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Vitapost Digestive Enzymes Review - Does Digestive Enzyme Supplements Really Work? Reviewed by SFDH

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It is important to understand that the process of food digestion

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It is important to understand that the process of food digestion starts by breaking the things apart into small, tiny pieces and then, absorbing them but this process takes place at a micro scale.

Essential digestive enzymes help breakdown the food, along with binding the proteins together, activate compounds and deactivate harmful chemicals. Your body produces tens of and thousands of type enzymes that your body produces throughout the day and all of them performs different roles.

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Enzymes are catalysts in nature which means that helps speeding up the chemical reactions happen faster. Enzymes are essential to life and digestion and so without enzymes reaction wouldn’t happen at all.

Digestive enzymes is a dietary supplement that offers support in the everyday digestion. The supplement is not FDA approved as FDA do not certify dietary supplements such as Digestive enzyme supplement. But the product is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP.

This product is claimed to provide everyday digestive support which means that the supplement is supposed to be used as a general digestion companion, not for preventing diseases or allergies. The supplement has a broad spectrum formula and uses a full range of effective enzymes that are clinically proven. As the name of the product says it all, the key ingredient of the supplement is the digestive enzyme.

Digestive enzymes are the human body components that are produced naturally which helps in breakdown of food and then absorb nutrients. The digestive enzymes play a vital role in improving the overall health of a person. Digestive enzymes are produced naturally in the human body but there are many other reasons why a person considers taking a supplement. Stress and age both of the factors can be a reason that affects the health of the gut and digestive enzymes which may lead to some uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

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What Are The Ingredients Of Digestive Enzymes?

It is important to have knowledge about the quality of the supplement that you are consuming. By looking at the list of ingredients of the digestive enzymes, helps you in understanding the working of the product. Each ingredient contribution in the supplement allows it to benefit the consumers in an exceptional way. The full list of the ingredients published by the manufacturer makes it easy to compare the supplement to the scientific studies and competing supplements.

The ingredients that are included in the supplement can be broken down into protein enzymes, carbohydrate enzymes, and other useful enzymes and are defined below.


The formulation of the supplement contains protein enzymes like protease 1, protease 2, papain, bromelain, peptidase, and aspergillopepsin. All various forms of protein are broken down by these enzymes. Bromelain is the component that has been extracted from the plant and fruit of Pineapple. It has been used in the Asian cultures for centuries because of its health benefits.

An extract of papaya fruit which is known as Papain is also a part of the ingredients of digestive enzymes. Its composition includes a range of enzymes that can digest proteins, fats, and starches. To tenderize the meat, both papain and bromelain are used.

Other than this, the supplement contains the combination of peptidase and aspergillopepsin. The combination has be shown to contribute a lot in the proper break-down of the gluten. Gluten is common in several great foods, so proper digestion is necessary. So, the product contains enzymes that make it that have shown great support in the digestion process of the body's gluten.


The supplement digestive enzymes are made up of several carbohydrate enzymes like amylase, lactase, invertase, glucoamylase, and beta glucanase.

Starting off with amylase, it is a starch-digesting enzyme. Our daily diet includes excess starch. Many everyday meals are starch-based such as potato, rice, and flour. Amylase is produced by the human body in gut and saliva.

Alongside many other sugars that are difficult to digest, milk sugar also known as lactose is also one of them. So the lactase enzymes help in the breaking down of lactose into much more essential lactic acid. Lactic acid helps in the digestion process of food and also sets back bad bacteria.

Other than starches and dairy, we all have a great consumption of table sugar. It is a fact that as much as we love sugar it doesn’t love us back as it is not digested easily. So, in this regard the supplement has a component named as Invertase, which works by inverting sugar into glucose and fructose that are two simpler forms of sugar and are simpler to digest.


Some other enzymes that are used in the formula of the supplement include Lipase, cellulase, hemicellulase, xylanase, pectinase and phytase. The basic function of the combination of these enzymes is to break down various different types of foods.

An enzyme that aids in breakdown of oils and fats in none other than Lipase. Too much fatty diet is associated with bloating, nausea and feeling of fullness. It has been shown that lipase contributes to decreasing the feeling of fullness when taken with meals.

Cellulase, hemicellulase, xylanase, and pectinase are the few enzymes for you if you love healthy serving of plants in your meal. Breakdown of plant cells as well as plant fiber seems quite tricky but these enzymes make the breakdown process easier.

While phytase specifically breaks down phytic acid. So, it is important to add phytase in your meals as it supports the normal digestion of the iron.

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What Are The Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes?

It is important to make sure that your digestive enzymes are maintained. Due to many reasons, keeping a track of your digestive enzyme is quite necessary and if you feel you are lower than getting your hands on a digestive enzyme supplement seems a great idea. Ingredients make any supplement beneficial for a human body.

Digestive enzyme supplement is the one that helps in better digestive by improving the process of breaking down food. Other than this, the supplement aids in providing many other benefits that are listed below.


The digestive enzyme supplements aid in the breaking down of the food that we eat. The food is broken down into small pieces and molecules that are small enough to be absorbed by the bloodstream and small intestine. Digestive enzymes are developed by the glands in the mouth, small intestine, stomach and gallbladder, but the majority of the enzymes comes through the pancreas. There are various different types of enzymes that exist in a human body and play a distinct and vital role in maintaining the digestive system of a human body. The supplement has a sufficient amount of enzymes in the formula of the digestive enzyme pill.

These ingredients work collectively to improve the breakdown process of food and improve your overall health. The supplement balanced proportions of ingredients like amylase, lipase, and protease and each of it helps effectively in the breakdown of different substances.

· Amylase – helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates that is found in saliva, along with pancreatic and stomach juices.

· Lipase – helps in the breakdown of fats that is found in the stomach and pancreas as well.

· Protease – helps in the breakdown of proteins that is found in the intestines, stomach, and pancreas.

When the normal functioning of the pancreas leads to insufficient production of enzymes. When the body does not break down food properly that is ingested and absorbs their nutrients. So, the digestive enzyme supplement has the ingredients that has properties to protect against malabsorption that leads to slow down the process of digestion.


Among the best digestive enzyme supplements, the supplement by the manufacturer VitaPost is one of them. The reason behind is that the supplement contains ingredients that are vital in improving the digestive system of a human body. The formula of the pill is quite effective because of the indulgence of the active ingredients.

All the ingredients work exceptionally the best to fulfill the insufficiencies and eases the feeling of discomfort. Variety of supplements are used to improve the overall health of your body. Apart from just, improving the digestion process, increasing the breakdown process of the body and inverting sugar into simpler forms of sugar for better digestion. The pill also contributes in attaining strong metabolism.

The supplement has ingredients that help in increasing your focus. When you hear the word mental you might think about things like serotonin and dopamine that are related to brains. But the reality behind this is that 90% of our serotonin is produced in the digestive tract. So, it is clear that for a productivity boost you need to start with the gut.

When a human body doesn’t get the sufficient amount of nutrients then it will create inflammation inside your body that will later be shown up on your skin. So, the ingredients of the digestive enzyme supplement helps in better absorption of nutrients that also improves the condition of your skin.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for improving your mood, alertness and focus but they need proteins. But actually, they require amino acids that are produced by the healthy digestion of proteins. When your body doesn't get the sufficient amount of proteins, or it does not contain enough amounts of proteins that needs to be broken down into amino acids, you might need a boost. So, proper gut health is important as it has a huge effect on anxiety, and help is dealing with issues like sleeping problems and depression.


Digestive enzymes have taken the place of the naturally produced enzymes. Meaning that they have the similar properties of breakdown of food. The supplement helps in breakdown proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Once this process is completed, nutrients are then absorbed into the human body through the walls of the small intestine and distributed through the bloodstream. It is a process that is really important for a human body to convert food into nutrients that a human body can utilize.

The digestive system of a human body does not absorb food that we eat but it absorbs the nutrients. Digestive enzymes are located in the pancreas and it aids in breaking down the food particles into nutrients and allows the body to use food as energy. Without enzymes your body will not be able to absorb any nutrient regardless of how healthy and balanced food you eat. So, the digestive enzyme supplement mimics the working of the natural enzymes that are found in a human body which is shown to contribute in helping the absorption of nutrients from the food. So, the supplement in your life will be a game changer as it helps meaningfully by assisting the food digestion process of a human body so it helps in getting more from the food that we eat.

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What Are The Cons / Side Effects Of Digestive Enzymes?

When it comes to the consumption of supplements, people are often afraid as they think that supplements carry side effects. But, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of the digestive enzyme supplements because it includes only clinical approved enzymes. The basic purpose of these clinically approved enzymes is to improve the overall health of a human body. Notify that the manufacturer has not used any type of artificial ingredient or any color in the supplement.

Other than this, before ordering the product you can check out the customer reviews of the products. People who have been using the supplement have not witnessed any side effects and claim the supplement helps in maintaining their digestive system along with improving their overall health. So, the positive customer says it all. But it is important to remember that the result may vary from person to person.


Q- Where Can I Buy Digestive enzyme supplement?

You can find the digestive enzyme supplement on the official website. It is possible that the product is available on many other sites but the risk is whether the product is authentic or not. So, it is better to buy the supplement from the official website in order to avoid scam.

Q- Is Digestive enzyme supplement available on Amazon?

No, digestive enzyme amazon is not available on amazon.

Q- Is Digestive enzyme supplement available on GNC?

No, gnc digestive enzyme is not available on the site.

Q- Is Digestive enzyme supplement available at Walmart?

Yes, digestive enzyme walmart is available at Walmart.

Q- Is Digestive enzyme supplements Safe To Use?

Yes, as they carry no reactive chemical or artificial components in the supplement. The supplement includes clinically approved enzymes that makes it safe to use.

Q- Can Pregnant Ladies Use Digestive enzyme supplement?

No, pregnant women are not recommended to use this supplement.

Q- What Is The Dosage Of Digestive enzyme supplement?

Take one or two capsules at the beginning of each meal. It is important to keep in mind not to exceed a total of six capsules daily. Overdose of the supplement result in side effects.

Q- Who Can Consume Digestive enzyme supplement?

People above the age of 18 can consume the supplement.

Q- How Many Capsules Does A Single Bottle Of Digestive enzyme supplement Contain?

A single bottle of digestive enzyme contains 60 capsules that are equal to a month or two month supply, depending upon your intake of the pill.

Q- Is Digestive enzyme supplement Vegan Free?

No, digestive enzymes are not vegan free due to the presence of dairy products.

Q- How Does Digestive enzyme supplement Works?

The supplement works by helping in the breakdown of the food into small particles and in the better absorption of the nutrients. Also, the supplement contains sufficient amounts of active ingredients that help in providing everyday digestive support.

Q- Does Digestive enzyme supplement Comes With A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you can return the unopened bottles of digestive enzymes supplement.


Digestive enzyme by VitaPost is a digestive enzyme that contains quite a good amount of clinically approved enzymes. Each and every enzyme of the digestive VitaPost supplement is responsible for providing support in different aspects of digestion.

If you are someone who experiences indigestion, gas, bloating, or any of the other problems like this then a digestive enzyme supplement is a perfect option to get your hands on as it will help you a lot in dealing with these issues. It is a supplement that includes ingredients that a human body needs the most for the breakdown of the food, extract nutrients from the food that we eat and absorb it. And helps in the safe pass of foods through your body.

So, it is the right time to notice your overall health. If you are the one who is facing issues in digestion then you should consider supplementing. Digestive enzyme supplement is one of the best among all because of the reason that it has a broad spectrum formula. All the clinically proven ingredients are packed in a broad spectrum formula.

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