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Cold War Boosting - D3Hell.com New 2021 Services

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Cold War Boosting in 2021 - D3Hell.com take on Camos, Prestige Leveling, Medals & everything else in the upcoming season 2.

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If you are looking for Cold War Boosting services for the latest 2021 update D3Hell.com is offering help for new players in this game. Activision promised a plethora of new content in the forms of camos, weapon unlocks, prestige reset with seasons, and much more. Today we are going to talk about how to boost your in-game experience as well as get help with some of the more troubling activities in the game such as the notoriously difficult Nuclear medal which requires 30 takedowns in a row to unlock. D3Hell.com decided to expand their roster of provided services and include Cold War to their roster. Below we are going to discuss each service in particular and why people usually opt for help in these activities.

Prestige Leveling Boost & Season Reset

D3Hell.com decided to offer a prestige level boost since Treyarch announced that your character prestige level will reset with each season. Although prestige levels are unlocked by doing pretty much any activity in the game, there is a separate leveling system for Zombies & Multiplayer modes, both featured on their website. The multiplayer prestige boost is acquired by playing any multiplayer activities, whereas the Zombies parallel progression is only increased by doing Zombies activities. The rewards for ordering level boost unlock at every 50 levels, with an ultimate Prestige Master unlocks at level 200, which takes around 5-7 days to complete. Treyarch also announced they will offer additional portrait and decorative rewards on every subsequent 50 levels, up to 1000. The rewards will vary with each season, and some of the unlocks will be unobtainable once the season ends, if you are a few levels short of that Prestige Master 200 boost these guys are here to help.

Camos Boosting - Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter

Unlocking camos and chasing that unique décor is a great way to boost your character with the help of D3Hell. Their Cold War Camos Boosting Section offers basic, Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter camo boosts for new players that don't have the time to do the grind. The average timeframe for any gold camo completion by the average player is between 2-3 days of casual play, the boosters at D3Hell promise Gold Camo delivery within 24h or offer full refunds. Diamond & Dark Matter camos however take slightly longer to complete and may require anywhere between 2-4 days for diamond camo depending on the type, and around 10-15 days for their Dark Matter service.

Weapon Leveling & Unlocks

Getting your weapon level boost has never been easier with the help of these guys, any weapon, you name it they got it. Treyarch promised new guns for the 2021 roadmap with the introduction of season 2, and that means more work will need to be done by current and new players. The average time completion for a single LVL 1-50 gun is around 5-8 hours depending on your teammates and the weapon type. Although 2ndary weapons require a maximum of 30 levels to max out, primary weapons require up to 50 levels for full unlock. Our teams tried various Discord and Reddit groups, and similar to D3Hell LFG boost services the agreed-on timeframe is no more than a day for full level unlock.

Medals & Other Challenges

The Nuclear Medal is one of the most notoriously difficult challenges in the game, as it requires 30 takedowns in a row without dying. D3Hell decide to offer medals boost as a part of their COD Cold War section. This insanely difficult challenge is completed by no more than 1% of the entire player base in the game and is something only the most skilled players are able to achieve. The teams at D3Hell have dedicated medal boosting teams for the Cold War and all other previous COD series. Going back since Black Ops 4, their dedicated shooter looter teams are at your service available 24/7 around the globe.

Zombie Mode

Zombies mode in Cold War is a separate game mode of its own with a unique camo and progression system. Although the Zombies Camo service follows the same Basic, Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter pattern from the multiplayer mode, it takes a bit longer to unlock both camos and levels for this mode when compared to multiplayer. Challenges and medals are also slightly different in zombies mode as it requires slaying zombies instead of other players.

Another fun activity you can play in zombies mode is the Dark Ops mode which pits players against hordes of zombies which increases with each level. Hit level 65 and unlock the Mamaback achievement after defeating the final boss and unlock your unique emblem for this mode.

Playing with others vs getting boosted on your account?

This really depends entirely on you. If you have the time and simply want a professional player in your team to help you win more games you can always opt for carry service and have professional players invite you to their team. You can order a single player in your party or get a full stack of players to carry you through the multiplayer or zombies section. Ordering your service on the account, however, means that a professional booster will be assigned on your order and work at least 8+ hours every day until the job is done.

This type of service is best suited if you want a KD boost, or simply don't have the time to get the service done yourself. Either way, both types of services will yield the same result, in the end, it all depends on what is your personal preference.

How can I trust websites for my Cold War boosts?

That is a really good question, although many streamers and video game trading platforms have been doing this for a number of years back, these dedicated websites specializing in providing services in video games opted to use Trustpilot reviews as their main review platform. Their current Trustpilot score sits at a strong 4.9 score, which ranks it in the top 5 shops for providing services in video games, and Cold War is just one of the games they are working in. Doing this for the past 6-7 years in the past, they have a well-established presence in many video game trading forums and shops, but if interested to find out more and do your own research simply google them and check all their previous work.

Is boosting in the Cold War considered cheating or wrong?

Getting your Cold War Boost does not mean you used cheats or broke any rule in the game. These services are best suited for players that simply don't have the time to grind that Dark Matter camo, or lack the teams to unlock that Nuclear 30 takedowns medal. This is where D3Hell service comes in to help new and inexperienced players. If you are one of those players with little time to spare and are looking for professional players to play with who are tired of the coin toss in-game matchmaking pay these guys a visit and let us know how it went.

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