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Facebook Story Videos are Changing the Social Media Landscape

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Facebook Stories are short picture and video collections created by users that can be viewed twice before disappearing after 24 hours.

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Facebook Story Videos are Changing the Social Media Landscape

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world, bolstering an impressive 2.7 billion monthly active users. It's always a challenge to keep this large user base happy and continuously push the envelope with new features and options.

One of the more recent additions to Facebook is the Facebook story feature, a short form user-generated video consisting of photos and videos. If you're familiar with Snap-Chat, then you'll have been exposed to this feature before, as it was the original creator of the story format. Now it has been adopted by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Youtube.

Along with the addition of Facebook stories came upgrades to Facebook's camera, which now offers its users various filters and overlays that can be added to videos to make them fun and unique.

How the new feature works

Facebook stories can be found at the very top of your Facebook news feed. If you've used Instagram before, you've probably seen these icons at the top of your feed as well. If you'd like to view a story, you can do so by tapping the circle icon corresponding to whose story you'd like to see. You may also receive stories in the form of a direct message from your friends, which can be played from within the messenger app.

Facebook stories are only viewable for a certain period before they disappear, so make sure you watch them while you can. If you're in the mood to download the Facebook stories, we suggest you try the Facebook video downloader, a tool designed for downloading videos from Facebook. It's fast, free to use, and doesn't require any software installation or registration.

Creating a Facebook story video

Creating unique videos and collages to post on your timeline in the form of Facebook stories is quite simple. You'll need to open up the Facebook camera and start recording a video. Alternatively, you can select videos and photos from your phone's camera roll by tapping on them. Once you've chosen the videos and pictures you want to post as a story, you can select from a number of different filters, stickers, and overlays that you can add to the store.

Once you've published the story to you can share it with your friends and family. You can view your stories by hitting the "my stories" tab, bringing you to a list of all your stories. From there, you can share the story with select users via Facebook DM. Like Instagram, your stories will only be viewable for 24 hours before becoming inactive, so keep this in mind.

What makes Facebook story videos so popular

When it comes to sharing content, the current fastest-growing application and social media platform is TikTok. They are relatively new on the scene how-ever, their content creation strategy has made them see explosive growth over the past few years. They have an emphasis on original content, and this is also what makes Facebook stories so successful.

People are constantly looking for new ways to entertain themselves, and one of the most popular, if not the most popular, is video and photo. So, when you accompany short video clips with fun filters, cool animations, and silly pictures, the user engagement, in most cases, goes through the roof.

What's next for Facebook

The rise of stories was popularised by Snap-Chat back in October 2013. After Facebook was unsuccessful at purchasing Snap-Chat, they decided to copy some of the platform's popular features and put them on their apps. Now, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp all have the popular story video feature, and rightfully so as people love it

It's unclear what Facebook's next move is, but it surely has something up its sleeve. There have been talks of Facebook creating a video-sharing platform similar to that of TikTok. They've already added the hugely popular Reels post option to Instagram, which is taken straight from TikTok. Facebook is always trying to push the boundaries and trying to enhance everyone's social experience.

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