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Top 4 Scholarship Essay Writing Services: Description, Differences and Benefits

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TQD Creative Writing explains the top 4 scholarship essay writing services.

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In this article, we shall focus on the top 4 essay writing services of 2021, describing the differences and similarities. Below you will find the brief description and an in-depth review, when you scroll further down. Enjoy!

99Papers.com - is an online writing company offering professional high-quality writing assistance at a very affordable price. Quick facts:

  • Prices start at only $9.95 per page
  • Lowest prices for 2-3 days delivery time
  • Originality report and Copy of Sources available
  • Improve your order with additional premium features
  • Use the discount coupon ENJOYBIG to get extra 10% in rewards!

EssayBox.org - is one of the most popular top quality essays writing companies in the United States. Quick facts:

  • Prices start at $12 per page
  • Fastest delivery time is just 3 hours
  • Free content originality report with your first order (see below)
  • Use the discount coupon GETREPORT

BookwormLab.com - is a top-rated essay writing service trusted by university and college students for quality and reliability. Quick facts:

  • Prices start at $15 per page
  • 99.8% On-Time delivery
  • Leading the essay market since 2008
  • Use the discount coupon BOOKEXTRA to earn extra Rewards!

EssayFactory.uk - is the best essay writing company for high school, university, and college students in the UK. Quick facts:

  • Prices start at $11.5 GBP per page
  • Professional British writers
  • 100+ disciplines covered
  • Use the discount coupon SAVE10EF to get 10% in Credits towards the next order!

All companies help high school, college, and university students to write academic works and essays. Students use the service for speeches, projects, capstone courses, and lab reports, among others. They also provide discounts of up to 15% and only employ expert writers from native English-speaking countries. These companies have been on the market for years and only hire professionals to write, edit and proofread papers. Additionally, these companies assure their customers’ confidentiality and refund customers in case of double payments or delayed delivery.

A lot of customers prefer these companies because they provide free revision services in case any issues arise with an order. They provide high-quality writing services and plagiarism-free papers. Students prefer their services over their competitors because, if the need arises, these companies usually refund money if the client is even remotely dissatisfied with the results.

Top 4 Scholarship Essay Writing Services

With increased internet usage around the world, many companies have emerged offering scholarship essay writing services. Consequently, the question on most students’ minds is whether the company they are about to hire offers good quality. The answers to these questions depend on the site that a student selects. Most essay writing companies offer dissertation writing services combined with other academic papers. The majority of these sites have been tried and tested by experts in the writing industry.

It’s worth mentioning that not all essay writing companies out there are legit. Experts have discovered a number of companies operating without any permits, raising concerns about the credibility of such services overall. Students often leave reviews by providing feedback on a platform regarding the essay writing service on Reddit. Such information has been the key determinant for customers on whether or not to use a website. Students can suss out scammers based on the processes used to demand payments and the behavior of the scammer once they get paid.

Some illegitimate companies are in a rush to ask for the full payment without presenting the work requested and they start ghosting clients once they pay for a scholarship essay. Expert writing services, on the other hand, do not rush the payment process and often give the customers a refund if they are dissatisfied with the results. The current article provides some of the top 4 fully legit scholarship essay writing services that a student can select.


Scholarships are an opportunity to receive monetary assistance for a student’s educational journey. The demand for the program is, however, higher than the number of providers available. Consequently, a student must strive to stand out from the thousands of applicants seeking assistance, making scholarship writing companies highly desirable. However, an applicant must consider the quality of the work provided based on past reputation.

  • 99Papers is probably the most reliable essay writing service that a student can hire.
  • The company has been in existence for a number of years and has received positive reviews from users.
  • Students continue to use its services, further illustrating its proficiency in the industry.
  • The company hires professional essay writers who deliver custom-made essays.
  • Some of the experts include individuals with PhDs and advanced degrees, English editing experience, and subject-matter expertise.
  • The scholarship essay writers are diligent and trustworthy here. They are truly the Answer to the popular demand of “find an essay writer near me”.


Plagiarism is one of the primary elements that limit the eligibility and reliability of a company offering scholarship essay writing services. With EssayBox students do not need to worry about copied content because the company provides quality original essays from scholarship essay writers.

  • The company has been in existence for several years and, therefore, the scholarship essay writers provide top-notch quality.
  • The legitimate essay writing service is also concerned about deadlines and so they use fast writing philosophy essay writers to achieve high deadlines.
  • Having operated in the industry for a number of years has given the English essay writers prowess to work on short deadlines.
  • The company also provided favorable prices with a refund guarantee.
  • Best essay writing service yahoo answers mentions the company as most efficient.

If a student is late in submitting his or her essay, they can present the work on EssayBox for quick and efficient service. The professionals are also experts in maintaining high safety and confidentiality for their clients to maintain good relationships with them. The majority of clients who use EssayBox make repeated orders with other subjects, including research papers, dissertation, nursing, and biology assignments among other complex units.


Scholarships are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for a student with financial constraints and in need of quality education. BookwormLab is a legit essay writing service and they understand the requirements of a scholarship essay as well as the target audience. The company provides reliable scholarship essay writing services. Although students want quality scholarship essays, finances can be a huge limitation.

  • BookwormLab understands this challenge and provides quality services at affordable prices, in a quest to “buy essay”.
  • The company is popular among British, Canadian and American scholars. In case the need for revision arises, writers are always available to provide the required assistance.
  • The company is among the top scholarship essay writing services because it is highly flexible and offers a repayment method. In case a dispute arises and a writer fails to meet the requirements, BookwormLab refunds the client almost immediately.
  • There is simply no other writing company with a similarly swift refund process.


The name of the company speaks for itself. Clients seeking scholarship essay writing services receive the best quality at affordable prices. Once a writer pays for an essay, they can relax and wait to win the scholarship because EssayFactory is among the best writing services across the country and beyond.

  • The company provides users with a quality control mechanism to ensure clients receive essays according to the agreed instructions.
  • Students who pay for essays are assured legitimacy because the company hires the most reliable scholarship essay writers.
  • EssayFactory is one of the most recommended essay writing services online as a company offering perfect, genuine, and reliable writing services.
  • The team of expert writing professionals guides clients to the best writers and allows students to choose according to their preferences.
  • EssayFactory is a fast essay writing service and provides the best graduate scholarship essay through a 24/7 support team.

Mostly, students use the essay writing services to verify the suitability of a writing company in providing satisfactory graduate scholarship essay writing services.

Furthermore, a student might be unfamiliar with writing but need a quality paper to submit for their scholarship. In case an issue arises with the presented work, support is always available to assist students. The company has been reviewed severally as one of the best scholarship essay writing service providers, even for college and MBA scholarship essays. Therefore, a student cannot go wrong with a scholarship essay if they select EssayFactory.

Best Easy Writing Services in the United States

How it Works

99Papers is, probably, the best essay writing service in the United States, providing the best scholarship essay writing service to students who pay for scholarship essays. Students seeking MBA scholarship essay writing services in California can hire the company. Furthermore, the site is reliable for learners with no time to write a compelling paper for their college application. Writers are mainly high-level professionals from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The writers are highly effective with hands-on knowledge of a variety of subjects including lab reports, projects, capstones, and many more.

During service application, the company offers students with online forms they can use to fill in their details. The forms ask for information such as the type of paper, such as a scholarship essay writing service, best quality scholarship essay writing service, number of pages, format, and the time offered to finish the tasks.

Once the client fills in the information on the forms, a chat window pops up whereby a student fills in more instructions concerning the task, along with some essay writing tips. For example, if it is a college scholarship writing service, a client adds more data on the school’s name and the course they will study, among other details they would like included.

The writing process then begins and a client must wait until the agreed-upon deadline, but the paper can be submitted before that if the pool of expert writers finishes early. The company also provides additional services such as editing and proofreading to increase the quality of the content it presents to the client. Before offering the paper to the client, 99Papers normally uses Turnitin to check for any plagiarized content. Once the customer receives the paper, they can ask for a revision if dissatisfied with the results.


The company offers one of the most affordable prices for quality content written by expert application essay writers. If you are based in California and are looking for a legitimate essay writing company, 99Papers is a reliable essay writing service and is totally the way to go. The company provides custom essay writing at low prices to accommodate all types of learners. The college writing service provider uses the time provided to finish an application essay, and the complexity or simplicity of the document determines the exact price. They may also help to advise on how to make an essay longer, should the need arise (sometimes people are looking for this option as well).

However, clients offering papers for the first time have an added benefit apart from quality content. The individuals receive a 15% discount maximum.

Furthermore, loyal customers also receive a similar percentage back as a bonus. A page on this site goes for as low as $9.95, and the company has provided an online calculator to help the students navigate the exact price of a paper. In case of any mistakes and additional charges, the company also provides support 24/7 to handle such issues. Most consumers have tried and tested the company’s services and the majority agree that it is the best scholarship essay writing service. Others claim that based on the affordable prices for quality content, it is one of the best college scholarship essay writing services in the United States.


Every work has a deadline which in some cases motivates people to work. Most educators indicate the deadline for essays to be submitted and so do 99Papers. The company asks that customers indicate when they would like to receive their well-written essay. The quickest turnaround for submission is only three hours. However, clients are always considerate in allowing at least six hours to provide writers with ample time to work and submit quality content. The price goes high for the tasks with short deadlines because a writer has to deploy a lot of writing skills and a high speed to meet the time demand.

Some illegitimate writing companies deceive clients to pay for custom-made papers but fail to deliver on time. Contrarily, 99Papers is a trustworthy essay writing company and they adhere to their promises to clients by delivering documents by the agreed time. Various essay writing service reviews claim that the company is among the best college scholarship essay writing service providers that a student can hire due to its ability to finish quality essays on time. The majority of the papers are finished an hour before time, making the company the ultimate destination for essay writing service for college scholarship. Therefore, students looking for essay writers with affordable prices and reliable content should select 99Papers. It’s a quick essay writing service too.

Quality of the Writers

Have you been wondering how to start writing an essay? Well, worry no more because this company has some of the most effective writers working today. The company has a pool of expert writers holding PhDs, degrees in diverse subjects, and a ton of experience due to many years of writing in their respective fields. The company does not hire writers without experience, and they must pass several tests to qualify regardless of their level of education.

All the writers demonstrate discipline, a principle required in the writing industry. For example, a client may have missed some information while presenting essay materials and instructions. During such scenarios, the writers are highly disciplined to provide the client with timely feedback not to mess with the stipulated deadlines. The writers’ passion for helping students also illustrates their discipline and the need to present quality content. In case of revisions, the company’s writers are always ready to tackle them, regardless of the timeline provided. Moreover, a client might not present all the necessary materials to the instruction board.

However, that doesn’t stop the writers from presenting quality content that compels customers to come back for repeated services. The writers also perform their duties diligently without reporting the students to their universities. The concept has helped increase the company’s reliability over the years.

Guarantees and Revisions

The company provides an ideal guarantee policy that favors both the client and the writer. Firstly, the company checks for plagiarism before submitting a paper to determine its quality. In case a client receives a plagiarized paper, the company makes a full refund to the client within 24 hours. Additionally, if a document goes missing or the paper is submitted late, the client is given a full refund. In case the client makes a double payment unknowingly, the company refunds the full amount within 12 hours upon realization.

In case a student wishes to cancel an order in progress, the company does not refund the full amount but does refund a large portion if it. The refund occurs when a client asks for the refund after half the deadline has passed. If a paper has been delivered, then a client does not receive any refund if the document presented has no underlying issues. The refund works for approved orders only.

The company has a revision policy that favors both clients and writers. In case the writer misses information written on the description box, then he or she is bound to revise the order upon the client’s request. The top rated essay writers understand the policy and they have been highly reliable with minimal revision cases. However, if a client does not provide information, he or she cannot ask for revision services unless they are paid for. This policy has helped maintain an atmosphere of fairness in the company and increase client satisfaction in the long run and improve the essay writing process overall. Consequently, a student looking for a writing service company with an understanding of the industry, quality essay writing prompts and experienced writers (not mentioning being one of the most affordable essay writing services) in the United States should choose 99Papers.


The positive feedback from the company’s clients speaks for itself (even if a person is a good essay typer themselves). The company provides highly reliable content free from plagiarism, which is a major concern among writing companies. The professional editors, proofreaders, and writers also have verified academic backgrounds. The company provides clients with 24/7 support to solve issues that may arise and also serve clients with urgent orders. Additionally, students maintain their confidentiality; the company has mechanisms in place that enable the clients to remain anonymous. Students can use the service from any location without being disclosed.

The company has never had any trust issues or potential data breaches that may expose the students to using its services. The majority of the clients that have used the service have come back for more assistance with assignments. Others have attended their dream colleges after using scholarship essays from the company. The company understands the need to protect both writers and the students and the information is highly secured and, therefore, a learner can use it without any worry. The organization’s reputation indeed speaks for itself.

The Legitimacy

This company is absolutely legitimate since it has been on the market for more than ten years. The clients’ reviews on its website also illustrate its legitimacy as most have acquired their stipulated grades while others have been admitted to their preferred higher education institutions. Furthermore, the organization hires highly reputable and knowledgeable writers with quality academic backgrounds to assist the students. Hence their experience in writing increases the legitimacy of the writing company.

Where to Find a Professional Essay Writer?

The demand for professional academics, researchers, and essay writers continue to rise. Lots of people are searching for the essay help nowadays. Some are taking advantage of the demand to steal from students, destroying the reputation of the writing industry. Despite these pitfalls, reliable and legitimate companies exist to help students with learning difficulties achieve higher grades. The concept behind the writing services is to also help students who are preoccupied with numerous tasks and cannot find time to complete their papers find time to work on their chores and succeed in academics on various essay writing topics. To summarize, students can find expert essay writers at the following websites:


Wondering how to go about your essay in a professional manner from start to finish? Well, there are many essay writing sites out there, but 99Papers, the top essay writing service in 2021, has got your back all the way.

  • The company has operated for more than a decade and provides the best college scholarship essay writing service prices.
  • Apart from hiring a pool of experts from different fields, the company ensures that the support provides assistance to students 24/7.
  • Professional writers hold degrees and masters’ certificates, further increasing the chances of receiving a professionally written document.
  • Quality is the guiding principle among the expert writers as the grade a client gets is an added advantage to the company’s reputation.

Hence, it aims at cultivating a satisfactory service that helps build and maintain clients’ relationships.


Are you in Illinois looking for professional writing services? Look no further. BookwormLab are very proficient essay writers, and have got you completely covered, as they provide unique and original content from qualified individuals.

  • The company has never been involved in any wrongdoing incidents.
  • Students always go for the repeat orders due to satisfying content with minimal revisions.
  • Proofreading and editing essays after writing are critical elements for the pool of expert writers.

They aim to present very satisfactory services, which have increased in popularity among students across the United States. Besides quality, the company understands the current economic times and, thus, presents clients with highly affordable services. It is a one-stop-shop for all writing services and professionalism is the primary element that guides its client handling process even after an essay has been delivered.


Juggling between an individual’s life, work, studies, and exams can be a little overwhelming sometimes. With EssayBox, a student can feel safe and secure in leading a fulfilling life since their essays and other academic requirements are solved by qualified expert writers.

  • The company provides essay writing services for college scholarship coupled with other services such as fully researched dissertations, lab reports, projects, and research papers.
  • EssayBox provides the best professional service across the United States (simply put, a “Top Essay Writing Service USA”) and its services are also recognized globally.
  • Individuals that have used the services claim that its pool of professional writers provides writing services as personal tutors to the students.
  • The experts provide customers with unique, original, and plagiarism-free articles and essays according to clients’ requests.

Their writers are the most reliable alternative for students to achieve higher grades because they are insightful and authentic.

Students also find a pool of experts at EssayBox ranging from legal, business, nursing, history, MBA, and almost every degree offered in most renowned universities. Hence, it is a great choice if one wants to access qualified writers with the right experience and knowledge needed for writing quality essays.


The company guarantees quality to its clients by hiring qualified writers and is known as an “urgent essay writing service” in the UK. Students reach out for graduate scholarship essay writing services in order to increase their chances of achieving a high grade and the company understands this need perfectly. The writers in this company must hold at least a college degree as a minimum qualification. However, writers with doctoral or masters’ degrees are preferred. A student is therefore guaranteed to receive high-quality essays from the pool of qualified professional academic and essay writers.

  • Once you order an essay, the company also takes time to scrutinize the most suitable writer according to the instructions you have provided.
  • Upon finding the right writer, EssayFactory allows students to interact with the writers directly to increase the chances of providing students with a custom-made essay.
  • The communication between a client and a writer helps the writer to fully understand the client and write from their perspective.
  • Academized’s professional writers deliver quality content to clients for both short and long deadlines.

The above mentioned method helps to increase the originality of the paper presented, minimizing issues with the university or high school leaders. Thus, if one is looking for a professional writer at affordable prices, EssayFactory is the way to go.

How to Hire a Professional Essay Writer?

Trying to find the most proficient essay writer to hire can be a tedious task. You may not know how to start writing essays, but the following steps have got you covered. The process can start with a search of the essay writers near me, which does not guarantee the quality nor reliability of the search results. Hence, students can benefit from knowing a few things to look out for during their search process. The elements to consider include:

The reputation of a writing company. A client should never overlook the significance of a writing company. One may trust an individual with their essays but the risk of being exposed is higher than using a reputable company. The client should consider asking for clarifications from the company support about its location and services offered. The prices should be considered in this stage since very cheap companies might be scammers.

Students should also verify the reliability of a professional writer by counterchecking the security of the links provided to reach them. A professional writer will use a link with an SSL certificate. This provides security for the writer and the client. If a client clicks on a link and it shows the phrase ‘Not Secure,’ the client should cease hiring the writer’s services. An SSL certificate is also essential to secure the transactions the client may carry out on the internet. Hence, students should not use unsecured links.

Chances are that the writer one is about to hire has assisted other writers. Hence, after verifying the security of the links used, the client should consider reviewing other people’s opinions of the writer’s service. Reading reviews is a critical part of vetting the writer and determining whether they should be hired or not. Mostly, highly satisfied clients will leave positive comments about the writer and vice versa. This is the most reliable way to check if the writer presents quality and original content as they might claim. Additionally, you will learn if a client meets deadlines or not from this section.

A student can also seek recommendations from peers. During the vetting process, clients should consider the number of years of experience a writer has had because experience is highly valuable in understanding how to create a high-quality essay. The client should aim to hire an expert writer with a vast number of years in the writing industry and one with the highest recommendation.

A client should verify that the professional writer they are about to hire is familiar with a variety of writing formats. The client can ask for a sample to verify and also determine the quality by reading the content to see if it matches his or her expectation. During this period, one should also ask the potential writer whether they provide editing and proofreading services. These assessments will reduce the chances of hiring a scammer.

Professional Essay Writer Can Guarantee Confidentiality

Confidentiality in the writing industry is as important as the quality of content presented, especially for graduate scholarship essay writing services. The best scholarship essay writing service reviews have cited confidentiality as the ultimate concern among clients. During the period they work together, the two parties share information concerning their credit and debit cards as well as their names and universities. Some writing companies with persuasive essay writers and argumentative essay writers provide guidelines that help maintain high confidentiality and reduce vulnerabilities that may lead to information leakage.

For example, MBA scholarship essay writing service providers are instructed not to share their real names online.

Clients are also advised to remain anonymous and not to share their debit or credit card information with people online. The anonymous mechanism helps to reduce the chances of leaking users’ private data outside a company setting and to maintain and guarantee privacy in the long run. Hence, students should not fear using professional writers because they understand the significance of discretion in the industry.

College Essay Writers Online

Numerous companies have emerged online, providing essay writing services at affordable prices. They help students achieve higher grades and also deliver the papers on time. Some of the most used professionals include application, philosophy, and scholarship essay writers among others.

99Papers.com college writers is a professional writing company with numerous scholarship essay writers that quality application papers. The company is highly favored because its college writers use a specific outline and formal academic language. An outline helps philosophy essay writers properly structure essays. It is one of the tools used to present customers with the best scholarship essays.

EssayBox.org college essay is another reliable website where a client can find college essay writers online. The company uses sophisticated writers and software to ensure clients receive the highest quality papers in the current competitive writing industry. The expert college writers provide well-tailored content to a student’s specific needs. The writers have sufficient knowledge in numerous formatting styles including MLA, APA, and Harvard, among others frequently used in the industry. Additional services include revisions and edits upon a client’s request, making it a reliable company for expert service. Scholarship essay writing service reviews consider the website one of the most reliable.

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