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8 Key Factors to Prepare Your House for Selling

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Sky Marketing tells 8 key points to keep in mind when selling your house.

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Selling a house is not an easy task. There are many factors that clients value when deciding on a home or another: the price, the location, the size, etc. But one of the most important things is that that house is palatable in the eyes of the buyer.

Therefore, to make the sale easier, it is very important to have the home perfectly ready. At Tajarat properties, we give you some tips for this. Keep reading!

Prepare your home before the first visit.

Before the first interested parties appear to visit the house, it must be properly prepared. For this you have to make some changes:

1- Fix Everything that is Broken

A dislodged plug or a door that does not close properly creates a bad impression at first glance. Even if they are minor details that the new owner can change, that image can make you retract your purchase decision.

In this way, if you change the plugs, the faucets that do not work correctly, the doors, the windows or you give the house a coat of paint, it is possible that you will sell your house much earlier and also at a higher price.

2- Depersonalize the Home

This means eliminating those signs that the apartment is inhabited by other people. That is photos of the family and any other memories.

The person who visits our house has to see himself living there, so the less he has of us, the easier it will be for him to have that feeling.

3- Better, without Furniture

Related to the above, furniture can also be considered personal belongings, and a fully furnished home does not allow prospective buyers to imagine the home in their style.

The emptier the house is, the better space will be seen and, therefore, visitors will be able to better think about how to distribute the furniture in their own way.

4- The House has to be Neat and Clean

Another essential aspect is that the house is collected. Clutter, dirt, and odors are the first thing that jumps out and the worst impression on visitors.

Thus, before showing the house to potential buyers, you should do a thorough cleaning of all areas, highlighting the kitchen, bathroom, and windows.

5- Boost Natural Light

When it comes to showing a home, light is essential. A dim, dark house will be a lot harder to sell because the spaces look so much smaller and sadder.

Therefore, try to plan visits at the times when the house is most illuminated. If you also add a little artificial light, the result will be even better.

6- If it is very Deteriorated: Home Staging

The home staging technique consists of decorating a home to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Between two houses with similar characteristics, the one that is better presented will be the one chosen by the client.

If you think that the image of your house should be radically improved, you can hire a professional in this sector to reorganize it for you and make it easier to sell.

How to Organize the House During Visits?

Once you have prepared the home to receive potential buyers, you also have to take into account other guidelines during visits:

7- Keep the House Calm

It is important that there is no noise in the house from television, radio, etc., or that at that moment we are preparing food or washing up. At the time of the visit, we have to stop everything we are doing to disturb the buyer as little as possible and to see the house completely calm.

In addition, if we have pets or small children, it is better that they are not inside the house at that moment.

For everything to be calm, you have to be prepared and leave everything done in advance. Good planning will avoid many problems.

8- Leave the Agents to Attend the Visit

Real estate agents are the professionals in the sector, so it is better that you let them do their job and that they explain the characteristics and advantages of the home. If possible, try not to be present during the home visit.

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How Much is my House Worth?

When selling a home, it is essential to determine its price. How much is my house worth? How is the price of a flat calculated? Are some of the issues this week in the blog of blue world city Islamabad we will try to unravel so that our readers know a little more about what an appraisal and steps?

Before putting our house up for sale, it is good to proceed with the appraisal of it. It is not something that is essential since if the buyer agrees to provide the requested price, it is legal for a purchase to be made without taking the appraisal into account. However, it is necessary to do so when applying for a mortgage.


When it comes to appraising the house, the appraiser will ask the owner of the house for a document that can be requested at the Property Registry in which all the data of the house is collected. In this way, there is a record of the area, street, floor, meters, surface, and characteristics, while indicating whether the house has loads or not.

Appraising a house is a formula that gives credibility against subsequent actions. In this way, the appraiser will compare the data provided by the owner with those found in the cadastre of the town hall on duty.

It is a formula that avoids common mistakes such as those that occur when an adjoining house or a neighbour is appraised.

A house is not worth the same if it is in good condition or if, on the contrary, it is to reform. These data are also collected in an appraisal, so the future buyer will know if the property has passed technical inspections relevant or if the house is in a noisy area or with too much traffic.

The appraisal is completed with photographs of each and every one of the rooms while adding "qualities" or characteristics such as lighting, finishes, orientation, or insulation of the home.

When determining the final price, the appraisal company will compare what is paid for a flat with similar characteristics to the one appraised in the market and finally decide the price of the house.

Energy Efficiency Certificate: Necessary if You Sell or Rent?

There are numerous regulations to comply with, within the case of selling or renting a house, as well as when buying or renting a home. Since June 2013, the legislation establishes that all homes for sale or for rent must have an energy efficiency certificate.

An instrument that guarantees a commitment demanded from the EU and that, if it is not available, can lead to penalties ranging between 300 and 6,000 euros. Hence its importance.

The Energy Certificate aims to specify the level of CO2 emissions measured according to the dimensions of the house or building in question. It is calculated by measuring the energy consumed under-occupancy conditions. In this way, ventilation, cooling, hot water, lighting as well as the heating system of the house are measured.

It is mandatory for:

All properties that are available for rent or sale must have an energy certificate. In the case of rented homes, it is mandatory for all except those that are rented for a period of less than or equal to four months.

Similarly, they do not need certified places of worship or historic buildings, as well as agricultural or industrial buildings.

Heating is one of the Elements Measured by the Energy Certificate

In the case of newly constructed buildings, it is important to know that everyone must have a certificate. Likewise, the buyer of a house must claim it when the house has undergone some type of reform or rehabilitation as long as the property has a useful area of ​​1,000 square meters.

When buying a house, you have to claim the certificate. The owner is obliged to make the title available to the buyer at the moment the purchase is signed.

Errors when Selling or Renting Your House

Sometimes many people decide to go it alone when it comes to renting their house or selling it. There are a number of mistakes that many people make when they decide to run an ad in a newspaper or on an internet ad page. This week in the Casablanca Real Estate blog, we put the wound, and we give you examples of blunders that will give the opposite effect to a rental or a sale.

- Ads with spelling mistakes. One of the most common cases is to put an ad with spelling mistakes or with a bad lexical agreement. 'Property for sale in a central area' could be an example. If we want to give a serious image, it is very important that our ad is legible and does not contain grammatical or spelling errors.

- Lack of image or poor-quality photographs. Another of the most widespread failures consists of not integrating photography with the advertisement. When a person decides to rent a house, he hopes to be able to put a face on it, and this is only achieved by integrating an image into the advertisement. It is recommended that the image is not of poor quality and that the best of the property is known. Images of walls in poor condition or a cluttered house will not generate closeness in a potential tenant or buyer.

- Do not put the price. It is important to be clear and establish a rental or purchase price from the beginning. The tenant will look for a house of certain dimensions and also of a price that suits his pocket. If we do not establish conditions in our ad, we will not have the success we seek. Nothing to put between 200 and 300 euros because we can give rise to unnecessary mistakes. Better to establish a final price: 350 EUROS PER MONTH.

- Be faithful to the announcement. If we do not want to look bad, it is necessary to be faithful to what we offer. We cannot say that the house has five bedrooms and then have to apologize to the tenant and tell him that there really are four. It is better, to be frank, and make it clear what the conditions of the property are. Suppose it is brand new, if it is second-hand or if it is not furnished. The lie does not help.

- Have professional help. If what we want is to rent or sell our house, it is preferable to leave the sale in the hands of professionals who will know how to meet the demands of the market. Real estate agents post the ads following certain parameters (area, price, rooms, and other items) and add attractive snapshots for sale or rent.

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