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SPOTO Advises Students on How to Pass the CCNA Certification Exams

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CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification from Cisco, which gives you the networking fundamentals you need to build IT infrastructure in the real world.

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The CCNA is one of the most acceptable certifications today. In addition, it is required for most of the higher-level Cisco certifications such as CCNP and CCDP (and, by extension, CCIE). Attaining the CCNA demonstrates that you have the ability to configure and support a range of Cisco networking devices, along with a solid general understanding of networking and network security.

SPOTO provides several study materials to help candidates prepare for the CCNA certification exam. For example, there are study guides, videos (live and at your own pace), workbooks, lab guides, etc. SPOTO also provides CCNA dumps which is the best way to help you pass the exam in the shortest time as our dumps contain CCNA exam questions but with maximum accurateness to help you pass the exam easily

With this in mind, SPOTO has provided a free online list of approved study materials. . Remember, no matter what study material you use, you need to make sure you cover all of the test content.

The study material depends on how you learn it. Some people prefer videos to textbooks, while others install immediately after watching a video. This section provides an example of guidance (and planning) for the study material to prepare for the CCNA exam.

If your intention really is to obtain the CCNA certification, SPOTO recommend that, before putting these tips and tricks into practice, you set a target date to take the exam (for example, in the next 6 months), thereby setting a deadline and you intensify the study, and you will be able to plan your schedule so that, while meeting your social commitments, you can dedicate as much time as possible to studying for the exam. SPOTO advises some items of note that can help you learn how to prepare for CCNA.

1. Get Practical Knowledge

You will need both theoretical and practical knowledge to pass the exam, so we advise you that, as you progress, you put into practice all the theoretical knowledge learned: practice with training tests, answer the questions and take the laboratories of all the chapters.

2. Run Simulation Exams

Also, program simulation of exams, verifying that what you have studied you have learned and noting where you should reinforce the study.

3. Revive Your Understanding Exact before the Exam

SPOTO recommends reviewing the Cisco Press books and our study materials again before your scheduled exam date. The last weeks just before the exams, should be completely dedicated to solving the questions. Try to find new questions by searching internet forums and our online mock tests

4. Rest Time Before the Exam

Take the day off before the exam and of course don't spend the night before studying, relax and sleep well.

5. Train Your Speed for the Test

The CCNA exam has 50-60 questions in the given 90 minutes; It is very stressful to answer so many questions in just 90 minutes. Try not to get nervous and, slowly but surely, read all the questions very well and answer with confidence, think that you are already trained for it.

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