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SumSwap, which integrates exquisite mathematical models, empowers DeFi with the power of mathematics

Last updated Tuesday, March 16, 2021 11:18 ET , Source: SumSwap

After carefully researching hundreds of DeFi projects in the market, the SumSwap team from Britain found that the real reason for making DeFi popular was mathematical innovation.

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After carefully researching hundreds of DeFi projects in the market, the SumSwap team from Britain found that the real reason for making DeFi popular was mathematical innovation. Only through mathematical innovation can novel projects be truly developed.

The team composed of extreme mathematical pursuers and blockchain experts, after several months of development, the team integrated the delicate mathematical models in the financial sector and applied them to the DeFi project. A decentralized trading agreement called "SumSwap" has been created. The mathematical model can not only meet the basic needs of decentralized digital asset transactions, but also give SumSwap strong community communication power and greatly enhance the stability of SumSwap community.

In the second half of 2020, the field of DeFi developed rapidly, and the dark horse Uniswap was born, which shocked the whole field of DeFi and became a popular star in the field of encrypted assets.

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange developed by Ethereum smart contract. Because of its pioneering use of AMM liquidity market making and X×y=Z mathematical trading model, it subverts the traditional order book trading and changes the defects of slow trading speed and less circulation of traditional decentralized exchanges. At present, it dominates the whole decentralized exchange field.

Another project, Sushiswap, copied the code of Uniswap and also developed rapidly. However, apart from issuing token, Sushiswap has not made much innovation.

The SumSwap team comes from a group of developers who pursue the ultimate in mathematics and blockchain. After deeply studying many DeFis, the team found that the rapid development of DEFI came from the innovation of mathematics to a great extent. That is, all kinds of mathematical trading models are the reasons why DeFi became popular.

SumSwap standing on the previous achievements. It captures the essence of the problem and adds subtle mathematical innovations based on Uniswap and Sushiswap. SumSwap has created a decentralized trading platform integrating communication, application and sustainable development, which is a product that can challenge or even subvert Uniswap.

1. It is different from the disorder of Sushiswap and Uniswap issuance. Token SUM of SumSwap platform is distributed according to accurate mathematical model. The output of SUM in each block and period has been calculated rigorously. The total amount of SUM issued is 320 million, of which 90% is produced by daily mining. The mining time is calculated according to the Ethereum block, and it will be completed in about 10 years.

2. SumSwap's unique characteristic, namely, holding sumStaking and ecological staking. In the SUM of daily output, 40% is used for holding SUM Staking. The other 40% is used for ecological staking. Holding SUM staking means that anyone who holds a certain amount of SUM token can share 40% of the daily SUM output through this function. This mechanism is calculated by special mathematical algorithm. This algorithm can break up the giants who hold SUM and make each user hold SUM more evenly. Therefore, it is more conducive to the balanced and stable development of the whole SumSwap ecology. Eco-staking has also designed a subtle mathematical algorithm. With this algorithm, the stronger the invited ecology, the more ecological Staking obtained. In addition, ecological staking can also break up giants, which is very beneficial to the growth of the community.

3. In the trading section, SumSwap charges a handling fee of 3‰. Among them, 2‰ is allocated to AMM liquidity providers, and the remaining 1‰ is owned by the project party. This part is used for regular repurchase of SUM token, dividends of nodes and subsequent platform development.

4. 20% of the daily SUM output is used for LP Token mining plate, and LP Token can be obtained by adding liquidity to the mobile pool. The LP Token can dig SUM in the mine pools they support. SumSwap is also provided with migration function. The popular LP Token of Uniswap and Sushiswap can dig SUM in SumSwap mine pool, and these flow pools can be migrated to SumSwap when the time is ripe.

SumSwap upholds the principle that mathematics and code are laws. It uses mathematical model to build the underlying logic of SumSwap, which may open a new direction for DeFi development.

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