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Vortex Safety Lighting announces a strategic alliance with Ushio America, Inc (Ushio)

Last updated Saturday, January 16, 2021 12:25 ET , Source: LED Lighting Inc. dba Vortex Safety Lighting

Ushio has agreed to supply Vortex Safety Lighting with its CARE222® UV disinfection module for use in occupied spaces to eradicate coronaviruses, bacteria and influenza from the air and surfaces.

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Ushio has agreed to supply Vortex Safety Lighting with its CARE222® UV disinfection module for use in occupied spaces to eradicate coronaviruses, bacteria and influenza from the air and surfaces. The patented, filtered excimer lamp generates 222nm, far UVC light. The UV experts at Vortex Safety Lighting are vertically integrated to design, engineer and install turnkey systems. Call 847-850-0585 or visit us at www.vortexsafetylighting.com to learn how to add a layer of protection for your employees and customers.

Vortex Safety Lighting plans to incorporate these lamps into a range of products, including ceiling mounted fixtures with built-in UVC/HEPA filters. Many of Vortex Safety Lighting’s disinfection products are configurable and ideal for OEM fixtures, to fit nearly any application.

Results from 7 years of laboratory testing and studies suggest that the filtered far UVC light produced from the CARE222® module can reduce pathogens on surfaces in occupied spaces, without posing a health risk to human eyes or skin when used within specifications. In contrast, the more generally used 254nm UV wavelength germicidal lamps can cause acute and chronic damage to skin and eyes when used in occupied spaces

“Vortex Safety Lighting is excited to partner with Ushio to create products with the powerful and safe disinfection technology of CARE222®” stated Partner and Founder of LED Lighting Inc, Bill Hood.

Vortex Safety Lighting expects to introduce air and surface products by May 2021. For more information on custom OEM designs and products visit the Vortex Safety Lighting website vortexsafetylighting.com

About Ushio America, Inc.

Ushio America, Inc. is a vertically integrated solutions company for lighting systems and components utilizing xenon short arc lamps, lasers, ultra-high-pressure lamps, excimer, metal halide, LEDs (specialty sensing and general illumination), halogen, fluorescent, and miniature incandescent lamps serving semiconductor, printed circuit, video projection, cinema, medical, life sciences, UV curing, germicidal, horticulture, general lighting, graphic arts, scientific medical, infra-red heating, lamp and laser drivers, systems and services, and numerous other applications. Established in 1967 as a subsidiary of Ushio Inc., in Tokyo, Japan, Ushio America offers a full spectrum of over 2,500 products and services to its customers. Visit www.Ushio.com for more information.

About LED Lighting Inc.

In 2004, LED Lighting Inc., an Illinois corporation, was one of the first US companies to sell LED linear lighting sources. Today, we are experts in the field. When it comes to designing custom lighting solutions, few can match our experience, expertise, or dedication to excellence. We work across multiple industries creating custom lighting solutions. Vortex Safety Lighting is our solely dedicated division to creating safer spaces for people to come together by using disinfection technology and the service and maintenance of it.

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