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Clubhouse App Review: Is this fast-rising Social Media Beneficial for Business Owners? KISS PR Storytellers Weigh In

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Learn the benefits business owners can gain from using Clubhouse App, one of the fastest-rising social media in 2021.

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One of the most-talked-about topics in the digital world these days is Clubhouse, reportedly the fastest-growing social networking app, which is still in its beta phase.

Many people are curious about this social networking app as even the famous Elon Musk is tweeting about it. And, it's not just him. Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, and Chris Rock are also a few celebrities among its two million weekly active beta users.

What is Clubhouse App?

The Clubhouse app is tagged as the first audio chat social networking wherein users can drop by into rooms and listen to other users' conversations. It's just like the audio version of Snapchat, wherein once the video is posted, it disappears after 24 hours. The difference is that, in Clubhouse, the audio disappears after the talk or conversation is finished.

How to Use it?

It is easy to use. Once an account is set up, Clubhouse would recommend rooms where a user can join. These rooms are based on the user's interests.

When users join rooms, they can listen to any talks or conversations initiated by its organizers. The users also have an option to talk.

If the rooms suggested by Clubhouse are not what the user is looking for, they can use the search button to look for rooms with topics that align with their interests.

How to Register?

As of this writing, Clubhouse registration is invite-only. People who wanted to register but without invitation are encouraged to pre register by picking up their preferred username and providing their mobile numbers.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for download on iOS devices. As it is still in beta, its developers haven't released it on Android OS yet.

How Can Business Owners Benefit From It?

Since Clubhouse is voice-only, its developers believe that with no camera on, their users don't have to worry about eye contact, what they are wearing, or where they are. Their users can talk on Clubhouse while folding their laundry, breastfeeding, commuting, and the like. Here's a more detailed explanation from Clubhouse's blog.

"Instead of typing something and hitting Send, you're engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue with others. The intonation, inflection, and emotion conveyed through voice allow you to pick up on nuance and form uniquely human connections with others. You can still challenge each other and have tough conversations—but with voice, there is often an ability to build more empathy. This is what drew us to the medium."

Because of these advantages when using Clubhouse, here's how business owners can benefit from it.

1. Expand the influence

The Clubhouse app has great potential to help business owners expand their influence, especially those that want to reach out to an audience that they cannot reach using other social media platforms. According to Neil Patel, Clubhouse's potential to build an engaged community is one reason that draws him to it.

"What draws me to the Clubhouse app is the potential to build an engaged community and grow your sphere of influence. By creating rooms on topics you're passionate about and providing valuable conversations, you can quickly establish yourself as an industry expert. Users can check out your profile and follow you. Next time you go live, your audience will receive a push notification so they can tune in."

2. Community-Building for Virtual Events

As it has great potential in building an engaged community, the Clubhouse app is an excellent place for community-building for virtual events. Social Media Examiner shares how it fosters an exclusive and intimate community.

"2020 saw a surge in virtual events and summits, but with it came privacy concerns and expenses trying to get attendees together into a live setting. Clubhouse offers an intimate, exclusive community in the form of a club that can accompany virtual and even in-person events for attendees to connect and engage with each other."

3. Generates More Business Opportunities

Since Clubhouse is an excellent place to meet people and communicate with them on a more in-depth level, it naturally follows that it can help entrepreneurs create more business opportunities.

According to Jeremy Knauff in his article published on Entrepreneur.com, Clubhouse's environment is like a turbocharged incubator for business opportunities.

"On Clubhouse, though, users will often carry on in-depth, engaging conversations for hours — sometimes even more than a full day. And rather than constantly pitching their products or services, most users are freely and transparently sharing their knowledge to help others achieve their goals. This environment is like a turbocharged incubator for business opportunities that benefits everyone from those just getting started, all the way up to world-famous multi-millionaires like Cardone, Kevin Harrington and Tyrese Gibson."

4. Connect with Potential Investors

According to Neil Patel, venture capitalists (VCs) are part of the exclusive crowd on Clubhouse, allowing entrepreneurs to mingle with potential investors.

"Venture capitalists (VCs) are a big part of the exclusive crowd mingling on Clubhouse. This presents an exciting opportunity for startups to get in front of investors and make valuable business connections."

5. Great Platform for Oral Storytelling

For those who are not good at writing or those who are not good at speaking in front of the camera, Clubhouse is a great alternative to tell a brand's story or to share an entrepreneur's expertise.

For many, talking or conversing is more comfortable and less hassle. Users can quickly jump into any conversation without being conscious of how they look or being paranoid if their grammar is wrong. And this is why we believe Clubhouse will soon become one of the major players in the social media space.

Final Thoughts

Here at KISS PR, we believe that Clubhouse is a significant disruptor in the social networking space. There's no doubt that many business owners can benefit from it. From sharing their expertise to expand influence, community-building for virtual events, a business generation tool, a great place to meet potential investors, and an excellent oral storytelling platform. Join KISS PR Storytelling planform using this link and we will send you an invite to join our chat room.

As Clubhouse is still in its beta stage, the need to get on it this early can make a huge difference, especially for those who want to establish their business' brand on the platform ahead of their competitors.


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