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Nepal Yoga Home- The best Yoga and Ayurveda School in Nepal

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Nepal Yoga home” is the best yoga school in Nepal to learn certified yoga teacher training with 200 hours and 500 hours advanced class

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Yoga activity has swept the globe as people pursue natural treatments to free the mind. In an age that needs so much of our time, yoga has become a haven for us, allowing us to interact more closely with our minds, bodies, and souls. Now you're going to find a yogi culture in every country across the globe. This stunning development represents a move towards a more thoughtful society in which esoteric practices are used to enhance both emotional and physical health. With such a massive rise in yoga practice worldwide, the demand for teachers is growing, and so is the number of training centers for teachers.

Nepal Yoga Home – A perfect place for a divine personal growth

“Nepal Yoga home” is the best yoga school in Nepal to learn certified yoga teacher training with 200 hours and 500 hours advanced class. Their focus is on not just physical postures but philosophy, meditation, and breathing techniques. The school's main goal is to impart to future teachers that yoga is a holistic practice going beyond just the physical postures. “Nepal Yoga Home” created a comprehensive program that will advance your yoga practice, build your confidence, and equip you with all the essential knowledge needed to be a successful yoga instructor.

1. Yoga teacher training course ( 200 hours)

The 200-hour yoga teacher training program's objective is to lead students through various yoga methods, styles, and philosophies so that they can learn safely and instruct their potential students confidently. You will perform Astanga yoga and Hatha Yoga postures, learn about breathing exercises, yoga ideology, and meditation to a stress-free life. Graduates of this yoga teacher training program will gain a Yoga Alliance registered certification. Book your class now to get into a calm headspace +977-9849521819, 9851167373

2. Yoga teacher training course ( 500 hours)

The team of “Nepal Yoga Home” aims to enrich students with practical and technical knowledge. During this advanced course, you will gain skills in both teaching and observation. This program has a strong emphasis on imparting a deeper understanding of yoga's philosophy and the discipline in one's practice. The course is created not only to impart teaching yoga techniques but also to facilitate you to start your self-awareness and development journey.

The course will help you expand your practice and continue on this journey of self-discovery with us, bringing your training to a whole new stage, discovering your inner voice as a yoga instructor. This program is registered with Yoga Alliance, so graduates can register as a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, which is an internationally recognized qualification.

Features of Yoga teacher training Course

· The training course is Based on Hatha and Astanga yoga styles.

· Based on mindfulness, breathing, endurance, and meditation.

· Registered with Yoga Alliance.

· It encompasses the definition of contemporary and traditional functional yoga theory.

· Discover the art of yoga training.

Nepal Ayurveda Home – A right stop for ayurvedic treatments

Nepal Ayurveda Home is a Classical Centre facilitated to experience 'Journey to blissful health.'

They prioritize the maintenance and promotion of well-being on an individual basis by preserving the equilibrium between body, mind, and spirit. They are approaching therapy based on the constitution of the body-mind. This spot is the perfect choice for all sorts of yoga retreats, yoga detox services for ayurvedic beauty and massage. They give packages to all their customers to create a customized treatment without the use of medications.

Services offered at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Nepal Ayurveda Home, The perfect location for Ayurveda in Nepal, offers a wide range of treatments in the traditional Vedic and Ayurvedic way and in the modern Ayurvedic way. Using the treatment provided at the Nepal Ayurveda Home, you will be able to eradicate your disease from the core. Care and treatment are given by a well-experienced and qualified yoga and ayurvedic practitioner at Nepal Ayurveda Home. It will help you build a routine that suits your needs and sets you on a track for healthy well-being.

· Panchakarma- it is the heart of the therapies and the nature of Ayurveda. It is a systematic process intended to preserve and promote inner peace to be more in tune with life processes. It is mainly cleaning, detoxifying, and immune-enhancing, rejuvenating, and even corrective steps against illness. The primary aim of panchakarma at Nepal Ayurveda Home is to bring equilibrium and order to the psyche, feelings, senses, and physiology.

· Ayurveda training - They offer professional and high-quality Ayurveda therapy training in Nepal. Their Ayurveda center is equipped and facilitated with all prerequisites, space, environment, and vibrations for practice, learning, and insights to adopt whatever you want to master. Let train yourself for the holistic healing methods of Ayurveda in the country nurtured with the traditional practice and adoption of Ayurveda and Yoga.

· Other services - Kayakalpa Chikitsa, Massage, Singing bowl healing, yogic detox, and much more.

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