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Synapse XT is a dietary supplement formulated to address tinnitus symptoms and loss of hearing difficulties.

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According to the Synapse XT official website, this dietary supplement provides relief from tinnitus and many other issues related to the ears. People who are all the time experiencing buzzing and ringing sounds in their ears, even when there’s complete silence around, should be able to solve their problem with this formula that’s claimed to be 100% natural and safe, so free from any chemicals and artificial fillers that usually cause nasty and damaging side effects.

Synapse XT markets itself as a completely natural supplement which can “supercharge” the brain. Considering how many millions of people struggle with brain health and cognitive functioning, this is most definitely an enticing claim. People all over the world are looking for various ways to help themselves improve their memory, cognitive function, and more. As per the official company website for Synapse XT, the formula can “transform your wellbeing.” There is certainly reason to believe that improving brain health can have massive implications on daily life.

Struggling with memory and cognitive function can be extremely difficult, and sometimes alienating. Aging Americans are clearly at the highest risk of developing issues relating to brain health. When we get older, the brain cells that give us our cognitive ability begin to slowly die off. This causes a loss of functioning. It can often be harder for consumers to think, remember, or even speak as they age. Powerful supplements in the 21st century might help aging brain degradation sufferers to reclaim control of their lives.

There are numerous ways for the average person to improve their cognitive function. Even if you aren’t entering advanced age, working your brain out regularly can help it to become stronger. Like any other muscle, the brain can be exercised and improve as a result. But people sometimes need a little extra help. And just as people can buy supplements to help them exercise and lose weight, it is possible to use supplementation to improve brain effectiveness.

Synapse XT claims to serve this purpose. The official website makes quite a few lofty promises to would-be customers. For example, the site opens with the claim that the supplement can support hearing, memory, and focus, improve communication between brain cells, maximize the functionality of the senses, and more. Can Synapse XT really do all of this using one simple supplement pill?

We’re here to answer this question with today’s comprehensive product review. How do you use Synapse XT? What benefits does it offer? Learn the answers to the most important questions about this new supplement in today’s review.

What is Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is a dietary supplement formulated to address tinnitus symptoms and loss of hearing difficulties. The formulation includes all-natural hand-picked ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective and of good quality. Mixed in balanced proportions, the potent extracts used in Synapse XT may be potent enough to be effective.

The most interesting thing about this product is that it does more than just healing tinnitus. The supplement is uniquely formulated to treat a whole range of diseases. Taking the recommended dosage for the recommended period could improve your cognitive, mood, and memory functions.

When taken as advised, Synapse XT may also lower the occurrence of headaches and dizziness due to its proposed benefits of addressing brain inflammation. Tinnitus is described as a high-pitched ringing in the ears characterized by clicking, buzzing, roaring, or humming. It has long been assumed to be a not-so-serious issue that can be tackled at home. Shockingly, medical experts say that tinnitus can be more than just the ringing of your ears.

While most people use over-the-counter drugs to treat tinnitus, others don’t bother to seek medications at all. However, if tinnitus is not treated on time, it could lead to suicidal thoughts, depression, and hostility. The good news? It’s not a must you undergo extensive treatment procedures to soothe tinnitus symptoms.

Supplements are better alternatives to treating different tinnitus symptoms. Synapse XT states they have one of the most effective supplements used for treating multiple health conditions. Stay tuned to learn more about Synapse XT tinnitus relief supplement to see which part is fact and which part is fiction.

More About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an ear condition often associated with getting older. It may come as a surprise to find out that it’s in fact more common in the young and middle-aged population. As per the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) (1) says, there’s an estimate of 50 million adult Americans who are suffering from tinnitus, so this health problem is one of the most common ones out there. However, most people don’t see tinnitus as a serious condition, this being the reason why diagnosing it comes too late and reversing its symptoms may end up being impossible.

According to a study from The American Journal of Medicine (2), tinnitus is also a problem that children are experiencing, as well as that gets worse with age. However, it seems to be more common in adult men who drink and smoke. While tinnitus shows its symptoms by making a noise in the ears, it is in fact a brain-related condition. Nerves that have been damaged are vibrating and cause the almost unbearable sound that many have to bear with, sometimes even for years. Meanwhile, the brain is slowing down its function, stress levels are starting to increase, and the entire body becomes helpless.

Since preventing tinnitus is always better than treating it, this disease should be addressed while in its initial stage. Synapse XT claims to fix the tinnitus problem and at the same time heal the internal damage that caused it, all while also protecting the brain from getting any more nerve problems.

How Does this Formula Work?

As per the official website of Synapse XT says, this dietary supplement addresses the main cause of tinnitus by using natural ingredients that are known to benefit the brain. What’s also great to know about these ingredients is that they’re not meant to preserve the nerves’ health only. They’re also effective at improving the cognitive function, keeping the synaptic connections healthy, increasing focus and the attention span, as well as improving the memory. According to the manufacturers of SynapseXT, this supplement is manufactured in an GMP-certified facility.

While results may vary depending on each consumer’s damage, the formula should be used daily if it’s for its effects to take place in the long run and nerve damage to be repaired. This means the symptoms of tinnitus may disappear after consuming Synapse XT for some time, not to mention chronic complications such as losing the hearing can be avoided. It should be noted Synapse XT is not a cure for tinnitus. It can only help to address the root cause of this condition and relieve its symptoms.

The 4-Step Synapse XT Action Plan

Synapse XT contains all-natural ingredients and emphasizes the importance of sourcing from high quality providers that can enhance the bio availability and effectiveness of these substances. All these ingredients are obtained from different worldwide suppliers. Because the ingredients are natural, you don’t need to worry about toxic substances, additives, fillers, or chemicals.

Below are the 4 action steps in which Synapse XT is claimed to work inside the body, according to its ingredients and their benefits:


During this first step, the supplement is starting to chase all the toxins present in the body in order to filter and eliminate them. Toxins are one of the main causes of nerve damage and weak synaptic connections, so it becomes clearer how Synaptic XT starts eliminating tinnitus.

Giving the Cognitive Function a Boost

After, Synapse XT provides the body all the nutrients it needs to keep the cognitive system functioning properly. This means brain fog is eliminated, whereas the memory and the capacity to concentrate get to be improved.

Relieving Stress

When having an annoying sound in their ears, people can no longer think straight. For this reason, tinnitus sufferers are also experiencing hormonal imbalances, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. However, Synapse XT claims to induce a state of relaxation and to calm down the mind, meaning it’s a good and natural alternative to antidepressants, stress relief, and insomnia pills.

Repairing Damaged Nerves and Hearing

While damaged nerves could never regenerate, there still are some special ingredients that heal their coat and repair the structural damage they have suffered. And these ingredients seem to be present in Synapse XT, as per the product’s official website says.

Synapse XT Ingredients

While chemically formulated pills can indeed address the symptoms of tinnitus, it is the main cause of this condition that needs to be tackled, and that is brain inflammation. Moreover, prescription pills that contain chemicals usually have seriously damaging side effects when consumed in the long run. This is why going for a tinnitus relief natural solution such as Synapse XT is always the best choice. This supplement is claimed to contain the following 100% natural ingredients:

Juniper Berry

Juniper berries contain two of the best flavonoids out there, which are rutin and luteolin. These two are some of the most efficient natural antioxidants when it comes to protecting against the damage caused by free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative stress. When these problems are being ignored, toxins start to build up in the body, and both the cognitive function together with the metabolism begin to decline. Moreover, a Heliyon study (1) shows that juniper berries can reduce inflammation. If not combated, inflammation causes serious issues, whereas inflammation of certain areas of the brain leads to tinnitus.

Hawthorn Berry

In combination with Juniper Berries, the Hawthorn Berries decrease inflammation, especially the one of nerves. Besides, there are studies (2) saying Hawthorn Berries can be amazing cognitive and immunity boosters. Hawthorn is a natural ingredient used to treat blood pressure, heart problems, and alleviating tinnitus signs. Skullcap is a nutritious plant that has the power to treat inflammation and ease pains.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is known to contain plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that help the body burn fat more rapidly, detoxify, and keep the figure slim in the long run. This is why SynapseXT is also advertised to promote weight loss, but more about this later.

Hibiscus Extract

As per scientific research (3) on this ingredient says, Hibiscus can be used for accelerating the weight loss process, preventing hearing loss, regulating blood pressure levels, protecting against some types of cancer, and helping the liver remain healthy. Besides, Hibiscus is also known to have antimicrobial properties.


Traditional medicines from all around the world have been using garlic to treat different heart and blood circulation diseases. Garlic is known to reform the body and to heal the damage that oxidative stress and free radicals are causing. At the same time, it boosts the cognitive function and prevents hearing loss.

Vitamin C

Also known as Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C is absolutely needed for the body to repair itself naturally and its cells to grow. Moreover, it helps collagen to form and makes it easier for the body to absorb iron. For these reasons, Synapse XT is said to contain plenty of it.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins complex includes all the B vitamins out there. These are known to increase energy levels, eliminate brain fog, and improve the memory. Besides, they reduce the damage that inflammation is causing in the brain, which eliminates the symptoms of tinnitus. Some studies link tinnitus to the inadequacy of B12 vitamins. Other studies affirm that the intake of enough vitamins could help in pain relief. Vitamins work effectively in removing toxins and enhancing the performance of the brain. B1 stimulates proper blood flow to the auditory nerves, while B2 enhances the brain’s efficiency in delivering signals, preventing noise.


This essential mineral helps the brain be healthy and preserves energy at high levels. Furthermore, it’s important for coordination, regulating blood pressure, and relieving stress.


Potassium helps the body send more oxygen to the brain. When this happens, the brain starts functioning better and better.

Synapse XT is thought to have a simple and highly effective working mechanism. It works by reducing cell inflammation and sound volume. Cleaning the irritation and nagging sounds allow your nerve cells to start working, which boosts their strength and triggers their regeneration. By correcting your tinnitus problem, Synapse XT may help you regain memory and concentration by supercharging the brain and enhancing your brain’s clarity and focus.

Who Is Synapse XT Made For?

Tinnitus patients say that the condition begins with the gradual humming of the ears. It can become severe over time, but that depends on your health and immunity. Customers who have taken the supplement say that the humming and overwhelming sounds vanished in less than a month.

Tinnitus may not actually count as one of the severest health conditions you know, but it should be treated soon after it’s diagnosed. You can imagine the disappointment and damage the hissing and buzzing sounds could have on your career if they occur while discussing an important business or project with your client or business partner.

It’s not just about the disappointment but also the stress that could hit you later. It can make you unable to sleep and uncomfortable, all of which can affect your social and personal relationships and performance at work.

Synapse XT has been proven to work for grown people of all ages, genders, and races. Since it blends all-natural ingredients in a seamless package, it is the perfect natural solution for those who want to heal from tinnitus painlessly.

Who Is the Product Not Suitable For?

Thus far, you have read a lot about the benefits of this miracle supplement for treating tinnitus. However, it’s only useful if you understand that just like every other supplemental product, Synapse XT is not made for everyone.

It’s strongly recommended for people above 20 years because it performs its miracles quite effectively. However, you should avoid it if you have another severe prevailing health condition.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should stay clear of this product, as well. If you’re planning to sire a baby soon, you shouldn’t use the product, either. If you’re suffering from some allergy, you will need to consult with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Regardless of your health condition and age, it’s always wise to talk with your doctor before taking a new supplement. You don’t want to undergo an awful experience after taking a supplement because you didn’t use it as recommended, and may interfere with prescribed medications you already take.

How Should the Product Be Taken?

Synapse XT has a unique formulation that allows it to be taken regularly without worries of side effects. You can take two capsules a day for the period recommended by your physician.

When consuming the product, don’t be over-ambitious. You will see some outcomes, but it won’t be in a week or two. But if you are to realize the best results after consuming the product for the recommended one month, you shouldn’t skip any dose.

It’s no doubt Synapse XT may help heal your tinnitus, but that shouldn’t be an excuse not to observe the right measures to keep your ears safe. Eat the right diets and infuse the right fruits and drinks to achieve optimal ear health.

Is It Necessary to Diet When Using SynapseXT?

As per numerous online reviews on Synapse XT are saying, this supplement doesn’t have to be taken with any diet. It comes in the form of capsules, with one bottle containing 60 capsules. The dosage for SynapseXT is 2 capsules a day taken with water. However, for the best results to be achieved, eating healthy foods and exercising moderately are indicated. Synapse XT instructions on the bottle have to be followed.

Why SynapseXT?

While SynapseXT may not be the only dietary supplement out there to promise relief from tinnitus, it surely is looked for because it contains only natural ingredients and many people who have used it are very satisfied with the results it delivers. But here are a few of the other reasons why people should choose it:

Good Price

When compared with other similar products available on the market, Synapse XT comes at very good prices.

No Side Effects

Being categorized as a health supplement and claimed to contain only 100% natural ingredients, SynapseXT shouldn’t have and is said to not have any side effects, like most tinnitus treatments prescribed by doctors do.

Boosts the Immunity

Synapse XT is also advertised to protect not only against brain diseases, but also other conditions associated with having a weakened immune system.

Helps with Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, Synapse XT also contains some special natural ingredients known to accelerate the metabolism and thus, help with weight loss.

Comes with a Money-Back Guarantee

Buying Synapse XT is a risk-free investment because the product has a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning it can be returned for a full refund for what it has been spent on it, but more about this later.

100% Natural

Synapse XT is claimed to be manufactured only with natural ingredients and extracts from plants that have been organically cultivated, grown and harvested, in a GMP-certified facility in the US, so under the strictest standards of hygiene and sterility.

Who Can Use Synapse XT?

Synapse XT can be used by any adult person who wants to address his or her tinnitus and benefit from the other therapeutic effects of this formula. It’s definitely not a supplement for children, whereas pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using it. Those people who have been prescribed medication because they’re suffering from one or more chronic diseases need to discuss with their doctor about how and if they can use Synapse XT.

The supplement used in combination with other medicines doesn’t cause any dangerous side effects, but it may reduce the efficiency of the prescribed pills being taken for different health reasons. Synapse XT has not been developed especially for men or for women. It can be used by both genders without any problem.

Where to Buy Synapse XT?

Synapse XT can easily be ordered from the product’s official website, where it’s guaranteed to be the original formula and comes at very good price deals. It should be noted that buying it from someplace else, if found anywhere else seeing it’s not being sold in pharmacies, health shops, on Amazon or at other online retailers, doesn’t guarantee many things such as its special prices, the money-back guarantee, or the formula being the original one.

From its official website, Synapse XT can be ordered as 1 bottle, 3- and 6-bottle packs, with each pack offering better and more discounted prices. There aren’t any subscriptions involved with purchasing it, payments being one-time and for the number of bottles ordered. The product(s) should arrive at the customer’s door a few days after they have been ordered. In case this doesn’t happen, Synapse XT customer service should be contacted, via the email address that will be provided later.

How Much Does Synapse XT Cost?

As mentioned earlier, the Synapse XT official website currently offer some very good price deals for the product, as it follows:

Every bottle of Synapse XT is covered by a 6-day money-back guarantee. Customers who aren’t happy with the way the supplement works for them during the first 60 days since they have bought it have 2 months to return their bottle(s) and get a full refund of the money they have spent on the product, no questions asked.

Returns need to be accompanied by an RMA number that can be obtained from the SynapseXT customer service, by sending an email to: [email protected]

Customers have 14 days since obtaining their RMA number to return the product(s). Customer service should be allowed a maximum of 24 hours to respond to any email or request for an RMA number.

Learn more or buy Synapse XT by visiting the official website.

How to Request a Refund of Synapse XT?

Clickbank is the processing platform that handles all of Synapse XT supplement orders. This is a very trustworthy process that puts the onus on the supplement o help support said benefits. Here is the simple ClickBank Product Return Information that all customers should know ahead of time that makes purchasing Synapse XT supplement a legit and risk-free choice today.

Listed below is the information on getting your refund by returning Synapse XT via the Clickbank platform. Follow the below-listed steps to return your product bought through ClickBank and obtain a refund:

  1. At first, you have to browse the customer service website of ClickBank.
  2. Then, locate the button named ‘’Look Up Your Order’’.
  3. Now, you have to provide two important order identifiers. Enter your registered email id in the field and choose any of the following identifiers:

Zip code, last four digits of the chosen payment method or order number for Synapse XT tinnitus pills at the official website SynapseXT.com.

  1. Now, click on the Go! Button.
  2. You will receive a confirmation code through an email sent to your registered email id.
  3. Obtain the verification code from the email and then enter it in the field.
  4. Now, click on the Go! Button.
  5. At the next step, click on the Get Support button.
  6. Now, select the radial button for Refund Request.
  7. Finally, pick a reason for initiating refund request. You will have to use the dropdown menu and pick one option. There is a field to input any relevant comment if you wish so.
  8. Now, click on the Send button.

Note: The majority of Synapse XT orders are refunded within sixty days. So, you will not see the refund request option if the period is over. If you want to return a product after the 60 days and seek a refund, the only option is contacting the concerned vendor. The refund processing takes a business day, typically. For returning physical products and refund processing, a two or three timeframe may be here but is best to reach out to the customer support team for all of the details.

Who is the Brain Behind Synapse XT?

Some products have an anonymous name like Henry Sanders who may or may not have developed a product out of the passion for creating a lasting solution for tinnitus. Whether anyone had suffered anxiety, depression, and tinnitus for quite a long time, it is unknown who formulated Synapse XT. Many supplements of this nature will have a story about bringing an end to the suffering caused by tinnitus, partnering with 'doctors', hopefully wanting to create a high-quality and potent product.

As it stands, not much is openly know about the Synapse XT creation and ingredient selection process. But with enough comprehensive research, the creators of Synapse XT put forth their version of the best formulation after trying and verifying different extracts before settling for the ones they used in the product.

They refer to this formula as a minor miracle treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus the natural way. But do not believe the according to so and so, clinical tests have been conducted to confirm the product’s safety and effectiveness in treating tinnitus within four weeks. Any trial that may or may not have been conducted on women and men of different ages, and the results confirmed that it is safe from severe side effects, are likely not referring to the use of Synapse XT for natural tinnitus relief. However, the Synapse XT website does not share any clinical trial results; this matter may be cleared up if consumers contact the company before purchasing the product by reaching out to the official company at the website SynapseXT.com.

So far, Synapse XT has delivered to the expectations of different customers suffering from tinnitus. Many customers have recommended the product’s ability to safely and naturally nourish the brain and ears with how it is promoted and showcased online. With so many positive testimonials, this is maybe a product you need to save yourself the burden of buzzing and hissing ears knowing there is a 60-day money back guarantee on all Synapse XT orders through the official website.

The supplement states it will treat your tinnitus symptoms, clear brain fog, ease mental fatigue, and enhance your health in general. So, it’s the supplement for you to enjoy those peaceful moments free of the stress triggered by the unfavorable tinnitus symptoms.

Final Verdict: Is Synapse XT the Right Supplement?

Do you want to improve your memory? There are many ways to improve memory, as well as overall cognitive and brain health. Working out your brain using puzzles and other exercises is one way to become smarter and improve your memory over time. But just like with all forms of exercise, extra help is sometimes necessary. Synapse XT claims to help people maximize memory, sense of touch, hearing, and other major things associated with brain health.

Synapse XT packs a wide variety of all-natural ingredients, which have shown positive results in treating tinnitus patients. Here are some of the cons and pros of investing in this product:


  • Comes with 60-days money-back guarantee
  • High-quality quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Organically sourced
  • Highly effective and safe
  • Bulk orders are shipped free of charge.
  • It’s non-GMO
  • Minimal side effects


  • The results take up to a month, with the website states 80 days of use.
  • No links to clinical trials were performed or the research conducted.
  • The results differ based on the user.
  • Only people connected to the internet can access and buy the product.

It’s tough to conclude definitively whether or not this supplement will be right for the average reader. However, the available scientific evidence and research suggests that the ingredients in Synapse XT might be capable of improving mental faculties in some users. If you’re interested in trying the supplement, we suggest making a purchase from the official product website. There, you can access a number of discounts, as well as a risk-free trial offer for Synapse XT.

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