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Works like the FRP. A new material with overwhelming fire resistance and heat insulation, created by Each DreaM Inc.

Last updated Thursday, March 11, 2021 11:00 ET , Source: Each DreaM, Inc.

Patent-pending internationally. This new non-combustible material will enable people to create world's first non-combustible products! Each DreaM Inc.

Ichinomiya-shi, Japan, 03/11/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Each DreaM Inc. (main office: Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi pref., Chairman of the Board: Hamamura Hideo, CEO: Nakano Shougo), a Japanese company developing non-combustible materials, has created a novel material that can replace FRPs. This non-combustible material with excellent heat insulation and overwhelming fire-resistance has started its worldwide distribution. (Currently patent pending internationally.)

They have carried out a demonstration that confirms its ability and recorded on video regarding its worldwide distribution. The theme is "saving lives with non-combustion". Have a look at the link below.


Especially under the COVID-19 economic halt, they are open arms for discussion to companies worldwide that sees this product as significant business potential.

FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) are light and durable. It is used in interiors of cars, railway vehicles, airplanes, boats, other vehicles in general, and building materials for theme parks. In the perspective of safety, developing non-combustible FRPs was a long subject in the industry.

This new non-combustible material, developed by Each DreaM Inc, can be applied in the same way as the pre-existing FRPs. Its overwhelming fire resistance and heat insulation significantly surpasses the current fire-resistant FRPs. From a safety aspect, the company calls it the next-generation FRP.

This next-generation FRP will keep its structure even after being left inside a 1382 F furnace for 30 minutes. It has accredited the non-combustion test of ISO 1182. It has the same quality and uses as FRPs. They say it is the world's first-ever non-combustible FRP.

The ISO 5660 pyrogenic test (cone calorimeter test) gross caloric value showed a mere 0.01 MJ/m², as well as the maximum heat generation rate a mere 0.33 kW/㎡. The graph even shows a nearly zero, indicating that this product has cleared the test with overwhelming results.

Strictly speaking, this novel non-combustible material is an FRC (Fiber Reinforced Ceramic), but as it has the same quality and use as the FRP, the company calls it the next-generation FRP.

Its outstanding features are the ability to bear a 2732 F fire, the incredibly low heat conduction, and is recyclable. The novel material is comprised of inorganic substances and eco-friendly, thus playing its part in the worldwide endeavor of the SDGs.

Not only can the next-generation FRP replace the pre-existing ones but, its formaldehyde release is 0.0mg/L and free of poisonous gas. Making it the perfect material to protect people's properties and family. It will stand high temperatures where silver and copper would melt, so depending on its use, it can replace metal as well.

This new truly non-combustible material is brimming with infinite possibilities. Just by employing this material for each of the field's products, anyone can create the world's first in-house product that is non-combustible. It holds immense business potential.

They are welcome to hear from companies that find fascination towards this new non-combustible material and the media interested in this material that can change the way people live.


Demonstration video: https://youtu.be/qtM7jA_oPsk
Details of the next-generation FRP: https://en-us.each-dream.com/frp/

Corporate information
Company name: Each DreaM Inc.
Main office address: Japan, Aza Ohyama 9-2, Chiakicho Kanomanba, Ichinomiya, Aichi, 491-0811
Website: https://en-us.each-dream.com/
Representative Chairman of the Board: Hamamura Hideo
Representative CEO: Nakano Shougo
Business details: Developing, manufacturing, and sales of the world's first non-combustible materials
TEL: +81-586-81-0321
FAX: +81-586-81-0322

About Each DreaM Inc.

Each DreaM Inc. is a company in Japan focused on research and development of non-combustible materials. They have successfully created the world's first two new materials; a non-combustible FRC that is light and durable and can be applied like the FRPs, and non-combustible heat insulation. They are also receiving attention from leading companies worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: Each DreaM, Inc.
Contact Person: Kousuke Murotani
Email: [email protected]
City: Ichinomiya-shi
State: Aichi-pref
Country: Japan
Website: https://en-us.each-dream.com/

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