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Japan Culture & Arts Profitability Enhancement Project : Activity Japan Inc.

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Japan Culture & Arts Profitability Enhancement Project showcased by Activity Japan Inc.

Tokyo, 03/04/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Local culture and art are the lifelines of any society, and this last year stretched those lifelines to their breaking point. 2020 was hard on many industries all over the world, but none were hit like the tourism industry. Local businesses that depend on travelers to keep their doors open saw visitors slow to a trickle because of the travel restrictions implemented to slow the coronavirus. 2021 is finally here, and with it comes new hope, both for a return to normalcy and for the livelihoods of local companies around the world. The Agency for Cultural Affairs has always been passionate about its work with and promotion of local establishments. This year, more than ever, they are focused on uplifting these vital parts of the community. The Japan Culture & Arts Profitability Enhancement Project is a fundamental piece of this plan to breathe life back into this struggling industry that means so much to our communities.

One good thing that has come from the coronavirus pandemic is the innovations and partnerships that have formed to keep our world moving forward. The Japan Culture and & Arts Profitability Enhancement Project is excited to be teaming up with the video-hosting platform Vimeo and tour providers to bring the world a new type of tourism: video on demand. This collaboration will allow audiences all over the world to purchase video tours to watch at their convenience. These videos will touch on a variety of subjects in Japanese culture, nature, and theater. Here is a look at some of the amazing videos available:

1.Deep Dive Into the Ways of Noh with Kongo School

In 2001 UNESCO proclaimed Noh a World Cultural Heritage. Now, with the help of Vimeo on Demand and the Kongo School, the Japan Culture & Arts Profitability Enhancement Project will bring this spectacular piece of Japanese culture worldwide. For over six centuries Noh theater has been transporting audiences with its intricate costumes, elegant dancing, and mesmerizing music and chants. Who better to bring this art to the global stage than the Kongo school, where they have produced masters of the Nohgaku for decades? This video on demand special will transport viewers to some of Kyoto's historical sights while teaching them the history and significance of the Noh using state-of-the-art videography. This production will also treat viewers to a trio of Noh masterpieces. KokajiHakuto, the tale of master sword-smithMunechika and his quest to forge an exquisite sword for the Emporer. Kanawa, a story of vengeance and anger, in which a mistreated wife turns herself into a demon to torment her faithless husband. Finally, Kagetsu, the tale of a boy kidnapped by a goblin.

2.Inject Happiness Into Your Life with Kyogen Yuzen

Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come. We could all use a little happiness after this last year, and this traditional comedic show will bring just that. In this hilarious story, the ghost of Yuzen returns to tell the tale of his sad life living with a quarrelsome wife. Not only is this tale a classic in Japanese Kyogen, but it is also brought to life by Japanese national treasure, Manzo Nomura, the ninth in a long line of Manzos hailing from the talented Nomura family. In addition to the story of Yuzen, this video on demand purchase will provide viewers with an educational look at the elements that make up traditional Noh theater and the differences that separate Kyogen from other more stoic shows like Noh and Kabuki.

3.An Explosive Mystery Adventure by Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Travel back to feudal Japan in this one-of-a-kind cinematic experience from the masters of period drama at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Someone has hidden an explosive device in an Edo-era park and our heroes have only twenty-four hours to stop it from detonating. This show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its thrilling action and unexpected twists. Watch our heroes race against time to protect the innocent citizens of Kyoto and save Toei Studio. Will they make it before the bomb goes off? Will they be able to find the culprit and bring them to justice? Purchase this breath-taking mystery to find out.

4.Iga-Ryu Museum Offers a Taste of Rare Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu and the samurai are recognized worldwide as scions of Japanese culture and heritage, but the world does not always know the truth. Come on a video journey with the Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum and pierce through the veils of myth and misconception that have grown-up around these historical figures. These are not the ninjas you see in popular culture movies and comic books, these were real assassins and spies who put their lives on the line for their motherland. The audience will learn about the tools and weapons used by these feared warriors. Along with, the stories behind some of the most famous ninjas in history. This video experience will also educate viewers on the origins and practices of the ancient Iga ninjas who were revered among the schools of Ninjutsu for their excellence. A thrilling show about a band of Iga ninjas on a mission to protect a treasured scroll will let watchers in on some secret ninja tricks and is sure to delight.

5.Relaxation for Mind and Soul at Kyoto Botanical Garden

Come, take an astonishing visual tour through Japan's oldest and most comprehensive botanical garden. Since its establishment almost 100 years ago, the Kyoto Botanical Garden has collected over twelve thousand plant species. Feel your stress melt away from you as you virtually tour the gardens' 59 acres of lush vegetation. This video showcases something you could never experience in just one trip to the Garden, the scenery from all different times of the year. View the delicate cherry-blossoms of spring on some of the Garden's over four hundred cherry trees. Summer's bounty in the form of lotus blooms and roses. The vivid colors of Japanese maple trees in the fall, displayed in 4k resolution will transport the audience from their living room to the serenity of the Botanical Garden.

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