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Revision Eye supplement Reviews - Does Revision 2.0 Eye Capsules Really Work - Review By DietCare Reviews

Last updated Sunday, January 31, 2021 23:00 ET , Source: DietCare Reviews

Revision Eye Supplement Reviews. Detailed information on where to buy Revision 2.0 Eye Capsules, ingredients, side effects complaints, pricing and more.

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This is the 2021 updated Revision 2.0 eye supplement reviews report and where to buy Revision eye pills; published by DietCare Reviews.

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Suffering from eyesight impairment has a negative effect on one’s life and well being. Aggravated by pollutants or stressors, vision impairment affects one’s independence, mobility, and even, the risks of injuries, falls, and fractures.

Furthermore, eyesight impairment affects one’s mental health, cognition, and even brings on social isolation. Sure, one can put on prescription glasses, change lenses, take drugs, and even go under the knife to fix their eyesight. However, these solutions are not anywhere near to fully treating the problem.

According to the official site, the ReVision 2.0 eye supplement is formulated to aid in supporting one’s eyesight. The site goes on to claim that the supplement provides healthy eyesight and brain support. Unlike other treatment options, the supplement helps to fully treat vision deterioration – allowing one to achieve 20/20 vision – without the risks of rebounds.

However, before investing in the eyesight support supplement, it is important to find out how it works. In this ReVision eye supplement review, we’ve outlined a detailed guide of everything there is to know about the ReVision 2.0 eye supplement.

What is the ReVision eye supplement?

The ReVision 20 capsules is formulated to work like a dietary and nutritional supplement to aid in healthy eyesight and brain support. As it is stated on the official site, the supplement is made using 100% natural and safe ingredients – which include vitamins and herbs. Thanks to this formulation, the Revision 20 supplement is highly potent and non-toxic.

However, the supplement doesn’t only support eyesight and brain health. The supplement is effective at promoting sensory organ health and function. Furthermore, the supplement reduces blood pressure levels, enhances cellular health, and improves overall immune system health.

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How Does the ReVision 2.0 Eye Supplement Work?

The ReVision 2.0 eye supplement is formulated using a mix of 8 active ingredients. The ingredients are added at just the right proportions to ensure effective results. Typically, eyesight impairment is caused by factors like pollutants and stressors. When consumed the supplement is absorbed into the cell to begin its restoration process.

In the body, the supplement helps to flush toxins out of cells – helping to reverse the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress to make the cells healthier and improve their function. After this process, the brain works to regenerate eye cells which ultimately, improves one’s eyesight and restores their health. Similarly, the supplement does the same for the brain.

When consumed, the supplement interacts in the central nervous system and activates communication between the brain cells – to kickstart treatment. In addition to stressors and pollutants, aging can cause one’s brain functions to begin to decline – resulting in brain fog, lack of concentration and alertness, and even, forgetfulness.

The ReVision eye supplement works to reverse aging-related damage. It helps to regenerate brain cells and maintains brain health – improving immune system health and allowing one to enjoy a clearer mind, better focus and concentration, and even, enhancing their memory retention.

Furthermore, while the supplement helps to tackle age-related conditions – it fortifies one’s immune system and cellular functions – preventing the risks of diseases like Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, or age-related muscular conditions.

Additionally, the network of nerves and sensory organs in the body form part of the central nervous system. Therefore, improving brain function and health, ultimately, impacts them too and enhances their functions for effective communications to and from the brain.

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ReVision Eye Supplement Ingredients

As mentioned above, the ReVision 20 eye supplement combines 8 active and key ingredients t deliver its functions. Each ingredient is carefully picked for its functions. The Revision 20 ingredients include;

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential when it comes to brain and eyesight health. Vitamin B functions like a co-enzyme that aids the brain to resume working normally. Furthermore, it energizes the body. However, vitamin B comes with other benefits too. These include improving cellular health, increasing red blood cells, promoting eyesight, improving nerve functions, and providing a healthy appetite.


Niacin boasts antioxidant properties – helping the cells rid themselves of toxins and reversing the effects of oxidative stress on them. Ultimately, one enjoys healthier cells and optimal cellular functions. Furthermore, the supplement helps to improve mental functions, focus, ability, and memory.

It is packed with elements that decrease the triglycerides and total body cholesterol levels by up to 25% whilst increasing HDL cholesterol levels. In addition to regulating body fat levels and improving brain functions, niacin prevents heart disease, type 1 diabetes, improves skin functions, and reduces the risks of developing arthritis.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A helps to improve memory retention whilst accentuating one’s learning ability because it naturally improves brain health. As a naturally occurring alkaloid, Huperzine A increases acetylcholine levels in the CNS which ultimately, enhances cognitive functions.

Alpha GPC

Similar to Huperzine A, Alpha GPC plays an important role in promoting health. This ingredient is handy at promoting memory retention and learning. Furthermore, Alpha GPC facilitates increased levels of choline at all times. Additionally, Huperzine A treats muscle disease, increases energy and alertness, and protects the body and nerves against damage.


L-Theanine is added to the supplement to help one stay alert, focused, and awake. However, this doesn’t mean that one will be on edge. This is because this ingredient helps to promote relaxation and prevents the symptoms of anxiety.

However, L-Theanine is packed with a plethora of other benefits that are handy for the entire body. These include improving sleep, aiding in digestion and weight loss, supporting the immune system, and reducing the risks of developing cancer.


Phosphatidylserine performs excellently when it comes to supporting cognitive functions. Additionally, the ingredients aids in supporting brain health by improving focus, concentration, and attention. As a fatty substance, this ingredient helps to protect the cells in the brain and facilitates message delivery between them. As one ages, the ingredient help to continue preserving their brain cell function and health.

Bacopa Extract

Bacopa extract is packed with antioxidant properties. Similar to Niacin, the natural extract helps to flush out toxins from the body and reverses the effects of oxidative stress on the cells. This process prevents age-related brain cell damage. Furthermore, Bacopa extract is packed with visual process strengthening, learning, and memory retaining qualities. Additionally, Bacopa extract boasts impressive anti-inflammatory properties – protecting one’s cells against damage whilst improving metabolism and cellular functions.


L-Tyrosine prevents aging of the brain and enhances cognitive functions. Additionally, it accentuates dopamine levels in the body and retains a healthy immune system. L-Tyrosine is effective at supporting the production of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Furthermore, it aids in enzyme production, thyroid hormone production, and skin pigment melanin.

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ReVision eye supplement Dosage

According to the official ReVision eye supplement site, the daily recommended dosage is a single capsule with a glass of water. Generally, one can take the capsule after a meal at any time of the day. However, to ensure optimum results, one is should take the supplement after their first meal of the day. This allows the person to experience the changes throughout the day.

Additionally, to ensure that the ReVision eye pills is effective, one should ensure they take their dose every single day – without skipping any – for the period that they are taking the supplement. The supplement is reported to be 100% safe on its official site. Nonetheless, one is advised to follow the recommended dosage. This is because exceeding the daily recommended dosage may put their body is at risk.

Remember, taking the supplement in excess doesn’t necessarily mean that its effects will be expedited. This may even affect the functioning of the supplements. The supplement is formulated for the treatment of eyesight problems and brain health support – it is not a magical pill. So, in addition to sticking to the recommended dosage and being consistent, one should not expect a miracle. There needs to be time for the supplement to work.

Typically, a single bottle of the ReVision eye supplement contains 30 capsules. This means that a single bottle is enough for 30 days. According to the official site, the supplement takes less than 30 days to start yielding results. Again, one shouldn’t stick to this period - it is simply a guideline and not a strictly designated period. Remember, each individual is different from the other based on their age, gender, degree of their condition, and even, their chemical make up.

Thus, one shouldn’t expect to see the same results for everyone. Whist one may wait up to 30 days to begin to see results, others may begin seeing results a few days. However, even if one sees changes in just a few days, this is not a sign that they should stop taking the ReVision eye capsules. Instead, they should continue using it for at least 3 to 6 months.

According to the supplement's creators, using the ReVision eye supplement for 3 to 6 months with consistency gives the body enough time to improve its natural immunity and defense whilst working towards improving eyesight and mental functions. Thus, on the site, it is recommended that one invests in the currently available 3 to 6 bottle package – these packages will be covered in detail later on in the pricing section! The ReVision eye supplement is formulated to work for both adult men and women.

It is not limited t a certain adult age group – so, whether one is in their 30s, 40s, or 70s, they can use it and expect the same maximum results. However, according to the official site, it has a limitation on certain groups. Pregnant women, women who breastfeed and people under the age of 18 years old are not advised to use the supplement.

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ReVision eye supplement Benefits

According to the ReVision eye supplement official site, the supplement holds many benefits for the body. So, whilst it does a great job at improving eyesight and brain health, it does a lot more for the body. Some of the key functions of the supplement include;

  • It is made from 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • Improves eyesight and health
  • Facilitates the regeneration of eye cells
  • Promotes brain health and functions
  • Boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enhances attention, memory retention, and focus
  • Improves nervous and sensory functions
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • Supports cellular health, functions, and metabolism
  • Offers soothing and calming effects
  • Improves sleep and facilitates restfulness
  • Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Regulates LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
  • Enhances mental focus and attention
  • Prevents anxiety and depression
  • Prevents the risks of developing Alzheimer’s and brain cells from aging
  • Prevents the development of other aging disorders like glaucoma, dryness of eyes, cataracts, and macular disorders

ReVision 2.0 eye supplement Pricing

The ReVision 2.0 eye supplement is available for purchase on its website and it comes with a choice of 3 different bottle package options. At the moment, the supplement is available at a discount price. The more bottles one buys, the less they will pay in total. The minimal option is the basic package which comes with a single 30-capsule bottle that lasts for 30 days.

The basic package is available at a reduced price of only $69 instead of $179 – allowing one to save more than half of the original price. Additionally, one will pay a small amount for shipping if they opt for this package. Alternatively, one can opt for the three bottle package which is a popular choice with many customers on the site.

As the name suggests, the package comes with three bottles that last 90 days, i.e. 3 months. With this package, one will receive an additional discount – purchasing each bottle for only $59 and paying $177 in total instead of $537 – saving up to $360 in the process. In addition to the discount, the three bottle package comes with free shipping too.

For the best value, one should opt for the 6 bottle package which lasts up to 6 months. Amongst the three packages, the 180-day package carries the lowest price and discount. For this package, one will only pay $49 per bottle and a total of only $494 instead of $1044 – saving a whopping $780. Additionally, the 6 bottle package comes with free shipping too.

However, this is not all that comes with the supplements. As it is reported by the official site, to show its commitment to ensuring the results, one receives a 100% 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase. This means that purchasing the supplement will not come with risks. With the 60-day guarantee, one has the time to test and use the supplement for up to 2 months from purchase.

If they are not happy with the supplement, they can request a full refund in the 60-day window. To get their refund, one simply has to email customer support within 60 days of purchasing the supplement, and the site will gladly buy back the supplement from them at full price and provide a refund in 48 hours – regardless of the fact that the bottle is opened.

According to the site, one can purchase the supplement only from the official site at the moment. Thus, they will not be able to find the ReVision eye supplement available for sale in local stores or marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart. The site goes on to claim that this arrangement is made for a reason.

Having the supplement solely available for sale on the official website helps to protect the authenticity of the product – protecting customers against scammers and duplicators. Furthermore, purchasing the supplement from the official site provides an additional layer from the customer. Protected with an SSL certificate and encryption, the payment gateway page on the site ensures that the customer’s personal information is protected at all times.

As mentioned above, the supplement's creators recommend that one purchase a 3 or 6 bottle package. This may cause concern to some people – thinking that the supplements may go bad. Generally, every ReVision eye supplement bottle shipped out has a shelf life of 2 years – thus, one doesn’t have to worry about them going bad. After all, even the maximum recommended package comes with size bottles which are enough to only last 6 months. This means that the 6 bottle package will not even reach half of the shelf life.

The ReVision eye supplement site doesn’t work like other programs. Even with the discounted prices, the site doesn’t charge subscription fees. Each purchase only calls for the one-time payment for the products and doesn’t need one to make a long term commitment. As a customer, one will not encounter hidden costs or fees.

Typically, shipping for the supplement can be done through FedEx or UPS and the package will be delivered at the doorstep -whether it’s at one’s home or office. Furthermore, for customers in the US or Canada, shipping is done in 5 to 7 business days after payment is made. For customers outside the US and Canada, orders are shipped in 8 to 15 days – plus, customs clearance time.

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Revision Eye Supplement Reviews - Conclusion

There’s no doubt that the ReVision eye supplement is an excellent supplement as it is claimed by its creators. What makes the supplement stand out is that it addresses one’s eyesight problems from all angles. The Revision 2.0 eye supplement addresses root causes like pollutants, stressors, and even, age-related cell degeneration.

Thanks to this mechanism, one enjoys full recovery with long term effects. After addressing the root cause, the supplement works to enrich the cells – resulting in the restoration of 20/20 vision, regeneration of the eye cells, and ultimately, improved eye health to prevent rebounds. Similar to improving one’s eye health, the supplement does the same for their brain.

Again, the supplement flushes out toxins from the body, reverses cellular damage done by inflammation and oxidative stress, and regenerates brain cells that are affected by aging or the flushed toxins. This, in turn, improves brain functions and health. However, with the brain, the improvement is much more complex – ensuring one enjoys better functions, increased focus and attention as well as impeccable alertness and memory retaining abilities.

Just when one thinks this is all the supplement does, as outlined above, it is handy in improving other areas of the body – more proof of its uniqueness and effectiveness. With enhanced sensory, nervous, and metabolic processes, what more can one ask for. After all, by enhancing these bodily functions, one is guaranteed overall health and well being. With much that is promised from the supplement, the customer is protected to ensure they get what they paid for.

As mentioned above, each supplement shipped out comes with a 60-day money back guarantee to put one at ease. In addition to the monetary protection, the supplement creators also guarantee that the supplement is formulated from 100% natural and safe ingredients to ensure they don’t harm anyone’s body.

Furthermore, the ReVision eye supplement official site goes on to claim that the supplement is made to be easily accessible to anyone that needs it – explaining why it is currently available at a discounted price and with a selection of packages to choose from based n one’s needs and budget. One can simply purchase these supplements on the official website at any time without needing a prescription.

Yet, one must remember that the ReVision eye supplement formula is just a dietary and nutritional supplement designed to support one’s healing process. Therefore, they shouldn’t use the supplement as a replacement for their prescribed medication or treatment plan.

In fact, one is advised to consult their physician before using the supplement to get an ok from them – especially if they have an underlying condition they are on a treatment plan for. Additionally, as mentioned previously in the review, if one is pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 18 years old, they should avoid taking the ReVision eye supplement.

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