Thursday, September 23, 2021

Stankevicius Group enters financial services through digital asset banking in 2021

Last updated Thursday, January 21, 2021 21:37 ET , Source: Stankevicius MGM

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Dubai, UAE, 01/21/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

CEO and Founder, Paulius Stankevicius, of Stankevicius Group has announced earlier in January 2021 that the group will be incorporating a new financial business entity later this year by Q1-Q2 with a purpose to serve clients in financial sector.

Digital asset banking is what Stankevicius Group was after for few years now since the early announcement in Forbes interview in late 2018. Now, the group has already applied for digital banking license and is waiting for approval.

The focus of the new firm will be digital asset management with a main service of terminal trading, and investment banking with a main service of investment options for international businesses which have implemented digital assets into their business model.

The group will provide digital asset exchange services for individual and corporate clientele who wish to enter digital asset markets. The CEO, Paulius Stankevicius says that bridging the gap between traditional and digital is as important in general as it is in finance, and now it is time to bring that digital aspect from professional financial perspective forward.

Stankevicius Group has already initiated early client and investor search for their new digital asset banking venture. The group is focusing on the Middle East, US and European markets for the early start.

The prime available services are monetary exchange between fiat and digital assets, and long term investment options through terminal trading for premiere digital assets.

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