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BetterHelp or Talkspace? Which one is best for online therapy Reviewed By Innerbody Research

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One of the perks of the current times is that we live in an age where individuals are able to communicate and receive help in a multitude of platforms and avenues.

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One of the perks of the current times is that we live in an age where individuals are able to communicate and receive help in a multitude of platforms and avenues. This has become prevalent in the telehealth industry and it is growing at an exponential rate making it easier for individuals to receive help from the convenience of their home. However, convenience can sometimes come with its own set of challenges. How can one be sure they will receive the same quality care that they receive in person?

As mental health has seen a decline in current times due to a myriad of reasons, including the pandemic, it is promising that mental health services have seen a boom in numbers and a variety of services. It has been said that a wave of mental health issues will be more and more prevalent post covid so now more than ever is an opportune time for individuals to take control of their mental health. Companies like BetterHealth who offer therapy services, can help individuals get the help they need from their medical experts and technicians all from the comfort of the home.

BetterHelp is the largest platform for online therapy helping people get the quality care that they deserve. With roughly 7,800 licensed specialists, over a million people have received quality care with over 70 million sessions held online. That being said, BetterHealth is one of the biggest players in the field with many people considering it just as effective and more convenient than in-person mental health services.

Like all services, there are pros and cons, but BetterHealth has been deemed more successful than other similar companies due to their execution and organization. Below we will evaluate the pros and cons of BetterHelp services.


Our research has looked exclusively into the type of service which is provided by BetterHelp. The positive aspects have been mentioned as follows:

  • The time which is spent by a therapist at work is quite important to understand their worth. The specialists who are working with BetterHelp as specialists have over 2000 hours of experience in the last 3 years and this is the bare minimum.

  • Mental health is a major concern for a large part of the society today. It is not limited to depression or anxiety. There are many forms of mental disorders that often go undiagnosed. The specialists at BetterHelp can treat multiple mental disorders.

  • The communication is through mobile apps or online mode. This made the entire process of communication quite hassle-free and smooth.

  • The choice of the mode of communication is entirely up to the patient. He or she can wish to commute with the help of message, calls, or online video calls. Each of these will be entertained by the therapists of BetterHelp.

  • The cost which is asked for therapy with BetterHelp is quite affordable. In fact, it is much lower than the regular therapy sessions. The monetary deals are also quite transparent and simple.

  • The system is fast and user friendly. There are no issues if the patient refuses to continue treatment with BetterHelp. The requirements and wishes of the patient are respected by the team of BetterHelp.

  • No complaint has ever arisen about the doctor-patient confidentiality of the specialists of BetterHelp. The patients can remain anonymous and discreet about their treatment as mental health issues are still considered to be a stigma for the society.

BetterHelp Reviews have also been supportive of the pros which have been already mentioned. The reviews have been the basis of finding this information as well. The reviews are often posted on the open platforms for other patients to see and analyze. This furthermore emphasizes the point that BetterHelp is very transparent about their customer services.


There are no major cons that can be stated about BetterHelp. The entire project is dedicated to the development of human mental and emotional health. However, the court orders cannot be fulfilled by BetterHelp and the therapists cannot prescribe medicines. This makes the process tricky. What is trickier is the fact that free trials are not easy to obtain from BetterHelp. The reviews of BetterHelp have also discussed these factors.

As you can see in the comparison which is drawn between BetterHelp vs Talkspace, BetterHelp has come across as a more developed platform for the individuals to share their views and find a safe space. The present condition of the patients is not about finding the right medication but finding a space where they can feel free to share their thoughts and get professional help. This is provided by BetterHelp in very accurate and precise terms.

Final words

One would always recommend BetterHelp to share their concerns about mental health. If the therapist on the board cannot help the patient, he or she will always recommend the patient to get help in the real world from a clinic-based psychiatrist. The perfect patient-therapist relationship can help the patient to develop the right outlook towards life.

Mental health is one of the issues which have been plaguing the world for a very long time. Many patients are not able to afford therapist hours for themselves which has led to the formation of dysfunctional individuals and families. If the problem is not nipped at the bud, it will continue to spread and gradually form a dysfunctional society. This will not be accepted at any count. BetterHelp aims to remove this problem with the help of online therapy sessions so that the patients at least understand that they need medical care instead of hopelessly grasping in the dark.

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