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Things That Every Traveler Needs To Have Or Do Before Traveling

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Here is a list of things that every traveler should have before traveling anywhere.

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There is no secret that soon every airport will be open, and every airline will start their flights all over the world.

And what that means? It means the traveling industry will be booming again. So that means you need to be prepared for that.

But this article will not be about that you need some camping gear or something. But simple things that make your travels easier and will make you happier and satisfied with your trips.

Check Your Passport

This is such a simple thing to do, but so many people forget this. You would ask - “what to check?”. Your expiration date.

You don’t want to be stuck at some airport or a country just because your passport ended a couple of days ago and you didn’t see that.

Expired passport means missed flights, missed hotel bookings, missed fairy, and everything else. Basically, it can destroy your trip completely.

Check Restrictions

If you have planned a trip around many countries, not just one (Also traveling to one country, you need to do this), you need to take a look at every country’s restrictions that they have.

Maybe you will have to sit in a self-isolation for a couple of days, maybe you will need a negative COVID-19 test, or maybe you won’t even be able to enter some countries just because you are flying from a “red list” country.

So please make sure you know everything, just to avoid some problems that you may encounter.

Have Something From Home

If something bad happens or you get stuck in some country just because of restrictions, have something from your home that makes you feel like you are still at home.

It can be anything that is close to you and your family. I would suggest you buy a custom map from Grafomap.

Imagine having a map of your street or your city when you feel homesick just of some restrictions you encountered in some country. It will also be a great above bed decor at your hotel where you will have to stay during self-isolation or something like that.

Check Your Health

While the pandemic was bursting all over the world and you being at home, there is a high chance that your body’s immune system has gotten weaker.

Before traveling somewhere, check your health, check if you need some vaccines against seasonal flu or anything else.

Especially when going to Africa, if you haven’t been there, your body will never understand what is happening when some insect bites you, because you don’t have some things in your country.

Just get yourself checked before going somewhere, so you don’t have any surprises. Because who wants some extra medical expenses in a country that he doesn’t know anything about?

Get Insurance

Some people would ask this - “Why would I need some insurance?” You can’t even imagine how much money people lose on medical expenses, lost baggage, extra expenses just because they didn’t have travel insurance.

You never know what can happen, maybe you will forget your camera in a taxi, insurance will cover it.

Maybe while hiking, you twist an ankle, break your arm, or anything happens with your health, insurance will cover it. Because you will never know how much everything will cost in some countries. Maybe they will treat you for 10 times more expensive just because you come from a rich country.

You can get insurance on just about anything: your baggage, health, electronics, everything.


Just be careful out there when starting to travel again. We all know that it’s hard not to travel, but if you don’t need it, maybe don’t do it while there is a global pandemic?

Just stay safe!

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