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Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Reviews – Does Lunalis Gold Face Oil Really Work?

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Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is an anti-aging oil made by Lunalis Cosmetics that focuses on making your skin brilliant, as stated by the official website. Read the ingredients list, side effects & price.

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Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is an all-natural facial serum that helps bring back the skin's natural radiant glow. It is a serum packed with essential oils that can fight off aging and signs of stress. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is one of the most reputable brands out there, owing to its ingredients, product presentation, and cost. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil contains some of the most effective skin rejuvenating ingredients available in the market right now, including Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Prickly Pear Seed Oil. However, the thing that makes this facial serum or face oil stand out is the presence of 24-karat flakes of gold. Now that’s a luxury item that people can get behind in their quest towards facial skin rejuvenation.

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Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is an extremely intriguing product at first sight. This is why I am compelled to take you into this review to check if this product is indeed effective or not. With this Lunalis Extreme Face Oil latest review, we will see what this product can bring to our faces and if it’s indeed the best anti-aging serum on the market as advertised. I’ve used many serums already in the past, but this is by far the first serum we’ll try with Gold flakes included. We’ll see if that has anything to do with the effectiveness of this serum and other details about it as well. Serums, or face oils, are supposed to moisturize, protect, and rejuvenate the face through 100% natural essential oils. We’ll see if Lunalis Extreme Face Oil meets this standard or beyond. Let’s get started.

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Product Description

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is a facial serum with four key ingredients – Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and 24-karat Gold Flakes. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is made with 100% all-natural ingredients and is manufactured in the United States of America under state-of-the-art manufacturing standards. It is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved product as well.

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is made for skin that is dry, flaky or damaged. It is also made for people who have apparent aging signs on their face, such as wrinkles and other kinds of marks. This face oil hydrates softens, and makes glowing skin thanks to the oils inside the product. It also does not clog the pores on our skin, making it less prone to pimple outbreaks as well. It prevents moisture loss, promotes fresher-looking skin, and fortifies skin’s elasticity. It is also said to protect the skin against premature signs of aging. Indeed, the Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is dubbed as the “secret to anti-aging and glowing natural skin.”

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil wasn’t made and tested on animals and contained no parabens, toxins, synthetic dyes, toxins, fragrances, and other like components. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 30 days from the original purchase, which is a nice touch for consumers. This product is manufactured by Lunalis Cosmetics and was just rolled out last year, 2020.

Product Name

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil


Skin Care

Main Benefits

Anti-Aging Oil

Ingredients of Lunalis Extreme Face Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Oil, 24-Karat Gold (See full list)

Administration Route

Applied to the skin

Dosage Instructions

One (1) to Two (2) drops


1-3 months

Alcohol Warning

No Restrictions



Side Effects

No significant side effects reported


$49 (Check for Discount)


Only through the official website

Official Website

Click Here

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Official Website

You can find Lunalis Extreme Face Oil's official website when you visit the following link. Here, you’ll find a short introductory video on the product, as well as their overall product description and money-back guarantee details. If you’re also curious and have any questions, you’ll find their Frequently Asked Questions section near the bottom of the page. Of course, you’ll also see here the links where you can buy your very own Lunalis Extreme Face Oil.

While we’re at it, it is worth mentioning that you can only buy Lunalis Extreme Face Oil through their official website. If you try to buy this product elsewhere, that means you’re buying an illegitimate or fake copy. The only authentic Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is found on this website. Do not buy elsewhere to remain protected by company and consumer rights. You can find other things on the website: their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Affiliates, and Contact Us page. These links are useful if you’re looking into the legality of this product, company, and website.

What Does Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Do?

Lunalis Gold Extreme Face Oil does what other facial serum does – it hydrates, moisturizes (yes, those are two different terms), rejuvenates, and eliminates signs of aging from your skin. It also protects your skin from more cellular skin damage. Furthermore, it makes the skin glow more due to the presence of 24-karat flakes of gold.

First off, let’s talk about the hydration process. These essential oils are packed with hydrating properties that make our skin more welcome to accept moisture into its cells. A combination of Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, and Jojoba Oil does the job quite efficiently and quickly. How does this hydration help? It means that our skin won’t become dry, making it easier to maintain elasticity, thus alleviating more wrinkles.

Next up, when the skin is hydrated, it needs to become moisturized. But you will say, “it’s already hydrated, isn’t it the same as moisturizing something.” Well, both yes and no. You see, if you hydrate something, you don’t know if it will lock the moisture inside it. For example, if you water a plant that naturally repels water on its leaves, we can say that you hydrated the plant but did not moisturize it. Therefore, moisturizing something involves locking up the hydration given to it.

The Lunalis Extreme Face Oil locks up moisture in our skin, making it extremely helpful in rejuvenating the teenage glow of our skin. It will make us look fresher and more “glowing,” so to speak.

Now that we’re at the part of glowing, indeed, your skin will glow thanks to the 24-karat Gold Flakes. This unusual yet luxurious ingredient found in this serum is mainly used to make your skin glow. Don’t worry; it won’t irritate your skin. It feels like it might increase my skin's mineral content, but I’m unsure of that. Imagine yourself glowing because of natural gold. Isn’t that something that feels like royalty?

Back to the topic of moisturizing, Lunalis Extreme Face, Oil delivers a better effect on your face than, let’s say, Tea Tree Oil serums. The combination of all-natural ingredients that aren’t commonly found in your average daily serums is a welcome sight, and it shows on the people that use this product.

How Does Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Help?

Lunalis Gold Extreme Face Oil helps individuals achieve true inner peace. How does it do that?

Well, people usually say that things that we reflect outside bother us. There’s also a saying that you can eventually become more beautiful or handsome by taking care of your skin as time goes by.

If you have a particularly bothering issue of an aging face or a face that has seen signs of stress and such, people can see you as pitiful, or in some cases, not caring of yourself. It puts a stressful weight on your back and your mental health in general. It is a sensitive issue that can put a strain on your mental processes.

People are naturally concerned about how they show themselves to the public. If anything, people would hide that they’re stressed or even aging as much as possible.

This is how Lunalis Extreme Face Oil can help. You’ll have complete control over how you will show yourself to the world. With this product, you can show that you have great-looking skin, therefore alleviating people's tactless statements.

I know that reason seems shallow, but sometimes it just accumulates to a certain point that you can’t handle it anymore. Besides, it won’t hurt if you treat yourself once in a while. In reality, a better-looking skin in public can lead to more people treating you right. Strange, but people’s beauty standards are messed up.

Also, it helps with specific skin problems. Wall the natural things that this product contains, this part of the formula won’t be snubbed to the corner. It’s packed with many things that can help the skin feel rejuvenated and replenished. It can take care of the cells within your skin and can give you more protection against outside threats such as pollution, humidity, and others. By maintaining moisture within your skin, you prevent it from developing more wrinkles, thus making it more elastic and youthful at the same time.

There’s also the part where you generally help the environment. Several beauty products are tested on animals, but Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is not done this way. The company abides by strict cruelty-free measures, so by using this serum, you also help the environment and animals. Let’s patronize companies that don’t use experimental animals!

There are many ways that the Lunalis Extreme Face Oil can help, and you can eventually discover them all if you just try it out yourself.

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Manufacturer

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil was made by Lunalis Cosmetics. It is a trustworthy cosmetic company that is based in New York City, USA. You’ll see their headquarters near the Empire State Building, in Koreatown, along 5th Avenue. It is a company that focuses mainly on skincare, and they take pride in their Opuntia Prickly Pear plant, which contains properties that can help the skin feel revitalized and rejuvenated on the cellular level.

Overall, the company aims to bring a skin-care brand that “embodies a luxurious life with infinite possibilities.” Indeed, they have embodied it with their 24-karat Gold Flakes. The values of this company include naturalism and the protection of women. They also value simplicity above others. They also do not use any artificial substance in their products, as they believe it compromises the overall effectiveness and advocacy of Lunalis as a whole.

In a nutshell, this company is a legitimate company by all means. They have been around since 2020 and are heavily inspired by Moroccan principles that have shaped them since youth. Therefore, it is safe to say that Lunalis Extreme Face Oil was made by a highly reputable entity that seeks to make lives better through the skincare products they produce, both now and in the future.

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What are The Ingredients in Lunalis Extreme Face Oil?

With that much said about the company that makes this beautiful serum, one might ask, how do the ingredients found in Lunalis Gold Extreme Face Oil affect and help me as a whole? This section will check what the four ingredients can do and what they can give to improve our daily skincare routine in general.

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil ingredients are:

• Prickly Pear Seed Oil

• Pomegranate Seed Oil

• Jojoba Oil

• 24-Karat Gold Flakes

Let’s dig into the details of the ingredients of Lunalis Extreme Face Oil.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This fruit’s oil content contains many benefits for the human body. It is primarily known for hydration, and it also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Furthermore, this seed’s oil is known to reduce skin inflammation and prevent further skin damage and acne outbreaks. Prickly pear seed oil can be used with all skin types and is primarily used to soothe the skin. It is generally used for people who have dry, sensitive, inflamed, and acne-prone skin. It can also be used as an anti-aging ingredient since it improves skin elasticity and gives a better complexion for your skin. It is excellent for people who are having acne and blackhead outbreaks. It contains amino acids that stimulate collagen production and make it easier for your skin to regenerate the cells it lost from damage. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is considered one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world. Sometimes, it can even be a great hair conditioner thanks to the amounts of Vitamin E found within the oil.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

This particular oil contains high levels of Omega-5. This means that it contains a highly effective amount of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It can also help unclog pores to prevent whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne breakouts. Sometimes, this can also be put onto the hair to promote hair growth, as it contains specific components that unclog the scalp pores. In general, it is an all-around seed oil. Most serums will often incorporate this ingredient, as it does the job as if it were a jack-of-all-trades type of ingredient. It also has high concentrations of Vitamin C, which helps the skin achieve a radiant glow thanks to its anti-oxidative properties. It also offers bouncy skin.

Jojoba Oil

This essential oil is applied to dry and damaged skin. Jojoba has powerful regenerative properties that can keep the skin healthy and protected from outside threats. You can find Jojoba Oil almost anywhere, particularly in shampoos, since this ingredient also helps in balding. Besides that, Jojoba Oil can cleanse and moisturize other parts of the body, such as the hand. It is like the “healing” ingredient of the bunch, making it essential in partnership with the two. Sometimes, people even use this for eczema and psoriasis. It’s an overall cleansing oil that can be used to make the skin a little bit “cleaner and healthier.”

24-Karat Gold Flakes

Probably the unique ingredient here, 24-karat flakes of gold can give you the extra luxurious glow that you’ve always wanted. Ever watched those movies where actresses just had stunningly shiny faces? These flakes can give you that kind of treatment. However, this is not the only purpose it has on this product.

Gold can allegedly relieve acne-related inflammation. That’s right! According to Australian medical experts, gold can calm acne inflammation and reduce skin redness. It also acts more or less like an antioxidant, defending the skin from free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and sun damage. How cool is that? As they may add, the risk is shallow, and the number of people allergic to gold (yes, there are some) is relatively low. It’s a nice, practical touch of luxury indeed!

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil ingredients are topnotch, and they all provide use in this product. Prickly Pear Seed Oil provides the biggest punch, while Pomegranate Seed Oil provides the moisturizing support. Additionally, Jojoba Oil provides the healing, and the 24-Karat Gold Flakes deliver the luxurious cherry on top with its aesthetic and practical properties.

This serum is an overall treat in one and can deliver extremely satisfactory results on paper.

Related Studies AboutLunalis Extreme Face Oil

As you can imagine, Lunalis is a highly respectable company, and they have researched the ingredients first before rolling out this product. All studies came from various sources, and what’s nice about it is that Lunalis does not get its research only from the National Center for Biotechnology Information but from other international research agencies. With that said, Lunalis Gold Extreme Face Oil is 100% backed by science and research as of date.

How To Use Lunalis Extreme Face Oil?

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is used just like any other facial serum. Wash your face first thoroughly. Dry it, and then apply the toner of your choice. As much as possible, use a toner that does not irritate your skin. For me, I use a Collagen-based facial toner since it helps with the rejuvenating skin process as well. After applying the toner, you can now apply your Lunalis Extreme Face Oil. Put one (1) to two (2) drops into the palm of your hand and spread evenly across your face. Let it dry afterward. Do this two times a day, every morning and night. Make it a habit. This will make your skin look better, and you will just have started a natural skincare routine with these steps.

How Does Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Work?

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil works by combating the threat of skin dryness first. When your skin is dry, you can become prone to certain elements such as bacteria and external threats. This is because your skin does not have any protective layer to begin with. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil gives a solution to this threat by ensuring that your skin gets hydrated and moisturized with the proper nutrients so that you wouldn’t have to worry about skin damage again.

Next up, this serum will help you regenerate the damage that has been inflicted on your skin. Your skin can become damaged in many ways. Whether it’s from sun damage, scratching, shaving, or whatnot, it’s fixed when this serum is applied to your face.

After all, this is done, it begins the protection phase. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil contains nutrients and antioxidants that protect your skin from further damage. This means that you can receive minor damage from the sun, but don’t take it for granted – you still need sunscreens for that.

Over time, you’ll see visible results from the serum that you’re using. Results don’t come in an instant, so you must make it a habit of applying so that you would come to a better look in a much quicker and faster manner.

How Long Does It Take for Lunalis Extreme Face Oil to Work?

This depends. Some people see the results instantaneously, while others, not so much. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is a highly-effective product, though, so expect it to exhibit visible results in a week or so. Different people have different skin damage levels, so the more damaged your skin, the longer it takes to experience the natural youthful glow.

In my case, it worked almost in a snap. It’s nice to have something like this. You can look into the mirror and see the difference. I will tell you, and there is a visual difference when you use a serum of this degree. Do not underestimate its effects!

Disclaimer: I referred to when the serum was applied – as in visible glow and moisture, external traits if you may. When you take off the serum, the wrinkles aren’t gone yet. That can take at least a week or month to be gone. DO NOT take off the serum to make it work. Just let it be absorbed into your skin.

What Are The Benefits of Using Lunalis Extreme Face Oil?

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil benefits are a ton. For one, the product can provide antioxidant properties. This, in turn, can protect your skin from unwanted threats from the outside. Pollution and harmful sun damage are only some of the external threats repeatedly mentioned in this review. All those discriminating particulate matters are hazardous for our skin, and they are mainly responsible for the damage we get daily.

Furthermore, dust in the air can cause pimples and acne, a no-no for people like us who want to keep our skin nice. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil addresses this concern by moisturizing and protecting our skin with beneficial properties. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil also has antibacterial properties thanks to the seed oils found within this serum. This means that you shouldn’t have pimple and acne breakouts anytime soon – let alone whiteheads and blackheads.

The best benefit that you can get from Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is the anti-aging property. You can have visibly fewer wrinkles in a month. Use this serum if you want to restore your youthful self. It will work wonders. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil has many benefits, and all of it is useful down to the very core.

What Are The Side Effects of Lunalis Extreme Face Oil?

Having been made from all-natural ingredients, the Lunalis Extreme Face Oil does not contain any side effects. It is made with utmost research and care, and if you use it right, as we have told you in this review, there would be nothing wrong with using this product as a whole.

How Much Does Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Cost?

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is a luxury item, but it is affordable at best.

• 1-bottle: $79 per bottle

• 3-bottle package: $60 per bottle ($180)

• 6-bottle package: $49 per bottle ($294)

Originally priced at $95, Lunalis Extreme Face Oil now costs $79. They are currently running on a discounted price, hence the lowered offer. This is a good thing since you can get your very own Lunalis Extreme Face Oil at a price that is equivalent to only a few days’ work! However, that still seems to be high, right? Not to worry, Lunalis is offering their serum at a much more discounted price if you order in threes or sixes! If you buy their 3-bottle package, you get them for only $60 per bottle! However, the best deal is found within the 6-bottle package, where the price for each bottle is $49! For just $49, you get a luxury facial serum that has real gold flakes!

What’s more, they offer free shipping. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. US delivery can take a couple of days only, but international shipping can take two (2) weeks.

Again, you can only see original and authentic products from their website, so don’t buy from anywhere else to avoid selling fake items.

Where to buy

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil official website

Click here to check stock


not recommended (not available)


not recommended (not available)


not recommended (not available)

As mentioned earlier, if you buy this product, you are eligible for a full money-back guarantee 30 days from your original purchase. If you do not see any visible results, then you can have your money back!

Testimonies From Users of Lunalis Extreme Face Oil

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is loved and adored by many. Many people who have already used Lunalis Extreme Face Oil have changed their skin for the better. It made their skin softer and better, making it a too great product in terms of effectiveness. Furthermore, the gold flakes do their wonder, as their skin glows in the sun! It has made countless people’s faces better and healthier and makes them look even younger, as if they were rolled back to their teenage years.

Even I, the one writing this review, have witnessed the results that this Lunalis Extreme Face Oil has given me. It gave me better skin than the Tea Tree Oil I was using prior. I noticed that it has better rejuvenating properties and isn’t irritating to the skin. As of far, I haven’t seen anyone who held negative remarks against the product. It’s that effective.

Overall, Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is something that I would recommend to others, as is with other people have already tried and tested the product.

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil Verdict and Summary

Lunalis Extreme Face Oil is a serum in its own right. It is only tagged as a face oil to keep things light and understandable for the general public. It is one of the best serums out there, and it shows through its ingredients and company values overall. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil isn’t created for money but was made to enjoy the upper classes' luxury people. Lunalis Extreme Face Oil contains everything that you need to heal your skin. It is by far the best serum I have tried, and the cost is also one of the most worth it, in my opinion. If you want to have a great skincare routine, don’t forget to add this serum to the mix.

Click here to directly buy the Lunalis Extreme Face Oil from the official website for the best price online and avoid all scams.

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