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LifePoints Review: Is Life Points Worth it?

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LifePoints can be a good way to earn a little extra cash. Read LifePoints Review to learn more.

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Willing to start earning online straightaway? Then LifePoints will be a proper way for you for a decent income.

LifePoints, formerly known as the Global test market, is a legitimate platform for earning. It allows you to make income through surveys, product testing, etc.

People can retrieve points by using PayPal, Gift cards, or charity. Because of its flexible earning possibilities, LifePoints is getting popular among people of versatile classes.

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When there is a question of online income, people are always in a fix. Selection of a flexible way, its credibility, probability of future development, etc., concern people. Who doesn't want to choose a secured career?

If you are not exceptional, then there is an excellent chance of hearing the name LifePoints. Your intense research on online earning sectors may lead you to LifePoints.

Now we're here for you to render a clear conception of its earning process, pros and cons, and so on. Let's make a move.

LifePoints: Ins and Outs

LifePoints is an online earning site. It is a part of LightSpeed company. Recently, LightSpeed has merged with My Survey.

After this, the name Global Test Market turned into LifePoints. You can earn points here by providing your honest opinion on various products or issues, that means survey.

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Besides, testing of products and analyzing behavior are some other options for income through LifePoints. But, its core surveys.

People from all over the world can use it. It is accessible in around 26 Languages. So, do you want to be one of this vast online family?

Methods of income in LifePoints

Like many other typical surveys, LifePoints will not give you the advantage to earn money by observing videos, playing games, etc.

People mainly get their income in three ways. Here, let's take a tour with me to know the way of making money from LifePoints.

Taking Surveys

LifePoints mainly provides people points for participating in surveys. You can earn a handsome amount of money for giving your sincere opinion.

Your earned points vary from 50 to 350 in the case of different surveys. Therefore, earnings also can not be the same always.

If a company asks lightspeed to collect consumers' opinions on a specific product, then lightspeed allows LifePoints-users to attend the survey.

After that, the company will get its public review, and the surveyor will earn LifePoints. Isn't it a simple and straightforward way?

In the beginning, you have to face some questions to judge your capability to give an accurate opinion on a definite issue. If your answers are not up to the mark, then you will be eliminated from the survey.

But, after some attempts, you will be able to reach the original survey. Then you can share your opinions and start earning.

But, there are some things to keep in mind. Don't provide false details of you to get a survey. After some of your tricky attempts, LifePoints may notify you to be careful, and you will be under surveillance.

If you continue this, LifePoints may ban your account. So, don't fall into greed and get difficulties.

Product Testing

Sometimes, LifePoints mails a product to a customer's house and asks them to test the product. After the test, the customer gives a review of that experience.

In this process, LifePoints can be able to test their product. Besides, customers also get the reward as points. This is also a regular task for LifePoints.

But, this way is not so beneficial for the customers. As it is time consuming and customers need to depend on LifePoints for giving reviews, it is not equally popular among people as paid surveys.

Tracking Behavior

As with product testing, LifePoints sends mail to selected people now and then to know some specific behavior. Like, you may be asked how many times you go to a super shop in a week.

By analyzing your answer, they will try to make an idea about your habit of shopping. This analysis helps them to conduct a survey more conveniently. You also get your reward.

Besides, you will get boosters from time to time. What are boosters?

When you regularly complete surveys and other tasks, you will see some pop-ups on your app and get notifications.

By clicking there, you can boost up your earnings. These are called boosters. Thus, you can earn more within the shortest possible time.

In addition to boosters, LifePoints will facilitate its active users by providing earning potential on profile.

This unique advantage will increase your probability of getting high paid surveys. So, LifePoints will evaluate your enthusiastic and sincere performance.

How to Redeem LifePoints?

Most of the time, people face a dilemma on how to cash their earnings. But, in the case of LifePoints, it is very flexible and straightforward.

You can easily get the cash in hand. So, why are you getting a headache for your money?


It is one of the easiest ways to cash-out points. By using the LifePoints App, you will get your earned money in hand through PayPal.

You just need to open the app and go to the portion of cash-out points. By clicking here, you can easily make your task done.

But, your earnings will not reflect your points sometimes in PayPal. So, you may have dissatisfaction at some moments.

Like, you will get around $ 10 for 1200 points. It is not so attractive concerning the current trend of earning online.

Electronic Gift Card

You can redeem your points in the form of an electronic gift card also. Top up in mobile and amazon e gift cards also consist of these packages.

There is another option of purchasing apps on google play. You also have a chance of getting free products at Starbucks. Isn't it outstanding?

Here, as per the rules of LifePoints, you can earn $ 10 to $ 15 in exchange for 1000 points. Therefore, a gift card is more beneficial compared to a PayPal service.


There are always a group of people who aren't run after hard cash only. If you find yourself in that category, you can choose another option to cash your points. Doesn't it sound interesting?

You can donate to a bigger cause. Your earned money will go to a Charitable fund. In that case, UNICEF is a great option to donate your makings.

Donation is also moderate in terms of LifePoints. Here, you have to earn at least 200 for about $ 2. But, there is a lack of versatility of cash. If you feel that problem, you may switch your choice to PayPal or a gift card.

There is an important reminder for all three options. You need to use the same email for both of your LifePoints and cash out options.

Otherwise, you will face problems while withdrawing your money. Besides, you have to wait for 10 days to receive your money. So, don't get troubled.

How to Start With LifePoints?

LifePoints is an easygoing site to get access and start earning. This is one of its unique selling points.

Besides, it is accessible on mobile through Android and iOS apps. This facility spreads LifePoints in everyone's hand. Isn't it amazing?

You first need to go to the website of LifePoints or download the app from the google play store.

Then go to the sign-up option and create an account by providing a valid mail address with correct information. You should not try to give any false data. Because of it, you will face problems further.

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Again, You'll earn 10 LifePoints after registration and validation of your email address. Then to check out your opportunities on attending surveys, you need to answer the other 10 questions.

Don't worry. You will also get 10 points as a reward. What is next? After completing your account opening, you are now eligible to participate in surveys and other programs of LifePoints.

If you face any difficulties in opening an account, there is a help option in the site's corner. There you will get your desired solution.

Besides, you can travel the total site or app and be aware of the terms and conditions of LifePoints.

Now, everyone needs to get a crystal clear concept of what he or she is doing. That means you don't take any decision by considering others' profit-loss, biased opinions, or falling into the trap of greed.

Therefore you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of LifePoints. We will provide you a clear idea about LifePoints through this review.

Legitimacy of LifePoints

It is an absurd thought to question the legitimacy of LifePoints. It is ultimately a legal and trusted platform for earning some extra cash. There is only an age limit. You must cross the age bar of 16 years.

Otherwise, there is no country limit, and a massive range of languages is covered. LifePoints allows around 26 languages to get access.

Most noteworthy, people always give a useful review about LifePoints. If you worry about its legitimacy, then through this thought out of your head.

LifePoints Pros

  • Availability of surveys

In LifePoints, there is no limitation on taking surveys. You can attend as many surveys as you can and try to complete all of them sincerely.

Thus, you can enhance your points and earnings eventually. This facility is not so available on all platforms of the survey.

  • Value surveyor's time

LifePoints always respect the value of time. You can make your selection of surveys by calculating the time and points.

You can notice how many times you need to render and what your reward points will be. It's an excellent advantage for people. Isn't it?

If you see a survey of lesser points with more time, then you can skip it. Here, most of the surveys are around 10 minutes long. So, don't worry about wasting your valuable time.

  • The flexibility of cash out points

Unlike other sites, LifePoints is more flexible to cashpoints. You can redeem your points through e-gift cards, PayPal, charity, mobile top-up, free coupons, etc., where most of the sites offer only gift cards and PayPal service. Therefore, people face less trouble in earning extra hard cash.

  • Minimum restrictions

Lifepoints only restrict people for age limitation. Except for this, you can earn money from anywhere. Language limitation is not so big here.

So, traffic in LifePoints app or sites is increasing for having no such restrictions.

  • Take part in influencing the market.

Through a survey, you mainly influence the features of the product. Companies take your opinions into count. They try to make their products as consumers demand. So, you are playing a very important role here.

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LifePoints Cons

  • Difficult to qualify

You may have to face a long term of questioning while starting surveys in LifePoints. That period may seem annoying to you, and you need to repeat the same process many times. Therefore, it is a problem to qualify for a survey.

  • Limited way of earning points

Surveys are the main way of earning through LifePoints. You can't earn huge by-product testing or tracking consumer behavior. Other paid surveying platforms will offer you many options except surveys for earning.

  • The sudden cut of points

Sometimes people give an objection that the earned points are cut down without any reason. Some surveys get negative reviews for screening out suddenly.

About these questionable incidents, there is no direct contact or solution media. You have to rely on FAQ. That is very disappointing sometimes.

  • Time delay in receiving money

You need to wait 10 business days to receive your cash in hand. It may seem very long to someone many times.

  • LifePoints expiration

Your points should redeem within a certain time. Otherwise, LifePoints expire sometimes. Some users face such problems for being unaware of this policy.

LifePoints Customer's Reviews

Throughout the world, LifePoints gets a positive review. It has 3.6 stars rating out of 5 on Amazon. In Reddit, consumers also give good comments about it.

Despite some of its negative sides, LifePoints achieves a good place in people's notebooks.

LifePoints Reviews- Final Verdict

In the arena of online survey-based income, LifePoints is very trusted and renowned. Its flexible services and legitimacy attract people who want to earn hard cash through surveys.

You will get an up to date and unbiased opinion employing this review. Be happy and earn a legitimate income online!

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The FAQs About LifePoints

Q. How do I redeem my life points?

You can redeem your life points through PayPal, electronic gift cards, charity, etc. Sometimes LifePoints will provide a chance to redeem points through mobile top-up and free coupons.

Q. Do those paid surveys work?

Except for some fraud sites, paid surveys work fantastic. People who want to earn extra cash Through giving honest opinions, these surveys have opened a great window for them.

Q. What are life points?

LifePoints allows people to earn from online surveys and rewards them through points called life points. You can redeem your points and get hard cash later.

Q. Is LifePoints free?

Yes, LifePoints is a free platform to earn money through paid surveys, product testing, etc. After achieving a certain amount of points, you can redeem points. You don't need to spend a penny at any phase of earning.

Q. Is LifePoints a good survey site?

LifePoints is a legitimate survey site. It gains people's trust through its flexible ways of getting surveys, cash-out points, etc. Despite some drawbacks, it is overall a good survey site.

Q. Is LifePoints legitimate?

LifePoints is cent percent legitimate for people of age above 14 years. When you can earn a sufficient amount of points through surveys, your income is proper and real.

Q. Is LifePoints too good to be true?

LifePoints is trustworthy to earn online rewards. It has tremendous positive reviews and some drawbacks like limited ways of earning, tough to qualify, etc. Above all, LifePoints is good enough for people.

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