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What are the best essay writing service, and how to choose a reliable company? Explains LegitPapers

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This a comprehensive comparative review of some of the best essay writing services available in 2021. Read this review before using any of these platforms.

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With hundreds of essay writing services out there, all claiming to be the best, it is challenging to find a reliable essay writing service that writes a high-quality plagiarism-free essay in a given time. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the traits of the best essay writing service on the internet.

Why should you choose a reliable essay writing service?

Essay writing is one of the toughest assignments that students are likely to face in their university. It requires hard work and extensive research. But when students are piled with assignments, the task can drive them crazy. In such cases, genuine essay writing companies can be helpful. However, if you end up hiring a company that is fraudulent and illegitimate, you are probably going to worry your whole life for it. A plagiarized essay may make you liable for resignation or fines.

To make it easier for you, we have decided to give you a brief review of the most reliable services available online today. Following are the most reliable essay writings services around the world:

99Papers - best essay writing service in the USA

99Papers is the most reliable essay writing service in the USA. It qualifies our numerous tests with flying colors. The best thing about the 99Papers is that they provide high-quality written material for competitive rates. The prices are not quite reasonable. At 99Papers, they ensure every essay is written from scratch. All the essays are rechecked for plagiarism. The claim for plagiarism free content is back by the %100 satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, 99Papers allows users to make custom orders, which allows them the maximum freedom for their desired output.

99Papers has a list of great writers who are qualified. Besides, they also ensure the client's direct contact with the writer. 99Papers provides an extensive list of jobs that it can do. 99Papers is a time tested service, with over half a million complete orders delivered in time.

Finally comes three things that separate 99Papers from the crowd. Firstly, they maintain the client's privacy. Secondly, they are high-rated. Thirdly, they can write an essay on a very tight deadline.

EssayBox - best essay writing service in the UK

Essaybox is the best essay writing service in the UK. It is also a time-tested service. Most applaud Essaybox as the most reliable essay writing service there is. Like 99Papers, Essaybox guarantees a 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee. Essaybox has a huge range of subject experts that can write on almost any subject. The level of expertise is also marvelous.

Essaybox provides high-quality writing at a reasonable price. Several independent evaluators recognize the quality of this service. Other than being highly qualified, the writers at Essaybox are also recognized as very proficient. Surprisingly these writers and editors are freelancers who have been handpicked by Essaybox. These are ENL and ESL freelancers.

Essaybox allows its user to choose from their long list of writers. They also recommend users, whenever needed, who could best fit their requirements. Naturally, such a service does come for free. But there is a lot that Essaybox offers for free, from title to bibliography. Essaybox allows its users to select the formatting of their choice for free. To the surprise of many, this service also allows an installment payment option.

Finally comes the Essaybox specialty. Two things distinguish Essaybox from others. Firstly, it has writers with a Ph.D. Secondly, it provides a user-friendly experience.

PaperHelp - best essay writing service in Canada

You have hardly come to a site or company that is recognized as the universal writing solution. PaperHelp is such a site. PaperHelp is globally recognized for its quality. Several independent assessors have ranked this website among the top in the world.

The writers that work at Paperhelp are at least graduate in the subject of writing. Paper help maintains 100% anonymity of its users that adds to the overall great performance of the website. Surprisingly, Paperhelp is a hundred thousand times more used than any other service.

PaperHelp is very flexible when it comes to payment. It is currently providing several 20% discounts on bulk orders. Generally, these bulk orders are not usually offered by the website because the level of commitment it requires is just too much.

Let's examine what makes this website different from others. The writers at this website are surprisingly highly qualified. They are Ph.D. In fact, the essay and dissertations provided by this website can be up to the level of Ph.D.

1Essay.org - best essay writing service in Europe

The 1Essay writing service is by far the best essay writing service in entire Europe. 1Essay writing service is called the First-Class Affordable Essay writing service. Its professional credibility is increased by its great list of credible and experienced writers.

The 1Essay.org writing service is a bit more creative when it comes to the administration of writing tasks and maintenance of high quality. The site has developed an unmatched quality control system that checks every essay for its content, reasoning, and plagiarism.

1Essay conducts thorough research on the topic before writing the essay. The critical and analytical approach of the writers in paper writing is unparalleled.

To sum up, 1Essay is a premium quality service that is also affordable and reliable. It provides services at competitive rates.

Essay-Pro.org - best essay writing service in Australia

Essaypro is one of the best essay writing services throughout the world. However, it is largely used in Australia. Essay Pro is globally famous for its $7 per page service. Since its formation, Essaypro has been serving the students and fellows with exceptional satisfaction.

Essay-pro has made an impression among the people due to its plagiarism-free content. Moreover, Essaypro offers a huge list of academic writing services.

At Essaypro, the writers are employed based on their skills and ability. Essaypro shows the list of services that its writer has been providing, which means before you choose a particular writer for your service, you can track their performance.

To sum up, Essay-pro.org is an essay writing service that has pro writers with real degrees.

How to choose a reliable essay writing company?

To choose a reliable essay writing service, you must give great importance to how the company performs. Avoid the cheap pitfalls and quick scammers. Always keep in your mind a reliable essay writing service will be honest and open to the customer. It will not hide its past failures or success. Such companies will display ratings and evaluations based on independent companies. It is important to be skeptical when you select a writing company. Following are some traits of the best essay writing services.

Best Essay Writing Service is not Cheap!

You can't get a read-worthy essay if you don't hire worthy essay writers.

Think of all the effort you have to put in when you research for an essay. The work that you do to write a high-quality, well-written essay is tremendous. Likewise, only good writers can do an excellent writing job for you. But seasoned writers charge more than others. If you go for a cheap service, you will probably use a poor writing service that may also be plagiarized.

Qualified Professional Writers

Professional writers are more reliable than non-professional startup writers.

There can be a lot of writers for any particular job. Good reputable companies only appoint writers that are qualified professions in the respective field. These companies display the writer with their qualifications on the site. You can choose a writer of your choice in such companies. Moreover, when you appoint a reliable writing company for any writing task, they provide you with the writer's details. They also make sure that you are directly in communication with them. If a company doesn't render such a setting, pull out now and save your money.

Match your writing style

If they can't match your writing style, what good are they for you!

Writing services struggle to a great length to stay ahead of the competition. The best essay writing service offers a writing style that matches yours. If your current essay writing service is not providing that, you should reconsider your choice. A writing style that does not match your cannot be submitted because it exposes you to being caught.

Revision is crucial!

To get a perfect essay, they may have to revise several times.

When you select a company, you should find out about the company's revision policy. A good company will provide you with unlimited free revisions until you get the essay that you like. The best writing services do this because it ensures the best quality service and customer satisfaction. With such services, every time you find something wrong, you can get it fixed easily.

Plagiarism Rechecked

Original essays are plagiarism-free, and original services attach plagiarism reports.

Plagiarized content may result in unwholesome actions by authorities. It may get you in trouble at your school. To reduce your chances of being sanctioned, always demand original content from your essay writing service. If the company is reliable, it will provide you with a plagiarism checking report. Some companies provide plagiarism checks from Turnitin or Copyscape. These companies are widely used to catch plagiarized content.

24/7 Customer Service

Genuine services give access to 24/7 customer service.

We pay the money to a writer so that we may get the essay done without trouble. Hence, the whole experience must be pain-free. If the company can't ensure 24/7 customer service to ease the pressure, it is not worth your money. Every reliable essay writing service makes sure that it has a great user-friendly customer service operation 24/7.

The legitimacy of essay writing services:

Many people believe that essay writing services are not legal and that such services should not be allowed legally. Both of the premises are based on the wrong presumption that essay writing services are designed to help students cheat.

Essay writing services are registered organizations and businesses. They have their head offices registered, a mailing address, and the taxpaying mechanism. There is nothing that makes it illegal or unlawful.

The second premise that these services should not be allowed to operate because they encourage cheating is false and baseless. The fact is that essay writing services provide only sample essays for academic understanding and study. Users are strictly informed about the condition and forbidden from using the material purchased as their own.

These essay writing services act for the benefit of society and not the other way around. What makes them so special is that they also provide other writing services like blog posts, for which they should not be punished.

Some tips on how to choose the best writing service

Choosing the right essay writing services can be tricky sometimes. That is why there are some extra tips on choosing an essay writing service that is the best. Since all the essay writing services mentioned above are the five best worldwide, you can always choose from them.

The next thing you should do when selecting a service is that you should see if the site comes in your jurisdiction. If it does not, you should select another one.

Importance of research

Before we conclude this article, it is important to understand that essay writing is a delicate job. Before writing an essay, students should conduct thorough research for the topic. This research should form the basis upon which the writer should base his arguments. Essays that are detailed with one-sided phenomena are considered poorly written essays. A good essay is comprehensive. It discusses all the important aspects of the topic.

Would you believe that, in some countries, candidates are required to write a 2500-3000 words essay in three hours? Such essays do not focus on the overall essay quality, rather on how candidates tackle such a problem. Students are given marks for dealing with the problem in a tense situation.

Therefore, it is not difficult to write large essays. It is the quality that matters the most. Quality depends on how you research.

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