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Free Background Checks in Minnesota: How to Search Minnesota Arrest Records, Criminal Records, and More

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Minnesota Background Check Services Available to the Public for Free: How to Search Minnesota Government Arrest Records, Criminal Records, and Public Records

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It's impossible to ever truly know the full scope of an individual's character. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make meeting an online friend or relying on the new neighbor to babysit a daunting experience. Wouldn't it be useful to have all of the relevant information about an individual's background at your fingertips?

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Being able to check further into someone's history can take away some of the uncertainty that comes along with trusting new people. Luckily, in Minnesota State, there are a variety of free, low-cost, and premium ways to search an individual's background. However, let's review a few important reasons for conducting an accurate background check in the first place.

Why Should You Conduct a Background Check in Minnesota

Conducting a thorough and deep check on someone's background might seem a tad excessive. But imagine for a moment that your son or daughter is moving into their first shared flat or has made some unsavory new friends at college, and you're a little worried. Or perhaps it's you who's met someone online, and you just want to make sure that they're as honest as they seem.

There are countless justifiable reasons why people in Minnesota may want to conduct a background check or access an online database in search of a specific document or certificate.

Through an online background check, people in Minnesota can verify application claims about someone's background, educational records, employment history, and even a person's criminal background. Doing so may help you to avoid possible risks associated with trusting people you've just met.

Moreover, on premium background check websites, users can look up suspicious phone numbers, email addresses or search for information regarding a property, specific neighborhood, and even long relatives or friends.

But above all this, a background check will provide peace of mind and certainty when bringing new people into your personal life.

Thankfully, private citizens can check public records archives for background intelligence, documents, copies of certificates, and more. But before looking at the various record databases in Minnesota, it's always a good idea to check out the premium options as well.

Where Can I Go To Conduct a Premium Background Check in Minnesota?

Fortunately, there are many ways for individuals to conduct a background check online. Some premium services can do the deep digging for you. But more importantly, these websites can conduct nationwide searches and obtain information recorded outside of Minnesota, including information found online (social media).

Briefly reviewed below are three premium services capable of conducting nationwide checks by accessing public records, state records, criminal records, arrest records, and more.


Truthfinder is a premium fact-finding company that searches for public records from hundreds of millions of databases and sites on the web. Their service can far exceed the reach of a simple web search. Truthfinder can verify contact information, confirm education and employment history, establish birth and death records, and more.

Truthfinder can also reveal criminal or arrest records, dating/social media profiles, and verify someone's address/phone number. A well-rounded and thorough service, Truthfinder, is the most trusted, singular platform for nationwide background checks.


A second premium resource is Intelius. This company is a leader in background checks. Intelius can scan public record archives which will return information on criminal records, dating history, and property data.

Additionally, Intelius provides a reverse phone number lookup service and the ability to check property data information. What's more, is that all contracted searches are done anonymously.

Instant Checkmate

Another useful website that performs comprehensive background checks and conducts public record searches is Instant Checkmate. Another premium source, this company gives customers valuable data about the new people you are inviting into your life.

Instant Checkmate background checks include access to arrest records, sex offender databases, demographic and census data, and more.

100% Free Background Checks in Minnesota

Besides the usual data, like criminal records and educational history, there are other factors to take into account. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of public records accessible for free or at an affordable rate in Minnesota.

Minnesota Court Records

Link to Minnesota Court Records: http://www.mncourts.gov/publicaccess

Court records provide documentation of a person's court appearance for any number of reasons. Although in some cases, electronic Minnesota court records may not be available online, many cases can be accessed through the MPA (Minnesota Public Access) Remote system.

Though, according to Rule 4 of the Minnesota Rules of Public Access to Records, those not available online can be reviewed in person at the courthouse.

Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration

Link to Predatory Offender Registry:

Link to the registry: https://mn.gov/law-library/legal-topics/sex-offender-statutes-minnesota.jsp

Through a public search of the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration, interested parties can view the list(s) of registered offenders for the following types of crimes in Minnesota State: criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, false imprisonment, soliciting a minor, using a minor in a sexual performance, and possession of pictorial representations of a minor.

Minnesota Criminal Records

Link to Criminal Records: http://pa.courts.state.mn.us/Search.aspx?ID=100

Criminal records are documents that officially record and outline an individual's arrests, convictions, indictments, incarcerations, and pending cases. The Minnesota Public Criminal History Search allows citizens to search the offenses, courts of conviction, dates of conviction, and sentencing information of a named individual.

It's worth noting that a criminal record is different from an arrest record which only documents when an individual has been taken into police custody for alleged involvement in a crime.

Minnesota Vital Records

More Information about Vital Records: https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/vitalrecords/index.html

Link to Marriage Records: https://www.moms.mn.gov/Search?S=1

Link to Death Records: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/chs/osr/death.html

Vital records contain legal information regarding birth, death, marriage, and divorce. For reference, a death certificate can help determine an individual's legal status or identity. Additionally, a divorce record can further confirm one's identity and the information regarding the dissolution of a marriage.

Beware, though, Minnesota records cannot be made in person. All applications must be completed by email, mail, or fax. Moreover, a small non-refundable fee is charged for copying any documents requested. Application details for death, divorce, and marriage records can be found following the link above.

Minnesota Birth Records

Link to Birth Certificate and Records: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/chs/osr/birth.html

Minnesota residents can request a copy of their birth certificate online. One copy costs $26. Failure to pay will result in your request not being processed. Access to vital records throughout the state costs the same, and your payment will cover the cost of admin fees and services requested.

City and County-Specific Records

Koochiching County Minnesota Real Estate Records: http://www.co.koochiching.mn.us/269/Access-to-Real-Estate-Records%E2%80%9D

Itasca County Minnesota Recorder's Office: http://www.co.itasca.mn.us/294/Recorders-Office%E2%80%9D

The Bottom Line: Free Background Checks in Minnesota

A background check can be done in one of two ways. You can either commission a premium service that will do a thorough check for you. Going this route isn't free, but it is much more thorough and less time-consuming. The other way to conduct a check is through tediously searching the individual sites on your own.

Unfortunately, access and availability of various public records differ per state, and the best way to overcome this is to rely on a premium service. Background check websites are superior because they can produce more in-depth information than you'll probably find alone. Moreover, these sites can scan social media, look up dating profiles, verify phone numbers, and more.

Minnesota State has many free and low-cost resources as listed above. But unfortunately, these resources will not reveal the more extensive background intelligence people may desire. Plus, the application process for each of these databases is usually complicated, with restrictions in place that limit access.

When it comes down to it, sites like Truthfinder and Intelius offer a premium service that can conduct nationwide searches and offer additional features beyond looking up someone's background or criminal history.

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