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The Prostate Protocol: Is The Prostate Protocol Worth it? Prostate Protocol by 2021.Reviews

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The Prostate Protocol is an e-book written by Scott Davis that focuses on the leading cause of prostate enlargement stated by the official website. Read the ingredients list, side effects & price.

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The Prostate Protocol is an online digital book aimed at exploring the alternative approach towards the problem of an enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The Prostate Protocol is a simple step-by-step guide that gives you an idea of the exact causes of prostate enlargement in men. What’s interesting about this book is that it advises on cultivating the good bacterial colonies that are found inside your gut or small intestines. It’s quite intriguing, especially that this book is about prostate enlargement management.

The Prostate Protocol is quite the unorthodox ebook of its kind. As the title states, it details a protocol towards alleviating an enlarged prostate. This has been a problem for many men worldwide, and medicines only target the symptoms rather than the condition itself. For that, this book details the connection between gut bacteria and an enlarged prostate. That’s right. It sounds peculiar, but there are things that these tiny critters do that makes it essential to have them where they should be.

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For this matter, it markets itself as a book that eliminates Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia's threat from men. It brings hope and encourages men to go out there and seize their life. Still, several doubts may be pouring into your mind—no need to worry because we’ll be taking a closer look at this ebook overall. We will inspect every little detail that we can find from it so that you will have an idea if this product is worth it or not. Without further ado, let us tackle it with this latest, most comprehensive, and detailed review of The Prostate Protocol.

What is The Prostate Protocol?

The Prostate Protocol is a digital book that Scott Davis wrote. The Blue Heron Health News supports it. It sports a purple and red cover with a cross-cut anatomical view of a man’s urinary tract system. This diagram shows an enlarged prostate that is enveloping or disrupting the urethra of the said person. Usually, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia would cause men discomfort because it blocks the passageway for urine among men. This is clearly shown in the diagram on its cover page.

The Prostate Protocol contains 165 pages, with content varying from general prostate gland information to diets, detoxification, lifestyle changes, and a few instructions towards healthy shakes and food that you can prepare at home. It is a comprehensive plan on curing prostate enlargement. We’ll discuss more the content later on. About the author, Scott Davis is dubbed as a highly-respected alternative medical practitioner. Let’s discuss more on the details later. The book is available in digital and paperback copy, but we’ll mostly talk about the book's digital copy in this review.

The Pros and Cons of The Prostate Protocol

As you can imagine, The Prostate Protocol is just like any other digital book with a twist – it explains in detail an unheard-of alternative towards treating the pesky condition of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia at its roots. That’s right – typically, people would tackle this problem due to hormones, but this one tackles the problem through the gut. I know that can sound dishonest at first, but let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons first to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit accordingly.


  • Tackles the root cause of prostate enlargement – hormonal imbalance
  • Promotes proper diet and exercise
  • Shows steps on how to take care of your good gut bacteria (probiotics)
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle
  • Can give men better mental health by boosting their self-confidence
  • Can reduce night trips to the toilet, therefore promoting better sleeping patterns
  • Highly informative; contains information on BPH for further understanding and approaches
  • Available in both digital and paperback versions
  • The official website is hard to find; makes acquiring the digital copy hard


As we can see, The Prostate Protocol is more of an informative guide on prostate health. It contains much useful information about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia that you can use to figure out what’s wrong with your body. Different people have different problems when it comes to their enlarged prostate, and this book aims to cover all the bases to ensure this protocol works for everyone that reads this book. The only con is that the website can be hard to find, which is why we’ll be posting the link again below:

==> Visit the Official Webpage

From this Prostate Protocol official website, you can buy the book and read the testimony of a certain James Channing. The results are outstanding, and it turns out you only need to change your lifestyle to reduce the size of your prostate gland to that of a healthy 25-year-old male.

I know you must be curious about the content, so let’s go ahead and check out what’s in store with the product and how it can help you along the way.

What Does The Prostate Protocol Contain?

The Prostate Protocol is a digital book full of information on alternative remedies that can reduce the size of your enlarged prostate gland to the size of a walnut. If you’re wondering if that’s great, it is! A healthy prostate gland should only be the size of a walnut, not four times larger.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the content of The Prostate Protocol by dissecting the chapters and their categories. This will be a detailed review of The Prostate Protocol's overall content, so get ready for some bit of time invested in this part of the article.

First of all, let’s dive into the first part of the book – an overview of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The ebook cleverly introduces this as an introduction to “irate internal plumbing.” True enough, this exactly how men would describe it – an irritating piece of internal plumbing gone wrong. Under this overview, the book will discuss the essential prostate function and its anatomy. It will detail the prostate gland inside out and give you an idea of why it’s there in the first place. The prostate gland has many uses and functions, which would be highly detailed in this book.

Next up, it will discuss the connections between Prostatic Hyperplasia, Enlargement, and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). It will provide scientific evidence as to where you stand currently with your state of health. This gives you a point of view on the things you should do to mitigate the problem. The Prostate Protocol will pinpoint the primary symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. This will contain facts about the enlarged prostate and its underlying symptoms. It will give you information that could assess just how deep you are already with your enlarged prostate problem. Of course, this book will also go about the most common causes of why the prostate gland gets enlarged. You may know about hormonal imbalance already, but other factors behind it would be tackled in this book, like stress. Lastly, The Prostate Protocol will go about the complete list of risk factors for increased Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia susceptibility.

Next up, the reading material will tackle everything about diagnostic tools. What are these so-called “diagnostic tools?” These are the things you can do to detect if you indeed have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The book will discuss ways to monitor your condition and provide you with insight on how you’ll know if your condition is getting better. Surprisingly, the book also has content on advanced testing and lab analysis procedures. If you’re curious about how it is done, you can always buy the book for yourself. It’s an excellent book to have, and it is informative on this kind of level.

With that part done, we can see that Prostate Protocol provides an in-depth overview of the tiniest details about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It provides us with concrete, scientific understanding that we can use to assess and monitor our condition. Of course, this is without saying that we should still consult our doctor about it since they have the proper tools to do the job. Still, it is better than other books, which tackle the problem on the surface. For that, I commend The Prostate Protocol.

Next up, the specifics of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia are discussed. This is unlike the previous part of the book, where BPH was tackled from an external perspective. The book tackles BPH and its internal intricacies in this next chapter that’s adequately called “Understanding the Engine to Shift Gears.” Just like your automobile, your prostate gland propels your intimate drive forward, so it’s necessary to understand how it works.

The first thing The Prostate Protocol tackles in the chapter are the cellular mechanisms that underlie BPH. It will discuss the prostate gland's anatomy on a cellular level, touching on subjects such as reproductive hormone disruption, neuro-endocrine disruption, and more. It also tackles how the immune system overreacts to things, leading to inflammation that can affect the speed at which the prostate gland can expand. There’s also the added topic of metabolic instability and common cardiovascular problems that are related to BPH. In general, we can say that there are a lot of things that surround BPH. Many factors are needed to be considered, which is why it’s so hard to find the source in the first place. However, it seems that Scott Davis, or Blue Heron, has found the source at which the prostate gland can go back to its original size.

Additional content includes the several risk factors that provoke this kind of reaction. The enlargement of the prostate can sometimes be referred to as our body's reaction to something, whether it’s stress or others. This is why the first part of this book is so important, especially the diagnostic part. Knowing which risk factor you’re exposed to can quickly diagnose where you’re coming from. However, if you’re unsure, seek professional medical advice. Listed risk factors in the book which tell us of an enlarging prostate include dietary risk factors, lifestyle-related risk factors, risky environmental exposure, and many more. There are many things to consider, so it’s best to check out the book to learn more.

After all that is read, we probably know now where our enlarged prostate came from and how to gauge our condition. With that said, the next part of the book deals with natural solutions for prostatic relief. I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you’re quite intrigued as to how you can relieve yourself from countless annoying trips to the toilet every night. It’s causing you to sleep deprivation, and that is not a good thing. Great news, you can do something to relieve yourself from this horrendous experience!

For one, there are natural dietary interventions listed in the book. This can come in many ways, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, herbal nutrients, and other things. The book explains in detail what you need to maintain a healthy diet. Sure, eating healthy is easy, but having the right food to intake is hard to choose on your own. With this book, you’ll be able to see what food you exactly need to relieve yourself of your prostatic burdens.

There are also other interventions listed here, such as lifestyle interventions. These lifestyle interventions have one thing in common – they reduce stress. Things such as exercise, sleep hygiene, sunbathing, and mindful stress management sessions are some of the ways that are explained in detail in this book. This is because reduced stress can reduce the aggravation made by your enlarged prostate. In some ways, it can even help reduce it as well.

Of course, with these interventions, there are certain things a man should know. It’s not a magical intervention, so the author of The Prostate Protocol added some things about proper detoxification and things that should be cut down and done in moderation. They also provide tips on natural substitutes for some cooking ingredients.

Overall, these tips and tricks listed to relieve an enlarged prostate are too welcomed by men who have been suffering for a very long time. As they say, relief only comes once in a blue moon for people suffering from BPH, but if there are methods for relief intervention, then as it turns out, BPH was only a choice to take action on.

Lastly, The Prostate Protocol discusses the different ways on how you can prepare nutritious blends that can give you added immunity and better probiotic health. That’s right; this prostate manual turned into a cooking book in a matter of minutes. How is that? It’s because of precise detail. According to some studies, good bacteria in our gut (called probiotics) can also help regulate our hormone balance. If the colonies inside our gut die out, then it can turn into a hormonal imbalance disaster. What’s the root cause of an enlarged prostate? It’s a hormonal imbalance.

This is why the book deals with a healthy diet and nutrition, so that your gut bacteria will be in full swing and that your hormone balance will come back. At least, that’s how they intend to tackle it. Some of the blends you can try out from this book are healthy anti-BPH smoothies, trail mixes, revolutionary vitamin C drinks, and night time tea mixes. Everything that could help you recover the standard size of your prostate is found in this book. This is without saying that this is alternative medicine. As much as possible, I would recommend that you consult your doctor about this if you’re still having doubts. Still, it won’t hurt if you would try.

All this content points to a specific protocol – a plan that would take 12 weeks for a person to mitigate BPH naturally and most safely. That would be three months at most. That is what Prostate Protocol is all about. It is a protocol for healthy prostate glands to take relief from the troublesome condition they get as they age. Overall, the content is quite lovely. It’s informative, diverse, and fun to read. You won’t even notice that you read 156 pages already. It’s also scientifically-based. You can get all the evidence you need from this book and still have time for your loved ones while you cure yourself of this illness. With that much said about the book, aren’t you curious about who wrote the book?

Who Wrote Prostate Protocol?

Scott Davis wrote The Prostate Protocol. However, this might be entirely the case, as according to further analysis on the matter, there is a disclaimer posted on their website that the name “Scott Davis” was merely a pen name. However, there’s an exciting piece of information that I found while reading the book. The Blue Heron Health News wrote it. Thus, this is a book that an organization collectively writes of alternative medical practitioners. As to why they used a pen name, I’m not entirely sure. What’s sure, however, is that this book is written with credibility and research. It is divided into four sections that are easy-to-understand even for people who hate reading books in general. With that said, it’s a well-written book, and even though it doesn’t have the credibility of a respectable author, we can take a quick look with Google and see that the Prostate Protocol is spitting out facts instead of nonsense.

What Does The Prostate Protocol Do?

Prostate Protocol aims to alleviate the symptoms and irritability that Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or an enlarged prostate brings to a man. It lays down a protocol or a game plan to relieve an individual of his symptoms and tackle the problem straight on. The plan is mostly directed to lifestyle and dietary choices, so what it generally does is that it makes us more resilient to other disorders and stabilizes our good bacterial population inside our gut or small intestine. It is an easy-to-follow protocol that involves your creativity and discipline in following a specific set of instructions. When a person successfully follows these small, simple steps, he is usually relieved of an enlarged prostate in 12 weeks, more or less. Each individual is wired differently, and so results may vary accordingly.

How Does The Prostate Protocol May Help You?

The Prostate Protocol alleviates one of the significant causes of irritability among older men – an enlarged prostate. In general, this protocol can help the overall life of any man who happens to suffer from BPH. As we know, most men suffer from BPH, and it is a huge relief to have something like this on a digital scale. An instruction manual of sorts, The Prostate Protocol helps men retake their life back as if they were back in their 20’s again. Specifically, The Prostate Protocol can help men catch up on sleepless nights or even survive painful urination throughout the day. It can also help men become manly again by fixing the hormones through dietary and lifestyle changes. This book helps a lot, and it is only right that you get a copy if you’re suffering from the same fate as most men do. Let’s spread the word and help one another through natural means!

Is The Prostate Protocol Any Good?

Yes! The Prostate Protocol is a good reading material to have. Not only does it help you on the natural track, but it can also increase your fighting chance against an enlarged prostate. Even though you haven’t developed complications from the conditions yet, you can still follow this protocol to stay healthy and prevent such discomfort from coming into your life. This book is so good that you can learn things that you haven’t studied back in school. It’s an all-in-one guide towards prostatic freedom. Go ahead and check out the book now!

How Does The Prostate Protocol Work?

Prostate Protocol works by taking a shot at increasing the probiotic population found in your small intestines to attempt to balance out the hormonal levels inside your body. According to the book, prostate glands tend to expand due to the hormonal imbalance done by decreasing gut bacteria population, so Prostate Protocol contains a list of things that you can do to increase the number of probiotics that are found inside your body. In maintaining a healthy population of probiotics, your body's hormonal balance will come to equilibrium, and your prostate gland will start shrinking. This, in turn, will give you relief from all the prostatic problems that you are facing.

Whom is The Prostate Protocol Written For?

The Prostate Protocol is written for men who desire to break free from the troubles of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. An enlarged prostate can often make a man desperate, and sometimes, doctors can’t help us deal with the problem even though they tried their best. This is why there are alternative medicinal solutions around the corner like this Prostate Protocol.

It can also help men who aren’t suffering from BPH yet. As they say, prevention is better than the cure, and preventing BPH from happening in the first place is somewhat the better choice. If you happen to get curious about what the Prostate Protocol is but don’t have the condition yet, I highly suggest that you follow the advice listed here. It will be one of the best things that you can do to stay healthy for years to come.

Where Can I buy The Prostate Protocol?

The Prostate Protocol official website can be found here.

This website contains everything that you need to know about the book and the product itself. It contains testimonials and other useful things that you would want to know before buying the product.

How Much Does The Prostate Protocol Cost?

The Prostate Protocol costs only $49.I know that sounds a lot, but hear me out. As I was browsing through this book, I noticed a lot of information regarding prostate health in this single reading material. There’s even a couple of ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of if they weren’t written in this book.

However, we all know that digital books are always like that, so what’s the main catch?

Well, for $49, you get the whole digital product with full, lifetime access to the digital version of this book. You can download it to your heart’s desire and distribute it to friends or family that may need it in the near or distant future. What’s more, you can get updates for this digital book for free! This product is available worldwide, and you can buy it using your credit card or PayPal account. The retailer of Prostate Protocol is ClickBank, a highly reputable retailer based in the state of Idaho in the United States of America. Remember, you can only buy a legitimate The Prostate Protocol ebook from their official website, so don't miss out on these deals. Buying elsewhere (like Amazon) means that there could be a chance that it is an imitation of the product. This is the link to The Prostate Protocol official website is linked here.

The Prostate Protocol Money Back Guarantee

Prostate Protocol offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for people who are unsatisfied with the product. According to the company, if your symptoms haven’t completely dissipated even though you’ve tried everything that’s written in the protocol, you can have your money back within 60 days of purchase, guaranteed.

The Prostate Protocol Testimonies

Many people have tried out The Prostate Protocol, and the results were outstanding. The testimony of James Channing, one person who tried out The Prostate Protocol, was very inspiring. The fact that he did it without medical bills is a feat on its own. According to the website, many men have tried out the protocol for themselves, and it worked perfectly fine. This is the reason why they are fully confident of a money-back guarantee since they’re pretty sure it works all the time. They guarantee 100% satisfaction from their readers, and I hope you’ll love it too!

The Prostate Protocol Downsides

The Prostate Protocol has no downsides when it comes to content. However, sometimes it may not work for people, which is because their bodies have tolerances for such alternative approaches. Thus, we must test out all avenues before reacting negatively to this book. We’re not entirely discounting the protocol's capabilities mentioned, but we’re saying there’s a possibility that it wouldn’t work on you. Besides that minor technicality, it should work perfectly fine for most men, whatever their age may be.

Why Would You Need The Prostate Protocol?

It would be best if you had Prostate Protocol to guide how to prevent or deal with an enlarged prostate, both past, present, and future. It’s an instructional, healthy guide that gives men the power they desire to overcome each inconvenient trip to the bathroom. BPH has been a problem for many men and being offered a solution is more than enough of a reason to have this digital book by your side.

The Prostate Protocol Summary and Verdict

The Prostate Protocol gives men a plan to deal with the pesky enlarged prostates that they have always struggled with in the past. This book is full of nutritional information that encourages men to have a better diet regimen with exercise to feel good and stay fit all the time. This major alternative breakthrough can also help others seeking to have a better probiotic population in their gut. After all, it’s not just the hormones that these bacteria deal with but also the digestion process for many people across the globe. For that, I would highly recommend that you buy your very own copy of The Prostate Protocol to be relieved of the burdens of an enlarged prostate gland.

Click here to buy The Prostate Protocol directly from the official website for the best price online, where you will guarantee to avoid all The Prostate Protocol scams.

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