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Instagram for Digital PR Experts by Rene Perras Lawyer PR Expert

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Your social media strategies need to change constantly with the updates. Hence, we’re here to help you with the latest features that’ll add extras to your marketing approach.

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To begin with, Instagram is like other modern social channels packed with the latest features, which constantly changes to sustain the transformation of social media.

You’re probably familiar with the tons of updates in Instagram’s features in the last couple of years. The established features of Instagram are extremely essential for marketers.

So, let’s dive into Instagram’s features that will surely help marketing experts to boost their marketing strategies. But before that, let’s have a quick tour of the latest additions to Instagram that are best for business and marketing experts.

What’s New?

Well, Instagram has released oodles of features for marketing experts. Let’s have a look.

  • Stories and Stickers - Stories with functions like polls or countdown are becoming more and more the center of attraction for Instagram users. Besides, the Quiz Sticker is great for strikingly interactive stories.

  • Testing removal of likes- Instagram is testing removing of the public likes counter on the post. Nonetheless, likes are still tracked and remain a plus point for the marketers.

  • Shopping- Preferred brands are currently able to test the shopping feature of Instagram that uses the augmented reality filters.

  • Messaging with Thread- This feature will help to provide an insight into Instagram users, who will receive marketing-oriented messages.

Instagram for Digital PR & Marketing Experts

From the launch, Instagram is adding a chunk of features that favor the marketers- both paid ads feature along with organic posts. Here are some of the important features of Instagram for marketing experts.

  • Video Posts

You must be aware of Instagram’s video posts. Right? They’re like usual photo posts, except the videos are 60 seconds long. Videos posts fascinate more users than photo posts on Instagram. Isn’t it the best option for the brands that are seeking to win Instagram’s new algorithm?

Yes, that is correct. Instagram’s new algorithm tracks user engagements in your posts to determine whether or not you should display your content.

  • IGTV

Have you ever tried making an IGTV video on Instagram? If no, then you should try the Instagram TV app that will allow you to share videos that are up to an hour-long. Same as a TV episode.

It is the big news for the creators or marketers who are into video content. Especially for the marketing experts. Surprisingly, over 80% of businesses are using Instagram’s TV for video marketing. IGTV grants marketers to share longer video content with the support of the notification. Yes, it’s an advantage that your users will get notifications when you'll share a new video.

  • Turns existing posts into ads

Before, you couldn’t turn an existing post into an ad until you hit the in-app Promote button. But now, marketers can turn their posts into ads in the Ads Manager option.

Here are some tips you can follow to turn your organic post into ads.

  • Select your most popular posts. These are seemingly your best content for whatever reasons your users are relating better.

  • If your organic post has received loads of likes, you might consider running them as Engagement ads.

Shoppable Tags

The feature allows you to tag businesses in your photos. For instance, if you show a model wearing your brand’s outfit, you’d tag the outfit so that the users can click right over to the brand’s page and purchase the outfit. See, it is that easy.

Presently, marketing experts can tag products on stories as well. This is the best way to showcase the product in live-action or user-generated content. You can imagine the reliability of sharing one of your customer’s story in your story with the tag of your product.

  • Filters

There are over 40 Instagram filters for you to get creative. However, being the marketer, you’re going to want your content to be steady in terms of your brand image and style.

Instagram allows you to manage your favorite filter. Select the filter your company might use, though. You have to keep in mind that don’t go overboard. You should select what you feel suitable for your company’s identity.

Social media evolves in a blink of an eye. Make sure to keep up with the consumer demands and competition from others. Focus on how you can benefit from the new features as a marketing expert.

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