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Learn More on How to Refinance with an Existing or a Previous Student Loan

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Phoenix, AZ - 23rd March 2021 – Valor Mortgage Queen Creek is a Mortgage Broker that connects buyers with the most trusted Wholesale Investors in the nation. Nick Palmer, the owner and Broker here at Valor Mortgage Queen Creek, ensures that his clients get access to the best wholesale investors with the best rates. There are many people with student loans who are finding it difficult to refinance their homes. If your student loans are deferred and show a $0 payment on your credit report, this could unknowingly cause issues. When student loans are deferred and show a $0 payment on the credit report, depending on the program you are using, a % of the unpaid balance will need to be applied as a payment. Conventional and VA are a little more favorable and FHA and USDA are not.

If you are looking to refinance your home and have student loans that are deferred, make sure you find out how the student loans will impact your qualification. Do not assume that since they are deferred, they will not be considered in your debt to income.

Valor Mortgage Queen Creek
Valor Mortgage Queen Creek

At Valor Mortgage Queen Creek, individuals can find various refinancing options on their home or other real estate property. Choosing the right refinancing product that matches the needs of the customer and at the best rate could be daunting. However, the mortgage loan officers here make the home refinance process easier with their expertise and tools such as the Free Refinance Analysis Request. Loan buyers will also be able to identify the differences between different loan programs thereby helping them make an informed decision and choose the best among the lot. Once the home refinance analysis request is placed, loan seekers will receive options based on their unique criteria and scenario.

The next step is to compare mortgage interest rates and terms followed by selecting the best offer. At Valor Mortgage Brokers, clients can choose from various options including 30 year fixed mortgage, 15 year fixed mortgage, adjustable-rate mortgage, FHA loans, VA Loans, Jumbo loans, 203K loans, USDA loans, HARP loans, and Reverse Mortgage. Any individual who has a doubt with regards to the previous student loan being a hindrance to their current refinancing can simply schedule a free consultation with a preferred date and time. At Valor Mortgage Queen Creek, loan seekers will know what they can afford even before they start a home search.

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Valor Mortgage Queen Creek is an online resource that offers personalized mortgage solutions and the fastest quotes customized as per loan seeker’s needs with great rates. The team here helps clients choose the right home loan by getting in touch with the best lenders.



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