLITAN. Links to them are available on their website.

Fast writing:

Edubirdie has around 450+ writers, but they are ready for fast writing, which in real life is a hard case.

# 9 Ivory-research.com

Coming up next is another good writing service for UK students. In the UK, students are facing tremendous pressure to complete an unreasonably high number of writing jobs. Because of this and other reasons, students in the UK require more formidable writing services. Ivory-Research has been filling this void.

The best thing above Ivory-research is that it also has a great team of writers that are native. These writers are experts in their fields with qualifications up to the level of Masters and Ph.D. in language.

Teachers in Universities in the UK ask students to write quadrillion numbers of paragraphs in an essay. And Ivory-Research manages to write twice as much required.

Ivory-Research is also great in the following areas:

Genuine and Plagiarism-Free Material:

The material written by Ivory-Research is plagiarism-free. This feature is ensured by its Quality Assurance Team, which makes sure nothing is plagiarized.


Ivory-Research has a large number of samples that it has been saving for the potential customers to read. These samples are great in that they show the level of competence writers at Ivory-Research has.


Ivory-research has experience of more than 16 years now. It started its writing service in 2005 and is still providing it with great success. Gradually, Ivory-research has a lot more experience and amassed a team of great freelancers that rank top in the international market. Ivory-research has provided these services with one motto in their mind that says become the student's key to success.

# 10 Chegg.online

Honestly, all of the above services were great. But if you can't get enough and want an alternative to the best writing services, you need Chegg. Chegg is one of the most famous services working throughout the world with considerable experience. It can carry out your task with the perfect level of performance. Chegg is a student support program that has been working for many years now. The experts at this company have written numerous famous books.

Chegg is globally famous for providing efficient and affordable writing support to students. With Chegg, they say everything is Figouroutable.

With Chegg, you can do a lot:

Check Plagiarism:

Chegg has an inbuilt online plagiarism checker. This software helps students to understand how much of their content is original? And what must they do to improve it? The plagiarism checker is cheap and affordable.

Check language and grammar:

Chegg service also provides language and grammar checks for the students that do not appreciate writing services. Following the analysis, they provide detailed feedback for correcting the mistakes.

Get an expert to review your article:

You can get an expert to review your essay and give suggestions. The service is quite legit and has been appreciated by many universities. It has served over 6 million students.

Cite your paper the easy way:

But the best service that they offer is that of citation. Upon request, they suggest and provide your article with citations.

Six pressing reasons why you must hire a professional writing service?

Writing service can be quite a painkiller. It addresses our needs for fast writing. The beauty of the professional writing service is that it provides services a lot more than just essay writing. One writing service at the same time may supply commercial copywriting as well as a professional book review. It can be as cheap as just two cups of coffee.

So here is the list of six pressing reasons why you must hire a legitimate writing service for your upcoming project:

There is a lot you can get done, I mean A LOT!:

Writing services are not all about writing a couple of paragraphs, reviews, and blog posts. They have a huge variety of content writing services that you can use.

Here is the list of tasks that your writing services can do:


Writing services now do essay writing for school up to the Ph.D. level.

Thesis, Dissertation, or Research paper:

Writing Research papers for your university within hours.


Writing services write detailed reports and their summaries on your directions, including business reports, news reports, and research reports.


A good writing service has a professional speechwriter in their team. They design speeches for school and other conferences.

Term paper:

The research paper required at the end of your school semester or term is also possible.


All kinds of writing assignments.


The burdensome homework that kids are required to do.


Getting admission to a university requires a professional and compelling personal statement.


All the coursework required during your school life.

College paper:

Papers required during college.

Article reviews:

Examining an article's strengths and weaknesses is a professional task that students usually can't get done. It costs the students their grades. But don't worry, writing services can do that as well.

Creative writing:

Don't like the way professionals write; check out the creative writing genre.

Book reviews:

The Writing Service can write a review of all sorts of books.

Article writing:

Article and blog post writing both are possible with one click.

Movie reviews:

There are a great lot of movie review experts available.

Business writing:

Want a positive response from your new client or business partner; there is a lot they provide in business writing.

Business plans:

Getting the key details of your business in one plan was never so easy and affordable.

Business proposals:

You don't need to appoint a team of business grads to create one proposal to succeed. Writing services do it all.

Presentation Material:

Designing a presentation had been pretty difficult before the writing service provided it.

Business letter:

Professional business correspondence was never so easy before.

Cover letter:

Getting a dream job - you have applied for - requires perfection in everything. Letting the professional prepare your covering letter creates an impression.

Resume / CV:

It's 2021, and you need a professional resume. Always keep it readily available. Be smart! Use a writing service.


Preparing a synopsis yourself is a fuss; a professional writing service can get it done better in hours.


One of the most noted advantages of using a writing service is that it does not practice plagiarism. They produce their original content. The ingenuity is far greater than that of students writing it on their own.

What's the benefit of the material that wasn't original and unique. We so dearly prefer paying for genuine content. And this is what all the best writing services keep in their policy.

However, the problem with plagiarism is that there are so many levels of plagiarism. That is why these services have signed up for premium plagiarism software that checks for plagiarism. This software is even better than the one that your university may be using.

Time Saver:

Writing service can be a time saver. It takes at least seven days of research and writing pain to complete a 1000 words essay. Even, then you can't say if you are going to score an A, B, or C, at least not F.

Since the writing services employ professional writers who are working day and night to give their clients the best user experience, your end product is meant to be perfect.

With your spare time, there is a lot you can do. You can read books and stay ahead of your class. You can go to your gym and meet your friends. There is an unlimited number of possibilities that you can achieve.

The fact is that the more time you have, the better you can get at anything.

Saves Resources:

The beauty of writing service is that it saves your resources as well. To complete your research and write a high-quality original essay, you need access to a fair number of books and materials. You need to reference your points.

All this requires money. You need to buy books or even lend them. Getting a membership in the library requires funds. Why bother wasting your money and energy at the same time.

It is far better to pay for the material of premium quality because it is far more productive.

Make an impression:

The thing with every writing assignment is that it is all about making an impression. The writing services make sure that you get a high-quality service for impressing your teachers and colleagues.

Believe it or not, getting an A in the first assignment forces the teacher the whole semester to give you an A. It is because of this reason that we say: "the first impression is the last impression."

According to research, examiners can do inconsistent marking based on their previous experience with their pupils. The best way is to get the first impression right.

No burden:

All these benefits are frivolous compared with the advantage of mental peace and stress-free life. The writing services provide 24/7 customer support.

They also update the customer on the tasks assigned by the client. It is a TAKE MY STRESS AWAY JOB.

Many students and employees alike experience anxiety because of the unreasonable amount of assignments. Many modern schools have abandoned these age-old practices. It is time for you to move on too.

Get your grammar correct:

The problem that students believe that they may face is the wrongly spelled word and grammar. Like every good writing service, they also provide clients with writers that belong to your area. The writing services make sure that the writers use the language of the client's location. Most of the writers are native or at least bilingual.

Are the writing services legit?

The answer to this question worries a lot of the students. Even the writers and freelancers are worried about this particular question. Are these services legit? Are they legal?

The answer is not that simple. We need to take in two main concepts to reach conclusions.

Student help:

Universities encourage students to discuss their essays with people in society. They ask the students to go to the experts, whether they are your teachers, seniors, or tutors. But colleges and high schools prefer content that is checked and improved by outside help.


The nature of the assignment task is not that of a test. It is an open task that students can do with anybody's help. There is no rule preventing them from doing so.

What do the writing services do, is it legal?

The writing services are not writing your paper. They are just preparing a sample essay for you. Doing this is perfectly legal because they are assisting the students in their education. Writing services are like appointing a tutor for your assistance and preparation of exams.

The point is that legit essay writing services are also hired by other professionals. It is not limited to students.

So is it illegal to pay someone to write an essay for you?

It is not illegal to pay anyone to write an essay for you. Paying anyone to write an essay is more like paying anyone to be your research assistant. Universities do not prevent that. Why would they consider this illegal?

Are the writers doing it illegally?

No, not even the writers are doing anything illegal. Many writers and assistance help students prepare for their exams. Freelancers write for people, and they get paid for it. They get the money for the service they render. Many businesspersons prefer freelancers over appointed MBA qualified groups. They do their job according to the law and custom.

Hence writers are not doing anything illegal.

The rule preventing cheating:

However, the university requires that the students write their assignments. The is made to encourage students to participate in the creative process of writing. By writing, students ensure that they are improving and succeed in the future when their job requires them to write.

Another rule is that students don't claim other's writing material as their own or plagiarise. It means that if the content is original, students won't get into trouble. However, they cannot claim the material provided by the writers as their own.

So are the essay writing services legit and legal?

Yes, the essay writing services are legally registered and don't do anything that can be declared against the law or the custom. However, these services most potently discourage the students from submitting the model papers as their own.

However, it is not the legitimate writing industry that people should worry about. What alerts the people is the fake writing service that provides plagiarised work to the clients and spoils the field's name.

Hence it is perfectly safe to use the writing services.

Is it safe to buy paper online?

Buying a paper online is safe when the writer you are buying from is legit. He does not plagiarise and provides unique content. The writer must write the whole content from scratch and should not in any way copy the content from anywhere.

To be on the safe side, you should also focus on the fact that those services that provide you paper on the public database can be detected by software as plagiarised. Hence, always get your essay written by renowned and recognized private essay writing websites.

Make the payments safe:

While you buy a paper online, you also need to ensure that the payment method is safe, not risky. A simple way to do that is to check if the website has a secure SSL certificate.

To make sure that you are safe, you should do the following:

Maintain Privacy:

Always maintain privacy. Do not ever disclose your private data to the sites. This makes sure that your anonymity is maintained.

Look for a website that does not store your data:

If the website does not store your data, you are safe. Even when you make payments, companies that don't store data have strict anonymity rules. Most of the websites listed above do not store your private data.

Do not name your school:

In no condition, you should name your school. This condition is one powerful condition that saves you from any potential danger that you may be about to face.

Avoid public networks:

While you are communicating with these sites, do not use public networks because they disclose your location. If you use the school's wifi, it means that when you speak to these companies, you will tell them about your school, without saying a word. Therefore, it is better to stay safe.

Why do students hate writing an essay?

Essays have so many words. It is boring for the student to write an essay because essays are strange and obsolete language expressions. Students know that they will hardly need this skill.

This is somewhat right and wrong. Writing an essay is not completely off the trend; jobs and businesses still seek the perfect writer.

No proper training:

Students hate essays because they are directly put before a test without proper training. Most of the essay writing literature is dull. No student can get interested in such a boring talk.

Week grammar:

Most students don't like essay writing because they lack grammar and spelling skills. They do not like being portrayed as stupid; hence, they skip the trouble altogether.

Students believe they shouldn't write:

Most of the students believe that writing does not improve their skills. For them, it is a complete waste of time and money.

Unrelated essay topics:

The problem with the schools, colleges, and universities is the same. They all require students to write essays on topics that do not matter or interest them. The administration should ask more relevant essay questions. It should also explain to the students how this exercise will help them.

All about writing services in different countries:

The US:

The writing services that work in the United States provide a huge variety of writing services. They are experienced and one of the most efficient. In the USA, these services are named as the best writing services around the world. Most of the writers are native.

The United Kingdom:

The writing service that works in the United Kingdom, especially England, also provides a huge range of quality writing services. They prefer ENL (English as native language) writers for these tasks. Original and high-quality essays are what students require.


In Canada, they use the services almost the same as that of the US. However, Canada also provides services that are quite famous in the industry. Sites like 1Essay are Canadian services.


The Australian students also have the special writing service that they casually employ. 1Essay is an Australian website based in Sydney. They provide a quality service for their clients.


In Hongkong, people prefer using the services that are provided in the USA and UK. Since there is an extensive list of affordable and reliable companies out there, they prefer using it.


There are many writing services in China, providing services for their language. However, they are not as efficient as the US when it comes to English writing services.


Indian writing services provide both English and Hindi language services. India is home to the second-largest English-speaking population. They have extensive quality writing services where they observe international standards.


Being an international city, English is one of their main languages. They produce high-quality writers. However, they prefer services provided by the USA and the UK writing services. They also use EssayPro.

Spain, Germany, Ireland:

In these countries, EssayPro leads as well. The writers of these countries provide their services in the above-mentioned companies.

Choosing the best writing service from Reddit, from Yahoo Answers, from Google search

It is important to understand how one can choose the best writing service from any of the above forums. To do so, the site must qualify the following requirements:

It must be credible:

Any service that may be chosen must be credible. It should work in a particular niche that is well recognized by the users. The website should have an independent review system. If you cannot confirm the credentials of the writer, you should desist from doing so.

It must maintain privacy:

The writer must make sure that he protects the identity of the buyer. Not just that, he must also prevent the material written by him from being leaked to anyone. It is a fact that a great privacy policy means users' safety.


The service should be affordable and not overly expensive. The writing service should not abuse its position for extorting the buyer. For comparative rates, an affordable price can be as low as $9 per page. Anything close to this range is great. Go ahead and buy it.


However, the biggest concern with services that are provided on Reddit, Yahoo, or Google is plagiarism. Many writers copy their texts from other websites. They also like to copy and paste the data from the research site and sample. These are all forms of plagiarism. Buying from such writers will be punishment, a waste of funds, and a lifetime regret.

High-quality ensured:

Make sure that the writing service that is provided on different sites maintain they're high-quality writing. In a great essay, the discussion is interesting and convincing.

Natives or Highly-qualified ESL:

Check if the writer in that service is highly qualified. A writer that is not able to write a college term paper cannot have completed his graduation.

Searching on Google:

When you search for the writing services on Google, you should check for a detailed explanation like this one. The website should be trusted.

Searching on Yahoo Answers:

In yahoo's answer, search for these terms, "best writing services" or ''The best writing services that people can use online available in 2021."

Reddit Search:

Look for essay writing services subreddit. They provide good detail on who to prefer when looking for a writing service.

Pros and Cons of buying a paper online:

Buying a research paper can be a difficult process for any person.

Whether he is a graduate or he is a writer who wants some help in publishing his papers. The complexities can be problematic. However, there are a huge number of benefits that you can get from the service.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of buying a paper online:


You don't have to do it yourself:

The greatest benefit of buying a research paper online is that you don't have to write it yourself. The research paper is done by a person that you don't know of. He does all the hard work and completes the job. His work is done with efficiency. Meanwhile, you get to rest, have a drink, and take the day off. It saves you time. It also provides you with time where you can go to your job and earn money.


Buying a research paper online can be affordable. Consider all the time and money you would invest had you written it. What makes this service more affordable is your grades. If you score high on your grade due to an essay that you bought, it is profit. The quality of the research may vary, and hence they are paid differently. If a service does not provide high-quality writing, they charge less.

High Quality:

What makes this service special is the high quality. Nobody will pay a person who cannot maintain quality in writing his tasks. For high quality, both its arguments and content need to be impressive. Higher-quality content is always engaging. It is prepared in a tone that directly connects with the reader.

Buy what you need:

The benefit of buying a paper online is that you buy what you like. In such a service, you are not required to pay for anything that is not worth it. If the quality of the paper is not up to the mark, you can return it. Meanwhile, if the paper is not relevant, you are also not liable to pay. So buy what you like and don't pay for the thing that you don't appreciate.

Save you:

The writing service saves you from distress and worries that you may face when writing the paper yourself.


There are several cons to buying a service online; some of them are discussed below.

May expose you to penalty:

After buying the paper, if you are caught, you may be fined. Ordering a writing service and buying one from them is not that problem. However, if the university comes to know, people may get into trouble.

Not all qualities are high:

The problem with buying online is that not all maintain quality. The quality may vary depending on who is writing.

No self-development:

The university asks students for writing assignments to develop them. If they fail or buy paper, they lose the chance to improve themselves.

A limited number of researched papers:

Not all subjects can be written and produced. There is probably a limited number of research papers that can be found online and bought.

The writer is not always a learned fellow:

Another con for this job is that some writers are not learned. They don't know what they are doing and are bound to fail.

AI Technology for essay writing:

Essay writing bots:

The Internet is full of claims for essay writing bots. Many claim that they write as well as a real writer. However, these claims can't be substantiated by evidence. There are certain qualities that a bot lacks that only a human has right now.

# 1 Ingenuity

An essay bot cannot think of new ways of writing. They copy the writing of previous writers. They take their phrases and use them to paint a story or argument.

They also fail to get any new task done.

# 2 Style

The bots don't have their style of writing. They fail to produce any content that is rich in style.

# 3 Intent to write in a way:

The bots lack the intention to write for a particular purpose. You cannot expect a bot to write an essay that convinces its audience. It can be descriptive but not creative.

# 4 Idea to produce a content

The most established barrier of the bot is that it does not have its ideas. They are asked to do a particular task. They cannot have their topics.

Essay writing generators

An essay writing generator is an essay bot. But it is more like a paraphrasing technology. They change the words. Replace the locations of the sentence and recreate the same paragraph. They are not able to reach their conclusions.

Essay writing tools

There are many great essay writing tools available online. These tools include the following:

Grammar Check

There are various grammar checkers available in 2021. You can use these services to excel in your writing score. The Grammar checks make sure that there are no typos, which prevents your writing from being proper.

Plagiarism Check

A plagiarism check is designed to be an effective tool to check if the material is copied from somewhere or not. Turnitin and Copyscape are some great tools that can be used to ensure original content.

Outline builder

Google docs provide the inbuilt outline builder. It helps the writer to focus on the content.

Format developer

There are many writers that focus on research and essay formatting. Due to this, they require external assistance that can be provided by the formate developer tools.

Title Page builder:

The title page builders are used for developing the first page of your research. It is a fuss to design it yourself. Writers prefer that this task be carried out by the tool.

Bibliography writer

Bibliography writers can write a bibliography for your point whenever they find plagiarism.

Document writer

There are several great document writers that people use nowadays. The word documents are a great way to do that. Google docs are also very helpful that you can use while writing an essay.

Automatic essay grader

The automatic essay graders are very impressive tools to get the job done. They grade your essay with quality. These graders have been around since the 1960s. However, modern graders are very powerful. They can give a detailed analysis and feedback to the writers.

Online automatic essay graders:

There are a few online essay graders available as well. These graders are very efficient. They have AI technology.

The benefits for online automatic essay grader:


The online essay grader is free. They can check your essay and give you great feedback.


The online essay writer is not biased. Their score can be authoritative.


The online essay grader can be very accurate when it comes to scoring. Their scores are as close to that of an actual checker as possible.


The online essay grader and the offline essay grader; both are very fast and efficient. The results can be in your hands in minutes. A powerful essay grader can check half a million copies in 25 minutes.

Why are these essay graders developed?

Essay graders are developed to make it easy for the examiners to check student's essays. It relaxed the examiners and eased the burden on the university funds.

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