Thursday, February 25, 2021

Yokohama Options and Futures Exchange Launches New Precious Metals Contracts by the End of the Year

Last updated Thursday, February 18, 2021 13:37 ET , Source: Yokohama Options and Futures Exchange

All arrangements for the launch of a series of new contracts are complete with regulator’s confirmation

Yokohama, Japan, Japan, 02/18/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

YKOFX, a Pan Asian exchange with innovative and robust product suite that provides its clients with some of the best trading facilities, today announced that precious metals contracts are ready for launch by the end of the last quarter. Exchange-traded and centrally cleared precious metals products will be soon introduced to the market and it will include spot, daily and monthly futures for gold and silver. The contracts are meant to sustain constant regulatory changes, offering more transparency and accessibility and highlighting the trustworthiness of the precious metals market.

“We are glad to confirm that all necessary technical and administrative measures have been taken so that we launch new precious metals products. Together with our partners, we ensured the professionalism and expertise by offering new products, in this case contracts for the precious metals community, while amplifying the metals industry through bringing forward great capital efficiency, clarity, confidentiality and convenience”, said Kakuji Ryusuke, Executive Director of Metals Products.

The launch of the new precious metals contracts incorporates a major step towards the renewal of the Asian market and an important stage in achieving expansion goals. The regulatory and market circumstances have been through a range of changes and updates for the past years and YKOFX is contributing at the reinforcement of the market durability and efficiency.

YKOFX has received support from other entities that have similar development strategies and visions trying to turn the trading business into an economic constructor. Through productive cooperation, YKOFX keeps improving the structure of the precious metals market by creating new trade opportunities, following extensive involvement together with other major market users in order to integrate the interests of all categories of interested business parties.

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