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Townsend Family Law Solicitors Brings Attention to Increased Divorce Rates and No-Fault Divorce Law

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Townsend Family Law Solicitors, recognizing the right of couples to end a marriage in the manner they see fit, cites no-fault divorce law as the solution that best suits the interests of their clients

London, United Kingdom, 02/10/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

London, UK - Covid-19's lockdown has proven to be a catalyst for the downturn in the economy and rising divorce rates. With society in a state of anxiety, experts are concerned that the lockdown will further propel an increase in divorce rates. Townsend Family Law Solicitors has since condemned the lack of urgency in comparison with the dramatic economic and social changes that are expected during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.

Divorce rates have been rising continuously in the UK since 1996, reaching 42% in 2020. Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown, which has resulted in widespread economic and social turmoil, is bringing to the fore the notion that the time has come for the UK to change the current divorce law, which requires the existence of serious fault to dissolve a marriage.

The no-fault divorce law seems to be the ideal solution for citizens who may find themselves in desperate need of legal protection. The no-fault divorce law means that a marriage ends in the absence of specific factors regardless of the reasons. In other words, a marriage ends in the absence of one of the spouses having done something wrong or having failed to do something right.

"At Townsend Family Law Solicitors, we believe that everyone has the right to a happy life, and sometimes a happy life means a separation. We started to realise that divorce is not always a failure, and that true happiness is the result of a fresh insight that leads to divorce and to an independent life," said the managing partner of Townsend Family Law Solicitors Waltham Abbey.

"As a locally established Divorce solicitors in Waltham Abbey, we have been working with clients who want to get out of a difficult marriage or relationship for years. Divorce law is meant to protect people who suffer from domestic violence or violent situations. The no-fault divorce law will help you protect yourself and your children and will also protect your property rights. Still, there are formalities you should follow, and as a Family Solicitors Waltham Abbey we are here to make sure you follow them," added the former director.

At earlier stages of marriage, spouses may seem to be completely in love with one another. But, as time passes, cracks start to show, and they find themselves in a difficult situation where they do not wish to be involved in the marriage any longer. However, the situation may be more complex than that. One may be married with children and too busy to leave the husband or wife. Furthermore, if the couple has shared property, such as a family home, there may be a dispute over who gets what. And in a situation like this, divorce law would come to the rescue.

"The no fault divorce law can help you resolve the problems arising from your marriage, property disputes, financial issues, and obligations to children. Divorce is a long and difficult process that can be a nightmare for those who may not know much about the law or the process that will follow," said Managing Director of Townsend Family Law Solicitors.

"We want to bring our clients a solution that is simple, fast, and legal. We want them to get a swifter lifestyle that allows them a brighter future. Divorce under the no-fault divorce law leads to a faster divorce and less mental and emotional strain. Our experts will analyse your particular case and suggest a way forward that is most suitable," added the former director.

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